You Can’t Do That To The Sheriff’s Son

By: Margie Summers

If your name is Hildenbrand in Geauga County you are golden. But the State Highway Patrol in Ashtabula wasn’t so merciful on June 18, 2017, when they arrested Sheriff Hildenbrand’s son, Jonathan, for DUI (Case No. 2017TRC01107). 

He was twenty-one at the time and he must have thought they had a two-tiered system of justice there like they do in Geauga County. Anyone ever involved with the Geauga courts knows how that works here. It all revolves around who you know, or if you are a friend of Prosecutor James Flaiz.

Jon was ticketed for DUI, for a breath test between .08 to .17 and for Driving in Marked Lanes. Those last two charges were eventually dismissed.

He pled not guilty. But there is an interesting entry on the docket: “Lake Geauga Ctr. Eval. In Confidential File in Probation.”

On the pre-trial report it said no agreement had been reached and their were “ongoing negotiations.” Who gets to negotiate a DUI arrest??? Not you or me.

Hildebrand had to be continuously alcohol monitored until his next hearing.

There was a second pre-trial that was not scheduled until Oct. 31. But a notation of “Confidential Ltr LGC in Probation” appears on the docket before that hearing. Looks like Jonny boy may have had some previous problems. There is always a diversionary program for first offenders. He was found guilty.

The Judgement Entry reads:

Sentence: Fine:  525.00 Susp:

Costs: 95.00 Susp:

Points: 0 Lic Susp

Susp starts: 06/18/2017, days 365, Susp end: 06/17/2018

Mod: Suspended with limited privileges

Prob type: Supervised Probation Start: 10/31/2017, End 10/31/2019 Minimum Years 2, OVI Program

10/31/2017 Jail Commitment Issued to Ashtabula Jail to serve five days beginning 3/30/18; Occupational driving privileges

1/12/2018 Defendant approved for for occupational privileges with ignition interlock

He was sentenced to 180 days in jail and had 175 suspended. He served his five days starting March 30, 2018. Who gets that kind of sentence for a first DUI offense? Who gets two years probation? No one who wasn’t been in trouble before.

And what are the mysterious Confidential documents? Certainly sounds like the Sheriff’s son has had a run in or two with the law.

He did end up having to pay $845, including $200 probation fees. It could have included the cost of the ignition interlock.

Apparently being the Sheriff of Geauga county can’t keep your kid completely out of trouble in another county.  But it certainly helped.

8 thoughts on “You Can’t Do That To The Sheriff’s Son

  1. You guys are reaching so much right now. Your heads must be spinning after this last week and the fact the truth came out about Holden. So what do you do? You try to dig up dirt on the sheriff? But nothing is out there. So then what do you do? Try to find shit on his kids. You think it is ok for what Holden has done? You are a special kind of sick.

  2. Oh, I see. This post and every other factual post about Sheriff Hildenbrand is lies, bullshit, disgusting and wrong, right? But the twisted, distorted, vicious, disgusting comments (without all the facts) you Hildenbrand supporters have been spewing is all good, right? Hildenbrand and most of his supporters have no class judging by their comments.

    What you people are trying to do to Holden reminds me of what the the far left liberals and socialists tried to do to Supreme Court Justice Cavanaugh and President Trump. Distortions, distortions, distortions.

  3. Ken Curtis.

    I have read a few of these articles now. It seems that you like to cut and paste your comments. It’s too bad that you are wrong. There is documentation of what jimmy Lee did. He was actually suspended for sexual harassment. If you look you can find the documents on meanwhile in Geauga, someone posted them. He had to sign off on his discipline. If he felt that what he was being accused of were lies, he had the right to fight it. Stop covering this stuff up and trying to justify what he did. It is just not going to work.

  4. Hello. Nothing is out there? This is documented. A twenty-one year old with an arrest record, who served time in jail is not a kid. This is a reflection on how he was raised, or should I say not raised?

  5. Margie

    Jimmy Lee was suspended for SEXUAL HARASSMENT. He did SEXUALLY HARASS women in the work place and business women in the community. His influence on his children are that of being a sexual harasser.

  6. What does that have to do with the Sheriff’s son being arrested and jailed for DUI?

  7. Just curious

    Holden is running for sheriff. The sheriffs son does not need to be dragged into this. What this site is trying to do is distract people from the truth. The truth about the candidate, holden, who is running for sheriff. Holden and his sheriff campaign camp should just stick to his record and the sheriffs record. From what I have seen, Holden’s record is disgraceful and filled with suspensions and write ups. The sheriffs record is clean. Keep this between the candidates.

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