Constitutional Sheriff

BY: Holden


 The First Amendment of the US Constitution ensures our rights to Freedom of Speech, Assembly, to the unhindered worship of God and to petition the Government for redress of grievances.

 The Second Amendment ensures the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, for hunting and self-protection, as well as to aid the nation in time of conflict.

With Covid-19, we live in perilous times.  While our Federal and State governments have instituted policies intending to protect American lives, they may have gone too far. For example, the Sheriff of Geauga County participated in a news conference with Commissioner Spidalieri speaking about the run on guns and the need to stay calm during this time of crisis

  Fox 8 I-Team news reported that the Geauga Sheriff’s office was dispatched to an Amish gathering where underage drinking was occurring.   The authorities issued a Summons to an individual for violating the State’s stay at home order.  Further the Sheriff is quoted as saying they will break up large gatherings because he will not tolerate it. 

His promise is to enforce orders from State authorities, which restrict personal liberty.  His enforcement of these “rules” is in direct conflict with the US and Ohio Constitutions, which guaranty those rights. 
Should our Sheriff obey unconstitutional orders from above?

Should the State issue orders which violate the Constitution, if so who is to enforce it? Should the Sheriff be the one to violate our Constitutional rights, or should he stand up and say “NO”, that all individuals are responsible for their own actions, especially when the right to do so is guaranteed by both Constitutions.

Should the Sheriff be concerned about the run on our guns and discourage individuals from making their lawful purchase? Or should he stand there with the people and say it is their Constitutional right to make that purchase?  

Should the Sheriff break up “unauthorized” meetings of 8-10 law abiding people, who are not breaking any Constitutional laws?  Illegal activity is one thing, but law abiding people should not be disturbed. It is our unique American right to be free to lawfully assemble as we, the People see fit.

As a Constitutional Sheriff, I will hold true to the documents which define and limit our government and guaranty our freedoms and way of life. These are sacred documents which allows the American People to have their God-given Freedom of Choice, which no one has the right to take away. No matter what route a State has taken to establish the County Sheriff’s Office, the U.S. and Ohio Constitutions overrule all laws which do not comply with these two Constitutions, whose ultimate authority derives directly from We the People.

 That is why I will be a Constitutional Sheriff. I will not obey unconstitutional, rights-robbing orders no matter who issues them.

7 thoughts on “Constitutional Sheriff

  1. Jim Bob you talk a lot of shit but when it comes down to it you would be doing the same thing. You would never back the shit flowing out of your mouth!

  2. TO: NACY
    YOU talk slot of shit. You make comments based on nothing. It sounds to me like you don’t even know the man let alone what he would or wouldn’t do.

    It’s Hildenbrand who wouldn’t back up that shit. His nickname was “wimpy” in high school and he still is wimpy. He doesn’t have the guts. He will not protect our constitutional rights. He will go along with the swamp and kneel down and lick their boots and so will you asshole.

    Hildenbrand was on TV saying we should all relax in the wake of a rush on guns and ammo and we shouldn’t be rushing to do that. Well kiss my ass Wimpy. You don’t tell us when we can buy guns or how many. It’s our right and our own business.

  3. Rover. You dumb liberal. I wouldn’t worry about it.
    Vote for not more than 1
    Scott A. Hildenbrand. . . . . . . 10,318 83.20
    Jimmy Lee Holden . . . . . . . . 2,083 16.80

  4. Really 16%. Hope you have fun paying that credit card bill. Maybe have BJ Andy and Susan help pay it down since they gave you false hope. Actually your fault for listening to those morons

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