Mariann Budde asks herself, “What would Satan do?”

By: Church Lady

The “Right Rev.” Mariann Budde, the Episcopal bishop of Washington complained about President Trump’s visit to St. John Church in D.C., and other heretics are attacking President Trump for standing on their steps, with a Bible.  

My father was a Pastor for over 45 years and never, never did he put politics before God.

This is not about anything but the systemic racism and political bias in our churches.  

If Barrack Obama masturbated on the stairs of St. John’s Church in D.C., Mariann Budde would have given him a holy blessed towel to clean himself up.

This is the article:

Oberlin-area faith leaders call on Ohio senators to begin formal censure proceedings against President Trump

OBERLIN, Ohio – Ohio Sens. Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown are being asked by more than 20 Oberlin-area faith leaders to initiate formal censure proceedings against President Donald Trump following his “photo ops” at religious sites in Washington, D.C. last week.
“These acts of self-glorification on the part of our nation’s leader must be condemned as blasphemous and unconstitutional,” the faith leaders wrote, in part, to the senators.  

See the Plain Dealer for the rest of this disgusting article.
Signing the letter (in alphabetical order) are:

(Rev.) Fred L. Bell, Mt. Zion Baptist Church

(Rev. Dr.) David E. Cann, United Methodist Church

(Rev. Dr.) Ruth Ann Clark, United Church of Christ

(Rev.) Rollin Conway, United Methodist Church, United Church of Christ

(Rev. Dr.) David Dorsey, Multi-Faith Chaplain

(Rev.) June Hardy Dorsey, Episcopal Church USA

(Rev. Dr.) John D. Elder, Presbyterian Church USA, United Church of Christ

(Rev.) Milton J. Ellis, United Church of Christ

Ann Francis, Oberlin Friends Meeting

(Rev.) Mary E. Grigolia, Unitarian Universalist Association

(Rev.) Mary Hammond, Alliance of Baptists

(Rev.) Steve Hammond, Alliance of Baptists

(Rev.) David Hill, United Church of Christ

(Rev. Dr.) Edward L. Long, Jr., Retired Presbyterian Scholar of Christian Ethics

(Rev. Dr.) A. G. Miller, Oberlin House of the Lord Fellowship

(Rev.) Saranne Nelson-Olin, United Methodist Church

(Rev.) Laurence E. Nevels, Christ Temple Apostolic

(Rev.) Gary Olin, United Methodist Church

(Rev.) Erica Saunders, Peace Community Church

(Rev.) Sarah Shofstall, Christ Church, Oberlin

Rebecca Thompson, Th.M., United Church of Christ

(Rev. Dr.) Ralph Thompson, American Baptist Churches of America

(Rev.) David S. Trask, Sacred Heart Catholic Church

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