“No” On Issue 3 – Russell

BY: Matthew Mesok

We urge all Russell residents to 
vote NO ON 3

Enough is enough with taxation.

We have great parks in Geauga and Russell and this effort by a small group to continue to add more land, not parks, so their homes don’t see any residential expansion is out of control.

They don’t want parks ,they just want land. They don’t want the community to use the land as parks, the just want the land for their privacy

That’s exactly what this group did with Madroo Farms and look at that beautiful waste land now!

We would also like to thanks the selfless Russell resident, who at their own expanse , mailed to resident’s the truth about the TAX INCREASE.

Thank you and we wish we could help you with the cost of the mailing. You are a true concerned citizen.

Again VOTE NO ON 3

7 thoughts on ““No” On Issue 3 – Russell

  1. Vote “No” on any issue on the ballot. This county is the second richest per capita out of Ohio’s 88 counties. The county has a portfolio of $100 million. They piss the money away on anything they want. The sheriff has an $11 million salary budget and 167 hang around employees. He has 90 cars and allows 40 people to drive them home at night, while we pay for the gas. The sheriff gets paid $86,000 annually, plus 32% benefits, plus $25,000 as the Hambden fire chief and his retire/rehire pension. Vote “No.” They don’t need your money. And they are making fools out of all of the residents.

    Vote “No” on the renewal Issues 5 & 6. They should know how to pay their bills with the last renewals. The Dept. on Aging wants a 50% increase on the buildings they rent for seniors that no one uses. Who owns the buildings and increasing the rents. Ask these questions.

  2. I will vote yes for everything. I don’t want geauga to turn into ashtabula. I saw what the vote no freaks did to ledgemont.

  3. How does this relate to the issues on the ballot? I’m sorry but there must be something wrong with you or you are posting on the wrong site.

  4. Hope you are not a senior trying to stay in their home! We have paid our whole lives and will never truly own our home if it can be taken away because we can not afford to pay the taxes. I hope you are young and have a good job and not living on social security, which we paid for, and never increases with the cost of living!

  5. if we are upset over those who want to tax us to death for a land grab wait until the forces behind the new school proposal come.
    That will be a real uphill fight for us.
    The school administrators and school board are well planned and ready to jam this thing down our throats.
    Coming soon stand against more taxes

  6. To all our Russell residents who voted no against issue 3 ,the Russell land grab gang, thank you
    Enough of this land grabbing gang wanting more and more tax money to satisfy their own personal needs.
    But watch out they will be back again trying to pick your pocket

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