Who Is Spending Your Money?

By: Kevin Cooke

According to the U.S. Census, between the years 2014-2018 one out of three people, or 38.1%, of the population of Geauga County had Bachelor’s degrees or higher. So it stands to reason that our local leaders are educated people. Or so it would seem.

Our three county commissioners, the ones who oversee the spending of our $100 million portfolio, have only high school diplomas. 

Not one of the three: Tom Lennon, Jim Dvorak or Ralph Spidalieri, has a college degree.

Tim Lennon, a trust fund baby, graduated from West Geauga High School. He shows up at meetings and asks intelligent questions, although not enough of them. He needs to learn to say “no” to people asking for money.

Jim Dvorak, who ran for commissioner as a Democrat in 2012, found you can win by changing your allegiance to the Republicans in 2016 and was elected. Dvorak is a RINO. He graduated from Grand Valley High School in Orwell. He then become a bricklayer. He is the proverbial “bump on a log” at meetings. He never asks any questions. He just votes “yes” on everything.

The slug-like Ralph Spidaliari graduated from Charles F. Brush High School in Lyndhurst and did take some college classes, allegedly at Lakeland and at Tri-C but he never finished. A phone call verified that. He probably didn’t show up for classes, just like he doesn’t show up at scheduled meetings for his job as commissioner. 

During his seven years as commissioner, Spidaliari has missed 64 meetings and missed 744 votes on allocations for budgets and other spending of $256 million dollars. 

All  of the commissioners earn $61,215 a year in salary, plus 32% extra in benefits, worth almost $20,000. So Spidalieri has been paid $568,000 over seven years for not showing up to not do the job he is paid to do.

Fortunately, we now have a chance to start draining “our” swamp. Spidalieri has competition in the primary on April 28.

Dennis Galicki, who is running against Spidaliari, is a graduate of the Naval Academy at Annapolis, or as the West Pointers kiddingly refer to it as Canoe U. I suspect that Galicki didn’t miss too many classes. He retired in 2003 after twenty-eight years of military service.

Galicki doesn’t own a helicopter, like Spidaliari says he does. There is a picture in Spidaliari’s Facebook page that shows him standing next to one. That helicopter number identifies it as N408L. It is owned by White Mountains Copter LLC, a company in Miamisburg, OH. And the photo of one at the top Spidalieri’s Facebook page belongs to some company.

Aso don’t believe him if he tells you has a helicopter pilot’s license. The one he has says “Student Pilot” and says “ CARRYING PASSENGERS IS PROHIBITED.” He always has to have a “certified flight instructor” with him, assuming he ever really leaves the ground. That information was acquired through the FAA.

So Spidaleri is a liar who gets paid for work he doesn’t show up to do. Compared to Dennis Galicki, Spidaleri looks like something on the bottom of a shoe at a dog park. It is not a difficult choice for whom to vote.

So — how comfortable do you feel with three high school graduates making decisions about how our tax money is spent? After completing college, CPAs, financial advisors, and the like, go through a grueling process to become certified and are then closely watched by the government and required to continue learning to retain their license.

Would you want a high school graduate to advise you on how to invest your own money?

16 thoughts on “Who Is Spending Your Money?

  1. Really???
    You must be awful high and mightly to look down on people who don’t have a college degree
    Shows just what an ass you are for looking down at them

    You can’t stick to issues and facts. just attack people
    You think you are superior

    Go to hell

  2. Tim Lennon is a graduate from Muskingum College. He left college to care for his mother who almost died from a brain aneurism. Went straight to work and has worked full time ever since. You may want to check your facts before you say stupid things.

  3. Check the News-Herald March 9, 2016 in their interview with Lennon as candidate for Geauga County Commissioner. In the questionnaire Lennon filled out, under education he lists West Geauga H.S. Chesterland, OH.

  4. I know for a fact he went to Muskingum University, he played football there. Check college records if you are so obsessed with people’s educational backgrounds. Get your facts straight.

  5. And also, who’s t say just because someone has a college degree means they will spend money better than someone who doesn’t? Maybe you should run for commissioner since you know everything?

  6. Lennon lists education in Geauga Maple leaf March 10, 2016. Also in Plain Dealer, where he was fully endorsed on January 11, 2016. Get your facts straight before you open your mouth.

  7. Sorry my mistake…plain dealer endorsement October 26, 2016. Great article…you should read it😉

  8. Tim Lennon is the best of the three commissioners. The other two are useless. The Plain Dealer article was good and he was upfront about past problems. He may have gone to college. He did not graduate, which is the thesis of this article.

  9. I will just say that Tim’s opponent in 2016 was very well educated and works in the judicial system…yet the Plain Dealer, which tends to lean left, still endorsed Tim. He is doing a great job and there are many issues where he fought against and ultimately cares how the taxpayers money is spent.
    If you are supporting Gallicki, which it sounds like you are, you’d be better off talking about his attributes rather than ripping on the other commissioners, whom he could potentially be working with. Voters don’t like hearing that crap.

  10. I know very little about Galicki, except for his education and military service. I think he would work will with Lennon, who I am neutral about. Spidalieri is a waste of oxygen and Dvorak is a RINO who is in over his head. His election was rigged by the corrupt Nancy McArthur, who needs to be removed as soon as possible as head of the Republican central committee. She’s our version of Nancy Pelosi.

  11. This Cooke genius must have nothing to do except disrespect people. And talk endlessly about their education and military service. How does he know that info?I
    WOW thanks for common sense another Cooke is ??????I
    I can still solve the math problem below

  12. I guess those of us that voted in Ralph Spadiliari must be dumb,even those with college degrees
    Pompous windbag who wrote this original post go away!

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