9 thoughts on “OPEN UP OHIO DEWINE!!

  1. Boy, there are so many idiotic people in Ohio I might win the state again!!! BIGLY!!

    And don’t forget your guns!!! Remember the virus is very small and only requires a very small caliber bullet. A .22 is plenty, but if your “we we” (just trying to be polite) is very small a larger caliber may be necessary. Remember, safety on, pointed in a safe direction, chamber empty and finger off the trigger and also those pseudo (fake for those less educated) military outfits are not a good look. They scare normal people. Why not just join the real Army, etc., unless you’re a real vet, and then, I thank you for your service!

  2. I sure hope some of the boogaloo bois show up. They seem like “good people”.

  3. The protest was a huge success with about 120 people present holding signs and flags. It was especially endearing to see youngster and teenager attending, even though it was extremely cold. Good speakers, including Judge Tim Grendell and State Rep. Diane Grendell. It was wonderful to see the faces of patriotic Geaugans and not a mask in sight. One really good sign said: “My freedom doesn’t end where your fear begins.”

  4. Yep, stand up for your right to get others sick.

    From what I can see from the pictures of this great event is that masks would be a big improvement in the appearance of many.

    Great attendance!!! 120 (doesn’t look like that many to me) out of about 94,000 in the county. About 0.13% (or about one tenth of one percent) of the county showed up. WOW!!!!!

  5. Hey fako-Trump
    Your education failed to make you a logical thinker because you only consider data that fits your narrative.
    By quarantining the healthy all that was done was to put off the day that they get the virus. It is ferociously contagious but has a very low fatality rate except that the fatalities are highly concentrated in the elderly and especially those with underlying conditions. Those are the people we need to protect.
    The rest of the healthy younger population is going to get this virus sooner or later. When they do they develop the wonderful antibodies that inactivate the virus in their bodies. Immunity (that means they don’t get sick from the same virus again).
    When 75% of our population has developed the antibodies it becomes extremely difficult for the virus to propagate (for your level of big words comprehension that means fungible with ” spread “).
    If we protect the vulnerable, expect many healthy people to get the virus and 99.9+% survive, then we win the war not just a temporary battle.
    Your politically limited perspective is dangerous to our overall public health. Your politics demand that the economy remain shut down in a futile effort to stop the contagion. Such misguided elementary school level thinking will drive is into a Depression.
    Oh how politically expedient ( that means a handy way to quickly achieve your goal) to remove Trump’s biggest achievement, which eclipses (that means way better than) the total achievement of every President since Reagan. And just in time for the election!
    So if the wacko Dems win they will reinstate the quarantine and continue to tank the country. That is until they create a State in which every person survives on the Government dole (that means welfare). Bit by bit our Freedoms will have been killed not by the virus but by wackos like you whose vapid (that means worn out and ineffective) politics have produced no beneficial (that means good) results for the people.
    For you it means your plan to sieze power you don’t deserve and don’t know how to use to truly benefit the people, is tantamount to (that means the same as)
    More people will die as the result of quarantine than would die by opening Ohio along with protecting the elderly and those with underlying conditions-BECAUSE THE ONLY SCIENCE YOU CARE ABOUT IS POLITICAL SCIENCE.
    We CAN open Ohio and we need to do so the right way starting with doing it in accord with the US and OH Constitutions.
    You conceited dope! You know nothing about epidemiology and microbiology let alone sterilization and disinfection. Just shut the hell up until you rectify your medical condition which I diagnose as recto-cranial inversion ( that means get your head out of your ass).

  6. TO: Braveheart

    Very well said Braveheart!
    Just ignore fake Donald Trump. Ignorant AND stupid!

  7. Ditto, Ditto! Thank you Braveheart for echoing the sentiments of most well informed people in Geauga County. This idiot just wishes he had half the brain of our President. No one really cares what he thinks anyway. He is a hatefull left wing nut case!

  8. I don’t hate anyone, I just think you are dopey.

    Just remember that almost everything I, your great orange colored, twice divorced, porn star loving President say is complete crap. Once and a while something true will slip out by mistake.

    Hey, Braveheart I think you discovered a thesaurus. You must like it a lot.

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