By: Common Sense Geauga

Juvenile Court is about the kids and families in need. If you’ve been paying attention over the last 8+ years you know Tim Grendell is a fair judge who works to help these families as much as he can. He has created great programs and, with a couple of glaring exceptions, has a strong staff that works hard to help the families in crisis.

Experience does matter in Juvenile Court, where the lives and futures of kids and families can be heavily impacted by the decisions of the court. Matt is a nice guy, but he has ZERO experience with juvenile justice. He has never prosecuted a juvenile case. He has never defended a juvenile case.

The only issue you hear about in Probate Court is the parks and that is mostly the PGP folks who think people should not use the parks. The think parks should be conservation land. My family uses the parks all the time and we think they are great!

As for Matt’s supporters, they fall into four `small groups of very vocal supporters. Those groups include protect the parks people (led by a self avowed socialist/atheist); disgruntled ex-employees, the uninformed; and a small group of other county politicians.

Do you think Matt won’t play politics? His wife already sits on one of the Russell Park Boards. Do you think he won’t appoint an executive director of Geauga Parks that appeases the protect the parks crowd? The same people that have publicly said what is wrong with our parks is all the people in them. Do you think that those who are helping now won’t ask for favors later? Of course they will.

Keep the real, experienced conservative and vote for Judge Tim Grendell.


  1. Getting up bright and early Tuesday to vote for Rambo, Hall, and Hildenbrand and every other candidate this site post nasty shit about. Thanks for letting me know who to back!

  2. Absolutely the Grendells need to go. Can’t wait. The parks need fixed and look what he allows to go on with the rangers.

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