Primary Voting Ends April 28 — Not June 2

You can only vote by mail now. But before you can vote, you first have to get an application (mailed or faxed to you). You then fill out that application, mail it to the Geauga County Board of Elections (BOE), and then they will mail you a ballot. After you fill out your ballot, it then must be mailed back to the BOE. And all this has to be done in less than a month — so don’t delay.

Call the BOE for more information: 440-279-2030.

How come this information has not been sent to Geauga residents or been in any of the newspapers? Are there ulterior motives here?

Vote “No” on all issues. We need our money more than the clowns who are spending it.

2 thoughts on “Primary Voting Ends April 28 — Not June 2

  1. The Board of Elections is screwing with the voters. They have not notified anyone that the date was changed. Disgusting, treacherous bastards. They want to get their issues approved. Vote “no” on everything.

  2. Make sure you get you ballot and vote no on issue 3. The land grabbers love mail in ballots. Tell them we want no more taxes vote no!!!

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