Cannabis Caucus co-chair Dave Joyce has high hopes for marijuana legislation in the new Congress

By: Sabrina Eaton, (Jan. 31, 2019)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – After Rep. Dave Joyce brought Ohio-based Scott’s Miracle-Gro representatives to meet former House Speaker Paul Ryan to discuss obstacles to marijuana growers’ use of their products, Ryan greeted Joyce in the House gym the next morning with the teasing refrain: “Smoke ’em if you got ’em.”

As it happens, the Congressional Cannabis Caucus co-chair insists he hasn’t “got em.” He does have some Yuengling beer that he won from betting a Pennsylvania colleague on September’s football showdown between Ohio State and Penn State. And he’s actually trying to get rid of that beer because he prefers Bud Light. When asked if he’s referring to the marijuana kind of bud, Joyce guffaws and professes allegiance to the Anheuser Busch product.

“I am talking about the king of beers,” says the Bainbridge Township Republican.

In addition to beer, Joyce has optimism that Congress will finally pass laws to keep the federal government from interfering with state efforts to legalize marijuana now that Ryan and other opponents to marijuana legalization like former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions have left office.

Although federal laws still treat marijuana as a dangerous “Schedule 1” drug akin to heroin, 47 states including Ohio have legalized its use in some form. In Ohio, medical marijuana is legal, and there have been efforts to allow it recreationally. But growth of the legal marijuana industry has been hampered by the possibility of federal crackdowns, by banks’ unwillingness to process transactions that could be regarded as drug trafficking, by problems doing business across state lines and barriers to conducting medical research on controlled substances

6 thoughts on “Cannabis Caucus co-chair Dave Joyce has high hopes for marijuana legislation in the new Congress

  1. Go Dave! Legalize that sh1t.

    You must be high if Bud Light is your favorite beer.

  2. Joyce is dopey enough already. He is confused on his own sexuality as evidenced by his introduction of ” such critical legislation” SOGI. Just what we need. ANOTHER officially recognized victim group. Hey dopey dave…switch parties already.

  3. “Just Dave” must be auditioning for a job with the marijuana industry after he has stolen as much money as he can from the government.

  4. So that’s why his nickname for some years was “Snuffy”. At last the mystery is solved. You have to be pretty bad if even George Bush dropped him like a hot potato after FBI vetting.

    Now this will
    Make you fell splendidly : Dopey Dave will get full salary as pension when he finally decides to retire to his pot industry job. Now there is a double dip than should be rewarded with an all expenses paid 20 year vacation in a primo resort called PRISON.

  5. Anyone have a guest list for Dopey Dave’s parties? Interesting to see where all his friends work.

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