White Child Kneels, Holds “PRIVILEGED” White Guilt Protest Sign

By: Adan Salazar / Infowars

‘Child abuse?’ Disturbing photo shows young child being taught to feel guilty about her skin color.


7 thoughts on “White Child Kneels, Holds “PRIVILEGED” White Guilt Protest Sign

  1. Black lives will matter when they stop murdering each other in Chicago. Forty-one murdered last weekend.
    Black lives will matter when black women stop aborting their babies. Their population would be more than double what it is now. (Fifty-three million total babies have been aborted since the ’60s.)
    Black lives will matter when 73% of black babies born have married mothers.

  2. All Lives Matter! Who would post their child like this??? Brainwashed by the liberal education system. Teach your children well!

  3. This is sad. Very sad.
    Yet I believe that every child chooses it’s own parents (And no: I have no paperwork available to substantiate that). It will be up to the child to fight it out with the deranged left-wing parents, people who combine their narcissism with an ethnic inferiority complex. Yes. Leave it to the left to combine two opposing thoughts and defend it.
    So don’t leave it to the State to screw up this child. It’s up to the parents.

  4. No, all lives do not matter. The murderers, the rapists, the pedophiles, the arsonists, the thieves, the fathers who abandon their families, the drunks, the drug users, the crooked politicians. None of them matter. Those who matter are kind and decent people who try to make the world a better place by helping where they can, the ones who give and ask nothing in return, the ones who raise their children to appreciate what they have and teach them to be respectful of all those they meet while passing through life. Only the good peoples’ lives matter.

  5. I’m confused. How does a child choose its own parents? How will a child “fight it out with deranged left-wing parents?”

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