One thought on “The Hidden Agenda Behind COVID-19

  1. Wow, you’re really trying to hurt my feelings, like i would even care what paranoid conspiracy believing dopes say.

    After one minute researching this any sane person would say Plandemic is a bunch of crap, starting with the statement that Dr. Judy Mikovits is ‘one of the most accomplished scientists of her generation’. She is NOT a medical doctor. As soon as any of her “genius” studies are peer reviewed they are rejected as false. Now, I know that you fine folks are going to reject this with the “logical” argument that this is FALSE NEWS, but science is science however much you want to believe differently. If you are trying to follow the money check out how many books “Doctor” Judy has sold since she became famous with this sensational video.

    If you really believe (real) Doctor Fauci, who has served under SIX presidents, republican and democrat, is willing to have at least a hundred thousand die to make money you are sadly delusional.

    I am all for opening the economy, has to happen, but dying for your stupidity is really a problem.

    I played golf the last two days and over 30 times this year SAFELY. How about you, probably stuck in your trailer home. Are the wheels still on?

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