We Are Being Scammed About the Virus

By: Susan Daniels

The government and the media are lying to us. Watch the video and decide for yourself. There are 8,500 cases in OH out of 330 million people in this country. Why have they shut everything down here?

Citizen journalists with cameras out doing what the media is supposed to do. We are being lied to, especially in OH. Demand the state open everything up. Dr, Amy Acton is a liar and Gov. DeWine is worthless, but they do love all the TV time they are getting.


18 thoughts on “We Are Being Scammed About the Virus

  1. Susan, I have always thought you were a nut, now you have confirmed that you are a dangerous nut.

    I don’t know where you get your information, but the current number of confirmed cases in the United states is 321,020, NOT 8,555. The number of confirmed cases in just Ohio is 3,739.

    Remember, the actual number of cases is estimated to be 5 to 10 times higher than the number of confirmed cases due to the low rate of testing. In case you can’t do the math that means 1,605,100 to 3,210,200 actual cases.

    Do everyone a favor and keep your “theories” to yourself, and wash your hands, dummy. Just stick to your “theories about President Obama. They’re pretty funny, kind of sad, but still funny.

  2. She said there are 8,500 in Ohio not the United States. I just looked up number of cases in Ohio, at this time there are 4,043 confirmed cases. So if you say that the actual number is even higher than she is probably close.

  3. Now 4043 confirmed cases in Ohio as Of 2:00 PM.

    The actual number is probably between 20,215 and 40,430.

    None of these numbers are close to what poor Susan is spouting.

    And I bet Obama isn’t really human, probably an alien of some sort (this should make Susan feel better}.

  4. The genius Dana Ashlie in the video also believes that 5G cell phone technology causes the Coronavirus. My only question is where is her tinfoil hat?

    If this is where you are getting your information, Susan, you are even a bigger nut (if that’s even possible) than I thought.

    I would wear a tinfoil helmet, but it would mess up my beautiful orange hair. I think all the hair spray is almost as good.

  5. OMG!! Thank you so much Susan for my laugh for the day!!!

    However, I’m sad that there are still ignorant people like you amongst us. Hope for your sake that you don’t contract this. Or better yet, reach out to the families and friends of the 142 people in JUST Ohio that have died & tell them how you feel we’re being scammed! I’ll be waiting….

  6. What’s really funny is that any legal court would take any testimony from “private investigator” Susan seriously when she is so full of her nutty theories.

  7. Well, maybe Grindell, he’s pretty far out there.

    He’s pretty fat, like me, but his hair should be a weird shade of orange. then he’d be really distinguished looking.

  8. Hey Susan don’t believe in this virus?
    Good you go shopping for all of us. Don’t wear a mask don’t use sanitizer. Let someone cough near you
    She probably boarded all the bath tissue and sanitizer wipes
    Another nut case

  9. If you really want to see why the hospitals look empty check out this YouTube video.

    Makes a whole lot more sense that that nut Dana Ashlie.

  10. “Only” 3,485 people have died in NYC from the virus. Maybe you should go and discuss your “theories” with their loved ones.

    Death records are public and easy to check. Why don’t you investigate that and report your findings?

  11. I hear that American hospitals get paid loads more money if they say there patient dies of Covid -19
    rather than normal say Pneumonia deaths, its a huge $38,000 . no wonder they are saying its Covid-19

  12. I see that you “hear” this, but, exactly where did you it?

    Hopefully not American Thinker.

  13. I was watching a video on American Stinker where THREE doctors were discussing Susan’s investigations. They said when she was investigating voter mail fraud her head got stuck in a mail box and her friend Jimmy Lee Bob had to pull her out. Hopefully that won’t discourage her from continuing her fine and patriotic work.

  14. Sorry for the typo, I was trying to say:

    I see that you you “hear” this, but exactly where did you hear this?

    Hopefully not American Thinker.

    This is an amazing event, the first time I, your great and strangely orange colored President, have ever apologized for anything.

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