Hildenbrand’s Deputy Checking Temps “Rectally”

By: Clerk on Patrol

My co-worker told me that the deputy stationed in Grendell’s office is telling women that the court will be taking their temperatures…., rectally.

Things are tense at the courthouse, but my God, if anyone thinks this is humorous, you better check yourself.

The arrogance of Hildenbrand’s staff is out of control.

4 thoughts on “Hildenbrand’s Deputy Checking Temps “Rectally”

  1. What’s the matter Susan the thermometer too small couldn’t get a good reading. Or wait, did a bag of coke fall out that was stolen from the evidence room where your boyfriend worked!

  2. Yeah that’s just a blatant lie. Another dumbass libtard on here spreading lies.

  3. Yes, my good friend, Judge Grindell tells me he has a perfectly calibrated finger for this task.

    Myself, I prefer to grab them by the *****!!!

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