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In the above video made by RINO Matt Rambo with wife and kids, he portrays himself to be a good family man, which I have no doubt that he is, but this is the same old crap most politicians portray to us, trying to appeal to our emotions. It is pretty much meaningless having little to do with his duties as Judge.

In the video he states:
1)  “A Judge tells the truth”

2)  “A Judge is fair”

3)  “A Judge inspires faith in the Judicial system”

4)  “A Judge protects what matters most; our parks, our communities, our families.

Matt Rambo IS NOT telling the truth! He is a Democrat being involved in dirty Cleveland politics for years. He recently switched to Republican at the request of dishonest Republican Chairman Nancy McArthur who cooked this plot up so she could run someone against Judge Tim Grendell, a real Republican, who she hates, promising Republican Party support to Rambo. Dishonest Nancy pulled the same trick with staunch Obama supporting Democrat Jim Dvorak, now a Geauga County Commissioner. Matt Rambo is no more Republican than Obama.

1)  Matt Rambo does not tell the truth. He is a liar and deceiver of the people.

2)  Matt Rambo is not fair. How could a liar involved in a plot like this be fair.

3)  Matt Rambo does not inspire faith in the Judicial system. How could anyone be inspired by a devious liar and hypocrite who misrepresents himself. I would be inspired to not vote for him.

4)  Matt Rambo says a Judge should protect what matters most but he puts our families last and the chipmunks in parks first.

The video is absolutely nauseating!! If you vote for Matt Rambo and think you are voting for a Republican, YOU WOULD BE WRONG!

2 thoughts on “MATTHEW RAMBO FOR JUDGE – NOT!!!

  1. Grendells don’t tell the truth. I think I have received some flyers lately with your grandkids. Huh. That’s funny same tactics as Rambo.

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