Blame Flaiz for the Tax Levies

By: Frogmore

Had Prosecutor James Flaiz done his job, we would not need any tax levies on the ballot. While an eight year embezzlement was occurring at the county Auditor’s office, Flaiz ignored the written reports and warnings he received twenty-six times (26 times). An employee of the Commissioners told Flaiz during a three-year period (2014 – 2016) that money was missing and he did nothing about it.

The county probably lost anywhere from $600,000 to a $1,000,000 during those three years. We would have the money we need now and wouldn’t be asking for Issues 5 and 6 to be passed.

Employees of the Auditor’s office demanded in Sept. 2017 that Flaiz finally investigate the multi-million loss from the county. Flaiz lied and said that he had just learned about the missing money then and had one of his investigators file a Search Warrant supporting that lie. I believe that it is against the law to swear to a false document. But Flaiz was smart enough to not sign it himself.

Flaiz said that the money stolen by an employee was done with the assistance of former auditor Frank Gliha, who admitted he signed phony invoices for payments that he knew exceeded his lawful ability. Flaiz decided that, despite intentionally breaking the law, Gliha would only be charged with misdemeanors.

Flaiz announced the losses at $1.7 million. That, too, is a lie. When Flaiz was interviewing William Kelly, from the Texas company ITERSource, on Feb. 22, 2018, which was also involved in the crime, Flaiz said: “One of the fundamental problems I have is we‘ve got $2.4 million worth of work and the only subcontractor you use (Stephanie Stewart), you’ve talked to ten times in eight years….”

Documents show that Kelly and Eugene Krus, president of ITERSource, received $2,468.714.66 from the auditor’s office. They kept 20% of the money and sent the rest to Stephanie Stewart, who kept $480,000 and gave the rest to her father, former IT Director Steven Decatur, who committed suicide before he could be sentenced for the theft.

Both Kelly and Krus were originally indicted but Flaiz dismissed Kelly from the case because he said Kelly didn’t work there when the scam was started. Another lie. Kelly was at ITERSource since at least 2009. Nothing has happened yet to Krus. Flaiz and Judge Ondrey keeps screwing around with Case No. 18C000021.

Add to the $2.5 million missing, the cost of forensic accountant Skoda & Minotti and their bill of $164,000 and lawyer Bryan Kostura, whose bill is well over $100,000. All because Flaiz would not act when he was first notified on June 4, 2014.

As for Issue 5, Jobs & Family Services, can we trust Director Craig Swenson who had $28,000 withheld from his pay last year by Child Enforcement Support? This is a man with no moral principles.

And Issue 6, a music major, Jessica Boalt, was hired to run the Dept. on Aging because she knew the former county administrator. Dept. of Aging passed a levy in 2016. In 2018 Boalt bought two 2019 GMC Terrain SUVs at a cost to the county of $56,951 (without tax added).

Why brand new? If she needed vehicles, she could have bought two that were a couple of years old for half that price.

A vote against Issues 5 & 6 is also a vote against Flaiz, the most dishonest prosecutor this county has ever had and the most inept.

10 thoughts on “Blame Flaiz for the Tax Levies

  1. James Royal Flaiz could not prosecute a case if it was handed to him on a silver platter. Geauga County taxpayers are not getting what they are paying for with him and his overpaid overstaffed department of do nothings. He is unethical and inept!

  2. Frank Gliha admitted to approving phony payments or ones exceeding his lawful ability. He should have been charged with aiding and abetting and as a co-conspirator. Flaiz charged him with misdemeanors instead. Gliha should have received the same sentence as Decatur.

  3. They all need to be arrested and sent to jail
    Time to make examples of these crooks

  4. Who is going to arrest them? Geauga County is one big swamp run by the Deep State.

  5. And Gliha who is prohibited from ” running for office” is still on the Republican Central Committee because he is a sure vote for Chairperson Nancy McArthur’s whims and subversions. His butt should be kicked out or at the very least censured by the honest elected members.

    Why is McArthur still Chair? She and Ed Ryder have betrayed the Conservatives by recruiting liberals like know-nothing Dvorak and now Chameleon fake Republican Rambo. Her utter hatred of Grendells, Claypool, Spidalieri and Jimmy Lee Holden tells it all. That group of Conservatives if in office at the same time would be the ALL STAR TEAM and the results would be STELLAR.
    The slide to the left under the Ryder/ McArthur reign of error is absolutely sickening.

    Qanon might say ” the moment ripens for justice to be served.”
    I sincerely pray that to be the case.

  6. You wouldn’t recognize evil if it looked you in the face and it bit you. Your writings betray your orientation as a big mouth who gets into an argument and then forgets what they were saying.
    You are one who just likes to hear or read their own words regardless of whether they are right wrong or in your case clueless.
    Are you Dvorak? Oh, of course not! You actually put 1-2 sentences together. Wrong as hell, but at least you got that much done which is above Dvorak’s competence level. And YOU cast stones by calling the best Geauga has to offer a-holes? Flush out your head need to go see our tax dollars at work at a Commissioners meeting before shooting off your mouth.

  7. Wow, I think you have your MAGA hat on too tight. Loosen it up and take a chill pill, you’ll feel much better.

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