Was Sheriff Hildenbrand’s Son, Jon, A Drug Dealer In Geauga?

BY: Turnabout

I recently had a conversation with a young man who went to Chardon High School approximately 8 years ago. He told me he was a drug dealer and got busted during a conversation with someone wearing a wire. He not only sold marijuana but he and his friends smoked a lot of it back then also.

The young man said that because he was involved in selling marijuana in Geauga he knew other people selling it and Jon Hildenbrand (Sheriff Hildenbrands son) was the biggest dealer.

He stated details of locations where Hildenbrand would sell, such as the skate park by Chardon High, Sheets parking lot in Chardon, Hambden Corners gas station, and even described the vehicle Hildenbrand drove as a green ford ranger truck. He even told me the names of two guys Hildenbrand hung out with a lot who I won’t mention here for obvious reasons.

This young man described a night at his house, having friends over for a weed party. They ran out of weed (marijuana) and called Hildenbrand to bring some over. His reply was “no” that he was too tired from making drops all day.

Ok, I’m not saying these are facts and that Jon Hildenbrand was a big drug dealer in Geauga, I’m just relating a conversation I had with this young man who seemed to know Hildenbrand.

I don’t know how true any of this is but I was impressed with the details this man had. It seems he had first hand knowledge, not just hearsay. I’ve also heard similar rumors to this effect from other sources but ignored them until speaking with this young man.

If this is all true, and I repeat IF this is true, then I would think this goes much deeper because his father was a deputy sheriff in Geauga during that time period. You have to ask yourself, IF this is true, why were others getting busted and not him?

My opinion is, where there is smoke there is fire.

By the way, I’m not making any of this up which is what I know you Hildenbrand supporters will say and more. The conversation was recorded.

We do have a two tier justice system in Geauga.

21 thoughts on “Was Sheriff Hildenbrand’s Son, Jon, A Drug Dealer In Geauga?

  1. Wow! Not surprised at all you would do this and put out this bull. You people are just down right disgusting. Lie and put rumors out because you’re so desperate right now. Can’t wait for Tuesday when the voters in this county reject your candidate. I hope his son can go after you legally, this is just wrong on so many levels. One thing for sure is you are not helping your candidate at all by doing this.

  2. Jimmy Lee you are so desperate right now. You have been exposed for what you are and you are trying to do whatever you can to distract people from the real truth. You make me sick.

  3. TO: Just ridiculous

    Oh, I see. This post and every other factual post about Sheriff Hildenbrand is lies, bullshit, disgusting and wrong, right? But the twisted, distorted, vicious, disgusting comments (without all the facts) you Hildenbrand supporters have been spewing is all good, right? Hildenbrand and most of his supporters have no class judging by their comments.

    If the above post is true, don’t tell me Hildenbrand didn’t know anything about it and wasn’t protecting his son.

    What you people are trying to do to Holden reminds me of what the the far left liberals and socialists tried to do to Supreme Court Justice Cavanaugh and President Trump. Distortions, distortions, distortions.

  4. There are more stories out there.Under age drinking and car accident in a parking lot. Was there a police report?

  5. Hell no. Protect the children of law enforcement at all costs. That’s why they grow up to be such shits as adults. Don’t you dare hold them accountable.

  6. So how should we label jimmy lee’s kids then? If jimmy has lengthy history of sexual harassment and has been suspended for sexual harassment, what should we expect from his kids? Are you telling me that jimmy lee’s kids are exempt? Go after the sheriffs son. Real nice. You have lowered yourself to an all time low. If all cops kids are bad and turn out to be shits then we can expect the same from jimmy’s.

  7. Hey turnabout.

    Who are you really? Put your real name on the article and take ownership of what you wrote. Bet you cannot.

  8. Awww. Your frustration is starting to show, along with your smell of desperation. Update your resume.

  9. My kids know his son. This is not true and it is disgusting. I have seen the lies you put out about the sheriff but this crosses the line. I really hope there can be legal ramifications to the ones putting this out on his son. He is not in the public spotlight, he should not be dragged. Oh and by the way Ken it’s Kavanaugh with a K. Holden has it in his file sorry those are facts. I don’t like rumors but when it’s in writing with suspension then what do you want me to think? It’s fake? It’s also odd how his name was spelled wrong in the post now it is fixed. Just like other things I have seen on here. There is no edit button so the administrator of this site must be behind this.

  10. Turnabout

    You wrote the article. If you believe this stuff put your name on it. But you cannot. You are afraid and you are hiding.

    Holden should never have put his hat in the ring for sheriff. Stop covering his past up.

  11. No try again. But I do know some adults with Holden signs that are pot heads. All the kids in school talk about the parents that bake it up and do cocaine.

  12. So Holden is responsible for who puts up his signs? If you know which parents are doing drugs, what are you doing to resolve that problem to help their kids? If you are doing nothing, you are part of the problem.

  13. Chief Johnston. Lol. Not going to happen. To bad he found the wrong guy to run for him.

  14. I’m not saying anything bad. If you can post rumors then why can’t I say I know a rumor? Would you like me to start throwing my stones? Why is Holdens kid protected? This is a very interesting. It’s ok for one but not the other? I do have big stones and I will shatter the last of your glass walls. so hypocritical.

  15. I’m confused on the rules of this site. They seem to contradict what you do? I can’t stand hypocrites. This is the kind of shit I hate more than anything.

  16. If you all played fair then so would I but you keep pushing me and leaving me no choice. I’m know you don’t want this shit out. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  17. Hey jimmy how are things the Cleveland hts police academy? Tell us, what happened with the young cadet whose father is in a prominent law enforcement position?

    Been to the Y lately?

    Do tell.

  18. This is the most ridiculous thread on here yet.
    Poor Hildenbrand kids.. They keep taking hits from people who literally have NO life. Dig up non factual rumors and purposely try to bring them down and all for what? What purpose does this serve? Grow up and get your own life and leave them alone. Smh.
    At least Sheriff Hildenbrand does not have a sexual assault record.

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