Tim And Diane Grendell Looking Out For Us

BY: Cosmo

Tim and Diane have a deep respect for the Constitution and its founding principles.

I feel it is important that you know the following information about the Grendell’s that a lot of people may not know:  

1)  Regardless who voters elect as Judge, the taxpayers will still be paying the same amount for the performance of that position, as the salary for Judge is set by statute. If re-elected, Judge Grendell will receive no more compensation for performing the daily duties of Probate/Juvenile Court Judge than his opponent would have, and since the salary is the same regardless of experience, voters should really be concerned about hiring the most experienced candidate for the position. In addition to the 20,000+ decisions Judge Grendell has made as Probate/Juvenile Court Judge over the last 8+ years, he had quite a bit of experience representing juvenile and probate cases while he was a private practice attorney. On the other hand, his opponent has very little if any private practice experience with either Juvenile or Probate Law, and has never decided any Juvenile or Probate matters. 

2) Despite the false claims of Ms. Chernin’s, Judge Grendell cares so much about transparency that, while he was in the Legislature, he introduced the bill that became law, specifically so that candidates and elected officials would have to be transparent with their constituents. Prior to the passing of his bill, no such requirement for transparency existed. In December 2019, Judge Grendell fully complied with the transparency law that he had implemented as a Legislator.  

3) During his 8+ years as Judge, Judge Grendell has never charged the county for mileage reimbursement, travel expenses, or other services that Judges and other elected officials charge taxpayers regularly. Through the years, he and his wife Diane have voluntarily spent their own personal money toward the betterment of children throughout Geauga County in many ways, for example, birthday cakes and gifts for children under the care of the Court’s CASA program, the Geauga Learn Program which they both founded to give 6th graders from schools across Geauga County the opportunity to learn about agriculture and Geauga County history at the Great Geauga County Fair, purchasing 4-H animals from youth at the Fair, taking troubled kids fishing, purchasing library books for children through the Geauga Public Libraries, and donating fishing poles and reels to the Geauga Park District for their youth fishing contests, just to name a few. He and Diane have also been financial supporters of the Boy Scouts, Leadership Geauga, and the Red Cross, and in response to the coronavirus outbreak, he and Diane co-founded Geauga Cares4U, a new nonprofit organization helping children, seniors, and families with coronavirus resources, assistance applying for unemployment and small business loans, and food and medicine delivery to shut-ins during these unprecedented times, with absolutely no tax dollars involved. While Judge Grendell’s opponent has lived in Geauga County less than 3 years, he and Diane have lived here for over 30 years, and they do all these things out of their own pocket to serve their community because they love Geauga County and the people who live here. 

There is a lot of misinformation and out right lies being put out there by that horrible liberal, extremely radical hate group called “Protect Geauga Parks”. Their name falsely implies that our parks are being destroyed and need protection. That is false. Judge Grendell has made improvements to the parks so that all the people of Geauga can enjoy them.

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  1. How come everyone throws a fit about double dipping but when good old Tim does it there’s not a peep?

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