Vote “No” on Issue 5 on April 28

By: Chardon Resident (This is a rerun on an article dated 02/13/20)

Vote NO on Issue 5. This was renewed in the past. A renewal is just to get an agency over a rough patch and should give it the opportunity to adjust their spending. They are not meant to be continuously renewed.

Vote “no” and your property taxes will go down.

Issue 5: Geauga County – Job and Family Services – 5 year renewal

The Director of JFS is Craig Swenson. He oversees family services. Swenson had $28,246 dollars withheld from his pay in 2019 by Child Enforcement Support. While he is telling other how to run their lives, he isn’t taking care of his responsibilities.

His annual pay is $91,000, plus 32% benefits, last year he netted $45,313, plus benefits.

Why does Swenson reimburse the Prosecutor’s office $75,000 each year for the services of Prosecutor Flaiz’s investigator Christopher Scott? Are we supposed to be gullible enough to believe that Scott works a forty-hour week for JFS? Swenson worked for Prosecutor Flaiz before he went to JFS. It smells like another Flaiz crony hire but hidden in someone else’s budget.

JFS is poorly run and over financed.  They have excess monies and they do not document work schedules.  Try calling any staff member, they never answer their phones. The staff does not fill out accurate time cards/reports.

The building housing JFS on Merritt Rd. was sold to University Hospitals for $2.5 million in Dec. 2019. JFS will remain it in for three years, with the first two years rent free,according to County Administrator Gerry Morgan.

JFS does not need our tax dollars. Let them figure out how to work a budget like the rest of us do. And they could immediately save $75,000 by dumping Christopher Scott. He’s Flaiz’s employee, let Flaiz pay him. JFS has other investigators on its staff.

Salaries and benefits for this agency for 2019 was $7,277,919.

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