In the recent past this blog has been flooded with a multitude of comments under various posted articles that have been lewd, vulgar, obscene, and in a couple of cases even violent. All of them have been from supporters of Geauga Sheriff Hildenbrand and the “Protect Geauga Parks” extremist nuts. Almost all of these comments were posted under VPN’s (fake IP addresses).

As a result, and in order to maintain a healthier site, protect against spam, it has been upgraded and will block all VPN’s and spam.

This Blog welcomes comments and posting of articles filled with informative facts and opinions that would help people be better informed. You can post articles by clicking on “Publish An Article” in the above bar.

Just to let you know, this is just an announcement, and anyone commenting on this article will not be responded to by the Admin.

12 thoughts on “ACCESS TO THIS BLOG

  1. Jim Bob, better luck next time. Try not putting your face on your signs next time. It’s a real turnoff.
    Vote for not more than 1
    Scott A. Hildenbrand. . . . . . . 10,318 83.20
    Jimmy Lee Holden . . . . . . . . 2,083 16.80

  2. I believe the election was stolen by the evil election board.

    Jimmy Lee Bob should seize power under the constitution and rule!

    Armed insurrection is the only way forward.

  3. Just more vulgar garbage from the low information voters, or high liberal information voters. I bet they voted for Hillary too. They don’t even know what they think they know!

  4. He didn’t get 100% of the votes. At least there are 2,083 voters that know about the swamp. Hildy and Flaiz.

  5. Or a more realistic answer is that there are 2083 nut jobs in the county.

    And don’t forget to only sign your “name” in red ink.

  6. Apparently Donald Trump Wannabe, you are in the swamp.Get a real handle, like Left Wing Hater.Only the swamp people get favors and are allowed to break the law in Geauga County.

  7. Don’t worry about the “swamp”, I’ve got enough of them here in my administration to take care of me and the rest of the one percenters.

    Time for you to vote against your own best interests, dummy.

    Geauga County is run by Republicans, how’s that working for you.

  8. From now on I, the great and powerful orange colored reality show host will always refer to you as “Anonymous Dummy”.


  9. Too consumed by hatred fake donald trump. When are you going to get over the fact Hillary lost? Geauga County is run by rhinos like Rambo. Time to clean house.

  10. “Donald Trump” is one of those people who has nothing in his life but nastiness. All his comments reflect someone who has never accomplished anything, probably has children who hate him, has a lousy job and adds nothing good to anyone’s life.

  11. He may think he is the second sinless perfect person to have ever walked the face of the earth. Wrong and Lost!

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