West Geauga and Kenston Students Protest Black Lives Matter

By: West G Parent

The liberal student hypocrites of West Geauga High School and Kenston High School protested against racism.

Both schools are hotbeds of bullying, and the student bullying has caused the suicide deaths of students.

These students can pretend to care about racism, but they shame and ridicule their fellow students…, to death.

Kenston students protested “Global Warming”…, what a JOKE!  Did you ever see the line up of cars dropping off their spoiled hypocrites in the morning?  The line of cars is half a mile long…  Don’t expect these liberal fakes to take the energy saving “school bus”.  The school buses are empty.  I saw several buses pulling in with a small handful of students, but more than a hundred students being privately taxi-cabbed by their “climate change concerned”  mommies and daddies.

The Kenston School district is taxing residents out of their homes.  West G is planning to tax residents out of their homes and have spent thousands of dollars to create new plans for an entire new complex.

The students are bullying their classmates until they commit suicide. And they are protesting racism, imagine that.

5 thoughts on “West Geauga and Kenston Students Protest Black Lives Matter

  1. Thank you for this article. This is information we would not have unless someone involved told us about it. It is important that the residents of the county give us information we do not have.

  2. Suicide is up in all Northeastern schools. How cruel do you have to be to bully someone to death?

    Chardon and West G Schools are demanding huge bond issue and levies for these pampered hypocrites, please vote NO!

  3. Incredibly entitled…, the students are spoiled and selfish.

  4. The protesting students at West G and Kenston are only a year or so away from joining the Revolutionary Peoples Army at some ” higher education” venue.
    If you ever wondered from where the “useful idiots” (Stalin’s term for them) come, look no further.
    These two centers of affluence are populated largely with white kids who have everything handed to them. These useful idiots don’t know the value of a dollar, would DIE from a hard day’s work loading hay bales or digging a ditch, and have been indoctrinated by liberal teachers to believe they are guilty of racism because of THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN. Let that sink in.
    Here we have the kids who largely get everything they want-latest cell phone, best Nikes, vacations in the South of France- name it. All provided free of charge or responsibility by hover mothers who rule the roost and wimpy professional men who would DIE from inability to maintain sphincter control in a street confrontation.
    Something for nothing, no idea how to make anything, totally dependent adolescent whining babies who know only that they want their own way and have been raised with that expectation and reality. Worthless in real life.
    Now as they meet up with black youth who amazingly by a different route – where the Government takes the place of the hover mother and wimpy male role model, have the same characteristics only with great street fighting training and proclivity for violence.
    A match made in Leftist Heaven!
    Neither group has any significant truthful AMERICAN History training. Neither has a grasp on morality or virtue- that has been long ago brainwashed out by the teachers .Their mantra is that they want their way and now.
    For the moment their “cause” is being infused by teachers and other members of the leftist advance guard to feelgood about righting imaginary wrongs and ironically by violently destroying the most open and free society in history.
    But the real fun lies yet in the future when they are away from even the minimal control of hover mother/ wimpy dad, and they can ” burn baby burn!”
    When reality comes crashing down this won’t end well. At some point the vast majority of us who work hard and feel absolutely no white guilt or black guilt and in fact have white and black pride about our lives and morally correct attitudes toward others different than ourselves, will respond. It may be via law enforcement finally being allowed to do their job or it may happen when the useful idiots grow emboldened enough to stage home invasions to expropriate from the ” haves” to redistribute to the ” have nots.”
    Either way, the vast majority of us who work hard and believe in this God-given magnificent nation, will rise up and crush this Leftist anarchy because we see it as the attempt at violent overthrow of our Government that it is. And we are fed up. And we are very ready and up to the task if, GOD forbid, it should become necessary to fight.
    In the mean time vote NO on ALL school levies to inhibit the socialist platform and disrupt the educational status quo so we can rebuild it the way it ought to be: free, fair, factual and putting Constitutional Americanism back into the “heads filled with mush.”

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