Geauga County Needs A Constitutional Sheriff Like This!!

BY: Ken Curtis

Unfortunately we don’t have one with the backbone it takes!

We DO have a candidate like the Sheriff in the video….JIMMY LEE HOLDEN! Let’s hope he gets in!

North Carolina Sheriff’s Deputy DESTROYS anti-2A arguments at 2nd Amendment sanctuary meeting

The officer’s name is Tripp Kester. Kester works for Davidson County, North Carolina Sheriff’s department. Add his name to the list of stellar law enforcement who are not playing ball with the left or their attempts to undermine our rights.

Many exemplary law enforcement across the country have stood up to say that they’re unwilling to enforce any unconstitutional laws.

The topic of discussion at a council meeting in Davidson County, North Carolina last night was whether or not to make their county a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

And yes, Davidson County did pass the resolution to become a Sanctuary county. How could they not after Kester’s speech?

“Let’s get on board with this thing and publicly demonstrate to us that you are willing to uphold and honor the same oath I took when I put my hand on God’s word and swore that I would give my life to defend the Constitution,” Kester said. 

“I am not being disrespectful, but regardless of what you do or don’t do, I am not going to enforce an unconstitutional law. I am going to protect the people of this county regardless of what is done here.”

“Let’s do the right thing and let them know we are not going to allocate any personnel, finance, resources or facility to infringe on their liberties.”

12 thoughts on “Geauga County Needs A Constitutional Sheriff Like This!!

  1. Yea, that guy looks normal.

    Almost as wacky as the sovereign citizens. Well, actually about the same.

  2. With people like the corrupt Nancy MacArthur working at the Board of Elections, how do we know that our ballots, which are identified by our names on the envelopes, won’t be thrown out? And we no longer enjoy the freedom of voting anonymously.

  3. I recommend you:

    1) Vote in person
    2) Get sick
    3) Die a horrible death.

  4. TO: Donald Trump

    You sound like a know it all, but what you really are is a stupid asshole who doesn’t deserve to live in a free country. You want to bash this courageous Sheriff for standing up for our Constitutional rights against some corrupt, lefty, commie people in government who want to take them away? You are against sovereignty? You sound like a far lefty piece of shit.

  5. I have heard of constitutional sheriffs. Large collection of nut jobs, but WTF is a “constitutional deputy”?

    Next we’ll constitutional dog catchers.

  6. Next we’ll have constitutional dog catchers. (edit)

    Boy, these math questions are getting harder. I had to take my shoes off for this one.

  7. TO: Donald Trump

    You are the nut job, and a stupid one. Not very intelligent. Your comments reflect how stupid and ignorant you are. Are you under a doctors care for mental problems? Are you on medication or street drugs? Something is not right about you. You don’t like living in a free country? You’re so stupid you are not worth responding to anymore.

  8. ” Sheriff Hitler-brand has become enamored with the idea of controlling and restricting the People’s’ right to peaceful public assembly. Never mind that the ” Governor’s rules” he claims to be enforcing are totally unconstitutional. He lacks foundational understanding of and commitment to the Constitutions of The United States of America and State of Ohio. He is utterly incapable of discerning, let alone refusing to obey, an unconstitutional order. His excuse will be ” it’s my job.” Just like those who followed and obeyed the “original totalitarian” (Hitler).

  9. Yes, Hitler-brand has got to go. He won’t protect our constitutional rights. He will go along with whatever the swamp says. He is a lazy, horribly out of shape jellyfish who is a triple dipper collecting 3 paychecks off the peoples backs…..pension check, fire chief of Hambden check, Sheriff check. He is disgusting.

  10. Grindell is only a double dipper so maybe not as disgusting as Hildenbrand, but still disgusting. Only two thirds as disgusting.

    Right, Jim?

  11. Boy, Jim you really have some kind of anger problem.

    I would really recommend some kind of tranquilizer before you blow a gasket.

    Just my helpful advice.

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