Be Aware Of What’s Happening On This Blog


There is a small handful of people (maybe 10), each one posting comments on numerous posts under a multitude of names making it look like a large number of people are in agreement with them. They flood these comments on many different posts, polluting the blog.

Their I.P. addresses are from all over the world like Sweden, Denmark, South Korea, Canada, California, Pennsylvania, Columbus, Cincinatti, Netherlands, Germany, Wisconsin, Singapore, etc. These phony I.P. addresses are called VPN’s that mask the persons real I.P. address.

There is no problem with name calling or sarcasm but the above will not be tolerated. And that goes for ANYBODY. It will be deleted. These guidelines were established from the beginning. See Publish An Article

While it’s ok to post under various blog names, it is noted, all of the comments posted that are lewd, vulgar, obscene, vicious, threatening, disgusting, HAVE BEEN DELETED, and are all coming from Hildenbrand supporters. They hide behind the VPN.

If you are posting under a VPN it may be that you are afraid. Don’t be. Be civil and you don’t have to worry about posting under your real I.P. address. This site is private and the only way to get the real location or ownership of an IP is a search warrant or subpoena.

38 thoughts on “Be Aware Of What’s Happening On This Blog

  1. No they have been deleted if you go against the grendells, Holden, Lynch’s, Daniels and spots. Just speaking the truth. Don’t delete. If you are a man or woman of your words.

  2. To: Covering up Lies: Turn off your capital shift key. You not only look like a jerk, people don’t like to be yelled at.

  3. Administrator

    I am still waiting for Turnabout to come out and take ownership of the article they wrote. Maybe you should reveal yourself to us as well. I would love to see who is behind this site and all of the lies. I bet I could guess though.

  4. TO: Administrator Covering up lies

    You are one of the people I am talking about. If you are right here in Geauga county then why does your I.P. address show you are from Wichita, Kansas?

  5. Please everyone I’m really close on coming up with a cure for the virus. But can’t do it if I’m not re-elected so please vote for me Diane Grendel for state rep and Tim Grendel for judge. It’s the only way to get the cure.

  6. TO: Administrator Covering up lies

    Obviously you are wrong because your comment has not been deleted but in the future if you do not post under your real I.P. address you probably will be deleted.

  7. They both have my vote. Better than Hall, an Obama supporter, and Rambo who turned Republican last October.

  8. Wait you need your real IP so you guys will know who everyone is. However you f*cls dont have to say who you really are. Sounds fair

  9. Hall isn’t an onomatopoeia supporter Diane is desperate. Go watch the video from the tea party forum. Wow and you were there

  10. So welcome him to the party don’t bully him. That’s something the grendell would do

  11. TO: Calling out the administrator and turnabout

    Your I.P. address is also from Wichita, Kansas. Maybe you should reveal yourself to us as well. It looks like you are the same person as above, just proving what was said in the post.

  12. You do know the only way to get the real location or ownership of an IP is a search warrant or subpoena.

  13. Be aware of what is happening on this blog alright!! Cover ups and lives by Holden and his people. The Holden camp cannot handle the truth getting out there regarding his sexual harassment, so they are doing their best to cover it up and lie to everyone about it.

  14. TO: Wow. Just wow

    Your fake I.P. address is from Michigan. Why would anyone from Geauga be interested in what someone from Michigan has to say on Geauga issues? Why are you afraid to use your real I.P. address. You Hildenbrand supporters bash everyone for not saying who they really are yet you hypocrites do the same thing.

    Also, no one will know who you are if you use your real I.P. address. I reference comment by G. Stehlik above: “You do know the only way to get the real location or ownership of an IP is a search warrant or subpoena”.

    All of you hypocrites must really be afraid.

  15. Administrator

    You are hiding. Who are you? Let us see the person under the mask. You are hiding behind the lies. You are trying to distract people from the truth. The truth that Holden was suspended for multiple sexual harassment complaints. The truth that Holden was written up multiple times for multiple reasons. Who are you administrator? Tell us all. Show us who you are.

  16. Administrator

    You still don’t want to come out and say who you are. Wonder why that is? Let’s distract the maybe 10 people that read this blog from the truth. Fake IP addresses. Give me a break. Come clean administrator, who are you? Tell us now. Come out from behind your lies and cover ups. Bet you won’t.

  17. This is all udder nonsense! It is abundantly clear that the overwhelming majority of comments being deleted are comments in rebuttal to pro Holden posters. This is the reason for my complaint filed with the ethics committee and my interest in pursuing a civil suit against this site, it’s administrators and Holden’s campaign. First, the posts you indicate above from overseas VPNs, are clearly spam. If the poster’s name is blue, it’s a link to some scam website, and not posted by anyone, including the administrators, for any good reason. Second, I (and several others) have been saving images of these pages, both before and after the administrators perform their mass deleting efforts. Third, my home IP has been blocked from posting for some time now, forcing me to use my cellular data to post. As you know, or should know, cellular data usage can have an IP address appearing from almost anywhere, not necessarily from where I am located. Stop the lies, its not helping your case, either for your chosen candidates or the potential pending legal actions.

  18. I’m a resident of geauga stuck in Italy because of this virus. If you delete me I will get my 4chan friends and summon KEK to this site.

  19. You all have 1 hrs to post whatever you want on this site. The gang is together picking up Holden signs. Real class in the white truck. Wow

  20. To Grendell suck: Don’t use multisyllabic words like “onomatopoeia.”
    First of all you misused it and second of all your moron supporters don’t know what it means.

  21. I use a VPN for viewing shows,movies and content not permitted in the U.S. The added benefit of IP address being protected is a good thing.

  22. Susan’s just salty cause this will be her 2nd candidate she backed that failed

  23. It’s ironic that all the jimmy Lee supports have stopped commenting while he and his campaign are out and about driving through the county making a last ditch effort for support. Can’t type an drive and the same time maybe?

  24. 20 (T W E N T Y Y E A R S) ago!
    Show your real identity, and I will dig out your shit!

  25. 1) The person posting is not running for public office
    2) Why does the time line matter? We all know you would blast this info everywhere if it was Flaiz, not your boy Hold En Touch. Ask the victims if it feels like “20 (T W E N T Y Y E A R S) ago!”
    3) Maybe spend more time “clearing” your name. Lol

  26. Stop posting against our candidates, Holden and the Grendells are the most upstanding and good people you would ever meet. If anyone goes against the chosen narrative of this site you will be banned and your truthful comments will be deleted. Now fall in line and step right my little sheep. Repeat after me Holden is a predator oh wait no I mean Hildenbrand. Holden has a horrible personnel file oh crap I meant the other guy again. hang on I need another drink. I’ll be back

  27. The administrator of this website is a liberal. They also clearly have very little understanding of how the internet works. That is all

  28. I would like to point out that the administrator of this site is so concerned with people finding out their identity that they have paid a third party company to hide their identity. This seems a bit hypocritical to me. Also a little fun fact is the website is registered in Massachusetts. Yet the administrator is accusing intelligent people that use VPN’s of spamming this site. Very interesting…

  29. The boomers are scared so they had to hide. There are ways to find them out. I know who is behind this site. They’re not very smart.
    To be fair Judy and Susan just learned what a VPN is. This interweb thing is hard for them.

  30. After the primary this site won’t be fun anymore. The 5 Holden freaks in here can just bitch and moan in their sad little echo chamber.

  31. It’s funny how the Holden people on here all of sudden stopped commenting. Holden’s little blog page is kind of blowing up in his face. He and his campaign think they can just go around saying what they want to on this thing an not get called out. Holden, thank you much for the entertainment the last few months.

  32. For the record I did not post these two:
    Pascal Mahvi is a bitch says:
    March 14, 2020 at 19:19


    Pascal Mahvi is a liberal bitch that should move and stop stealing from us says:
    March 14, 2020 at 19:27

    This site is too polluted with unsubstantiated BS and not worth anyone one’s time.

  33. Omg Pascal you finally started something we can agree on. This site is polluted with bs and not worth anyones time. Nice to see you are coming around.

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