Vote Dave Joyce Out of Office Now

By: Disgusted by Dave Joyce

Dave Joyce has been in congress for eight years. What has he done for you? In fact, when do you ever see him except when election time rolls around?

Joyce wormed his way into congress and none of us got a chance to do anything about it. He and the late Steve LaTourette underhandedly manipulated and, with the help of some equally sleazy Democrats, maneuvered him onto the ballot.

Steve LaTourette was dying and knew for almost a year that he had pancreatic cancer. Dying didn’t stop him from pulling one last, low-class political trick. LaTourette, Joyce and others met at the Gates Mills home of Umberto Fedeli. Fedeli is known for charitable work of every organization of which you have ever heard.

Fedeli also has enemies. When his 7,200 sq. ft. house was being built in Gates Mills, as was a house next door for his mother, someone set both houses on fire.

Fedeli got into a jackpot when he was the chair of the Ohio Turnpike Commission. Fedeli was sole owner of the Fedeli Insurance Group and the companies that got contracts to do business with the turnpike somehow preferred to buy insurance from his company. Fedeli skated on that with the help of his friends and his quick decision to leave the Turnpike Commission. A thinking person would suspect that Congressman LaTourette played a role in Fedeli not being charged by the government.

When that sleazy group met in Gates Mills, it was decided that LaTourette would not resign until it was passed the point in the election process where the voters could decide who the candidate would be. LaTourette did not resign until July 2012. Joyce was the benighted candidate of the Republican Party. Since Geauga County is mostly Republican, he was a shoe-in.

Joyce is a lousy politician and was not a good prosecutor. From a Dave Joyce Wikipedia page that has now been erased: “Joyce was nominated by Senators Mike DeWine and George Voinovich to serve as U.S. attorney. However, serious questions arose during his FBI background investigation and President Bush did not move forward with the nomination.”

Joyce is a RINO who, along with thirty-three other RINOs, voted with the Democrats to outsource farm work to H-2A holders, meaning millions of illegals, and also was a way to subsidize companies that hired them. The carrot on the stick was the possibility of citizenship if illegals would work for lower wages and work longer hours.

Congressman David Joyce is one of 8 co-sponsors on a dangerous Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity bill.

The deceptively named “Fairness for All Act” is one of the greatest threats to religious freedom, parental rights, and the safety and privacy of women and children in America today.

Congressman Joyce’s bill would:

  • Require boys be allowed to play in girls’ sports and use girls’ locker rooms if they claim to identify as a girl. This would destroy opportunities for female athletes to excel and receive college sports scholarships.
  • Require homeless shelters to allow men to bathe and bunk with women. If a homeless or domestic violence shelter accepts federal grants, they will be forced to maintain transgender facilities.
  • Allow state government to remove children from parents’ custody if they don’t consent to dangerous conversion/hormone therapy, as is already happening in Hamilton County.
  • Force doctors to participate in “gender transition” surgeries and procedures without regards to the medical ethics involved in permanent sterility and removal of healthy body parts.

The Conservative Review, which scores politicians, gave “Just Dave” a score of voting conservatively only 34% of the time, a grade of “F.” And apparently he is readying himself for his next adventure. A year ago he came out in support of legalizing marijuana. He must want to lobby for that industry, just like the former congressman John Boehner does.

Mark Pitrone is running against Dave Joyce on the Republican primary ballot April 28. Pitrone seems like a decent man. There is a shortage of them in Washington. Vote for Pitrone. What do you have to lose?

7 thoughts on “Vote Dave Joyce Out of Office Now

  1. Now we have a choice, Vote NO on Joyce. Too many connections to our inept so called prosecutor Flaiz.

  2. I will vote for any Republican that runs against Joyce
    He was handed the job by Stevie

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