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Scott Hildenbrand (Hildy) comes across as a nice person and a lot of people think he is. I’m not going to debate that, he probably is. The problem with a lot of people is that they don’t separate the person vs. the position. While Scott may be nice, what does that have to do with his performance as Sheriff and is not a good reason to vote for him.

Here Are My Reasons:

  • Retire/Rehire. When Dan McLelland was Sheriff, Hildy was his chief deputy and lap dog, doing anything Dan wanted. In return for his blind loyalty, Dan allowed him to retire, receiving a large lump sum and would also start receiving pension checks. The next day “Just Dan” rehired him and now Hildy was also continuing to receive a check from the Sheriffs office and Hambden Fire Department as chief. Wow, that’s three checks coming in! After you’re in the system for a while you learn well how to milk it.
  • Scott Hidenbrand is Fire Chief of Hambden Fire Department and also Sheriff of Geauga. Is this Mayberry? I don’t know weather to address him as Chief or Sheriff. How do you run both, at the same time, very efficiently. You can’t. You have to be at the Sheriffs office, full time, every day and Scott isn’t. Many people have attested to this including Deputies. Hildenbrand supporters even acknowledge this fact on this site by statements they have made saying Scott doesn’t need to be there all the time because he has good people he can depend on. Sorry….he was elected by the people to be a FULL TIME Sheriff, to be there every day running the Sheriffs office, not his underlings. He is cheating the people of Geauga. That office has a budget of $11,000,000 per year. We need a full time Sheriff to run that.
  • Scott is not aggressive enough on the drug problem witch is getting worse and also the crimes associated with it such as home and car break-ins, robbery, theft, etc. Sheriff / Chief Hildenbrand lied at a Tea Party Candidate Night recently saying we don’t have a drug problem in Geauga, that the drug dealers are afraid to come here. Oh, ok. Not true. We are losing the drug war because Hildy is timid about going after the dealers. He is not aggressively attacking dealers and is camouflaging the increase in drugs by citing lower numbers of opiate deaths but that is because EMS and Police have more NARCAN, better training in its use and Sheriff now offers amnesty to druggies who call 911 when their buddy’s OD. Quicker response =quicker NARCAN = less death. Another reason opiate deaths are lower is because the drug of choice has morphed from opiates to meth and cocaine which kill you more slowly over time and NOT the result of aggressive law enforcement that has “drug dealers scared to come to Geauga.” That is a Sheriff pipe dream and is dangerous to believe. Dealers are here otherwise there would be no drugs. Sure some dopers buy in other counties but you can be sure they ARE HERE TOO! Watch this bear out with increased domestic and other violence as well as increased theft and burglary.
  • Criminal reports not being made out. There have been complaints by some people whose homes or cars were broken into and the responding deputies did not make out reports. Don’t know how many people experienced this but it shouldn’t happen at all. This causes distrust of the Sheriffs Office to say the least. My guess is to skew the stats showing crime is not going up. 


Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand is a triple dipper taking advantage of your tax money. He is Fire Chief and part time Sheriff at the same time, cheating the people of Geauga who voted him in to be a FULL TIME SHERIFF. He lied about the drug problem and is way to soft on it. He is spread out too thin and I don’t think he has the health or energy to give us 100%.


  1. Jimmy is a POS just like the Judy, Susan and Newell. You guys are jokes. Holden you have no clue on police work. Also you are on the mental health board and you called the CRAZIES wow that’s professional. I hope Grand River fires you and you are removed from the mental health board. So just like I had to fight to get you personnel file. Since the city had to violate my right until I got my attorney involved. So after Tuesday it will me my mission as a tax payer in this county to make sure you don’t hold those positions any longer!!!

  2. I see you cut and paste this blog post from earlier. But you seem to have forgotten the comments from the first time you put it up. Huh, desperation is strong in the Holden camp

  3. Oh, now I see you have deleted that post, as well as the comments! Guess I wouldn’t want people seeing this site, and the crew of fools associated with it, bashing the first responders to the Chardon school shooting… Or any of the other garbage they post. Ohwell, thankfully I saved it all, more ammo for my attorney and the ethics committee! Thanks

  4. Do you really want a sheriff that is controlled by Flaiz and Sweet ? Two tier system of justice!

  5. Holden’s files just posted another court document about Holden. Read it and see the real Holden.

    Ps like and follow the page

  6. No, I want integrity from a group of people who claim to want transparency! I want a sheriff who doesn’t assault women, using his position of power! I want a site, which invited me to come here, as a citizen, and have a voice to not turn around and silence that voice when they disagree! I want….accountability! Thankfully, there is a remedy, under the law, for your deceitful ways! And I intend to pursue them, regardless of the election outcome! Your troubles will not end March 17, they will just begin

  7. Holden is a joke! That was a very interesting read on Holden files.

  8. Hey jimmy. Just because the election has been extended doesn’t mean people are going to forget what you have done. I am sure more and more people will be just voting at the board of elections now anyway to get it over with. The only thing this does is give others an opportunity to speak up. We all know that is not going to go very well for you. But no matter what you will stay in this until the end. Why? Because you are arrogant. You believe that what you did was not wrong. Well jimmy I am here to tell you that you are wrong. March 17th, June 2nd, it doesn’t matter. We the people of Geauga will vote the same. We will be voting to retain Hildenbrand as sheriff. We will not be voting for an individual like you. It sis too bad that you just cannot grasp that.

  9. The grammatical errors in this post are embarrassing. Proofread before you post🤦🏼‍♀️

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