Why I am Not Voting For Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand

BY: Enlightened

Scott Hildenbrand (Hildy) comes across as a nice person and a lot of people think he is. I’m not going to debate that, he probably is. The problem with a lot of people is that they don’t separate the person vs. the position. While Scott may be nice, what does that have to do with his performance as Sheriff and is not a good reason to vote for him.

Here Are My Reasons:

  • Retire/Rehire. When Dan McLelland was Sheriff, Hildy was his chief deputy and lap dog, doing anything Dan wanted. In return for his blind loyalty, Dan allowed him to retire, receiving a large lump sum and would also start receiving pension checks. The next day “Just Dan” rehired him and now Hildy was also continuing to receive a check from the Sheriffs office. Wow, that’s three checks coming in! After you’re in the system for a while you learn well how to milk it.
  • Scott Hidenbrand is Fire Chief of Hambden Fire Department and also Sheriff of Geauga. Is this Mayberry? I don’t know weather to address him as Chief or Sheriff. How do you run both, at the same time, very efficiently. You can’t. You have to be at the Sheriffs office, full time, every day and Scott isn’t. Many people have attested to this including Deputies. Hildenbrand supporters even acknowledge this fact on this site by statements they have made saying Scott doesn’t need to be there all the time because he has good people he can depend on. Sorry….he was elected by the people to be a FULL TIME Sheriff, to be there every day running the Sheriffs office, not his underlings. He is cheating the people of Geauga. That office has a budget of $11,000,000 per year. We need a full time Sheriff to run that.
  • Scott is not aggressive enough on the drug problem witch is getting worse and also the crimes associated with it such as home and car break-ins, robbery, theft, etc. Sheriff / Chief Hildenbrand lied at a Tea Party Candidate Night recently saying we don’t have a drug problem in Geauga, that the drug dealers are afraid to come here. Oh, ok. Not true. We are losing the drug war because Hildy is timid about going after the dealers. He is not aggressively attacking dealers and is camouflaging the increase in drugs by citing lower numbers of opiate deaths but that is because EMS and Police have more NARCAN, better training in its use and Sheriff now offers amnesty to druggies who call 911 when their buddy’s OD. Quicker response = quicker NARCAN = less death. Another reason opiate deaths are lower is because the drug of choice has morphed from opiates to meth and cocaine which kill you more slowly over time and NOT the result of aggressive law enforcement that has “drug dealers scared to come to Geauga.” That is a Sheriff pipe dream and is dangerous to believe. Dealers are here otherwise there would be no drugs. Sure some dopers buy in other counties but you can be sure they ARE HERE TOO! Watch this bear out with increased domestic and other violence as well as increased theft and burglary.
  • Criminal reports not being made out. There have been complaints by some people whose homes or cars were broken into and the responding deputies did not make out reports. Don’t know how many people experienced this but it shouldn’t happen at all. This causes distrust of the Sheriffs Office to say the least. My guess is to skew the stats showing crime is not going up.


Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand is a triple dipper taking advantage of your tax money. He is Fire Chief and part time Sheriff at the same time, cheating the people of Geauga who voted him in to be a FULL TIME SHERIFF. He lied about the drug problem and is way to soft on it. He is spread out too thin and I don’t think he has the health or energy to give us 100%.

38 thoughts on “Why I am Not Voting For Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand

  1. What about the ninety cars the department has and the forty cars that Hildenbrand allows his employees to use as their personal cars.

  2. Judy it’s just becoming sad. You sound like a liberal. You repeat the same shit with no facts just your looney, uniformed view. Cognitive decline is no joke. I seriously think you need to see your doctor or maybe your family should do the right thing and get you some help. I know your candidate shot himself in the foot last night with Fox8 and you are all in a panic. He’s a shitty candidate period! That’s a fact he has a nightmarish past and a not so stellar career. He shows he has not changed and that he has a arrogant personality. Holden gives police officers a bad name. You can stomp your feet and cry all you want but this is the truth. Not just my opinion the majority of the county. You will see on Tuesday.

  3. When the tea party movement started it was good. Unfortunately fringe lunatics started joining. Someone once said to me the tea party people are nuts. I didn’t believe them. The ones I knew were intelligent, rational and had critical thought. Then along came this site. Now I understand what they meant. Every party has these fringe loons. You talk out of both sides of your mouth. I want the corrupt politicians gone, too long in politics and then you support the worst candidates possible. This is why the movement died out.

  4. doesn’t change the narrative that he’s a creep and you’re an idiot

  5. Hildenbrand is no part time anything. Holden is a full time creep!

  6. I have contacted my attorney, a very good one, not like Pascal and his fake one. After looking over your site, the mailer you sent out INVITING CITIZENS TO POST, and the many deleted comments myself and others have saved, his feeling is you have created one of two things. Either you are an open social media site with zero posted regulations, or you are a PAC for specific candidates. He believes the continued pattern of deleting comments that are counter to the option of the writer of the post is either a violation of the 1st amendment or proof this is a PAC that is not properly registered or declared as prescribed by law. Should this censorship continue, expect a civil law suit, a visit from the state concerning PAC laws, or both. Or, just let people have their say. Your choice.

  7. not to mention someone posted hildennrand’s w2 in another post which violated IRS Publication 1075

  8. To Angry citizen: There is no such thing as a good attorney; that’s a joke, right? I’ve always heard they were licensed thieves.

    You mean the one for his annual $25,000 “stipend” from the Hambden Fire Dept.?

  9. that is the one. That is protected federal tax information and only Hidenbrand himself could give them that, otherwise it’s a violation of law

  10. PAC it is, at least to me that is what it is. Perhaps I’ll post an article pro Hildenbrand all the way and see what happens to that. This site is bogus anyways.

  11. Good thinking! Site has become clearly biased and distorted in its efforts to gun down.
    A reply that a subsequent commenter is referring to – is no longer there. I was planning to respond with two comments a few days ago, then figured what’s the point – why waste the time – if it’s just going to be deleted.

  12. Good as in highly skilled and and very experienced in civil law. Yup, he is a scumbag. But, if you want someone to stop a scumbag from violating our rights/the law, you hire a smarter scumbag…

  13. To Paid for by Holden for Sheriff: Such an article would probably be featured on Fox8! Along with appearing on the front page of local birdcage lin – oops – I mean newspapers. (Uh-oh – seems like I’m lowering myself to the name-calling standards on this site, but no worries – this will probably be deleted shortly anyway.) But really!?! – it sounds like the pro Hildenbrands are getting desperate and unrelenting in their mud slinging on this distorted and biased site.) But if any of these name callers and story tellers (who don’t even know what they are talking about) ever met Holden or heard him speak or spent any time at all talking with him, they would know that what they are saying is not right and that is NOT who he is! And I probably just guaranteed that this reply will vanish – POOF! – gone by tomorrow morning! I’ll be surprised if it’s still here.

  14. Mary, I’m only throwing this one tid bit out to you. I’ve read these Articles & they’re a joke! Do your politics, but damn, don’t lie!!! The “take home” cars you’re complaining about. Do you know the two deputies that arrested the school shooter? Do you know that BOTH of them were off duty? Do you know one got off work at 0500 that morning and was awakened to the incident & Found someone immediately (who might I add was a co-worker at the sheriffs office) to watch their child?! Do you know, that they arrested the shooter beCause they had the vehicles available to them? Do you know that many other employees were able to respond to that incident because they had cars available to them?? Please tell me and all the other people in this county how that’s not beneficial.

  15. REPLY TO: Yes, it is bogus

    It seems to me that most of the name calling is coming from Hildenbrand supporters. In fact, I think it goes way beyond just name calling. A lot of it looks pretty vicious and disgusting.

  16. To Me: Yes, it does to me, also, and you are right – it is way beyond name calling. Their comments (that haven’t been deleted) are indeed vicious, disgusting and ridiculous! (That’s why I was thinking that there must be an underlying desperation because the crap they are coming up with is totally disrespectful and uncalled for!)

  17. Correction: It looks like maybe some comments did get deleted since I saw them earlier this evening, which is good – vulgarity not necessary! Sorry I didn’t check first.

  18. I know the real reason the school shooter was caught was because a neighbor saw him walking down the street toward his house and she called the police. I’m sick of the hero bullshit because the police, especially McKenna, pretend they “caught” him. Don’t any of them have cars of their own??? It’s a waste of our tax dollars for more than a couple people be allowed to drive cars we paid for with our money. And then the moron judge, David Fuhry, let the punk sit in court with “KILLER” written on his shirt while the equally stupid prosecutor and deputies did nothing about it. Yeah, heroes one and all.

  19. Mary is so angry. Just a hateful women pounding away on her keyboard.

  20. Lol…yes, there was an extremely brave passer-by that stopped with him, no one ever tried to hide that. I’m done speaking with you and your non-sense…you don’t know your facts, you spew lies and hatred…it’s sad, I pray for you. You have nothing nice to say about anything or anyone. You support someone who sexually harassed multiple women, what would you say about him if he took office? I know, you wouldn’t be happy with him either because nothing in this world will make you happy. Go to the academy and you be the cop you think everyone else should be! You can’t and you won’t, you’re afraid of it and instead you’ll criticize everyone else & pass on filth & hatred! You, and people like you are the problem in this world! Do something in a positive way to make a change, stop hating!!! March 17th can’t come fast enough…peace out!!

  21. You can’t stand it because I know exactly what happened with all you “heroes.” You’re all full of shit. And trying to change the subject again because I know the truth. Holden doesn’t live in a pigsty that had dog shit all over the house. What a noble man to have as a sheriff.

    You hate the TRUTH.

  22. Mary lying again. Pounding on her keys angry at the world. Goto bed your drunk

  23. Flaiz is a worthless piece of shit and a lousy prosecutor who never tried a single criminal case before he got the job. His wife should know the rumor is that he is sniffing around one of his employees.

  24. Sniffing around or grabbing and harassing like Holden? Just trying to clarify.

  25. How dare you, you sick, demented women! Men and women from the Sheriff’s Office and Chardon pd RAN into that building to try and save lives! Where the hell were you?! Were you standing over the paramedics while they worked on the dying kids? Protecting them so they could work? Will you forever have the images of dead kids on the cafeteria floor, or kids so terrified they were just rocking back and fourth sobbing, seared into your brain? Did you have to deal with carying a loaded gun, expecting, hoping, the killer was around the next corner so you could do as you were trained and end the threat? Did you have to deal with the realization, later, when it was all over, that you were holding that gun and hoping to find a 15 year old child(the killer), and that ending the threat meant most likely killing him? And trying to wrap your mind around that? Were you there, trying to help frantic, terrified, parents locate their children, not knowing yet if they were one of the victims?

  26. Hey enlightened, or jimmy Lee, or whatever you want to call yourself

    Do you know anything about the law? If someone calls 911 who is overdosing you can not arrest that person. There is a law in the books on that one. Not the sheriff choosing to be soft on drugs.

    Where are you getting your info on not being tough on drugs in the county? AJ KIRK? Like he knows what the hell he is talking about. Better get your facts straight on that one. The sheriff’s office is tough and works very diligently to fight drugs. The narcotics unit is very dedicated to their work.

    This narrative that the sheriff is not full time is so false. He is in way more than you can even imagine, working both day and night doing what he can for the office and the county. Who’d you get the part time crap from. Let me guess? AJ Kirk.

    The sheriff by being on a fire department has helped the county grow and work together as first responders. He has been able to bring the fire departments, police departments, and sheriff’s office closer together. The sheriff is the definition of first responder.

  27. I never heard BJ complain about being able to drive his car home after work. Bet you if he came back to the office he would still want a take home car. Am I right BJ?

  28. Good thing the neighbor saw him on the street or you’d still be looking for the shooter.

  29. And all of those things were done in a situation that would leave you curled up on the floor, leaking body fluids put of fear!
    I WAS there! For all of the above! Support whoever you want, sling all the mud you want! But I’ll be damned if I will stand by and let you mock the good work done that day by my fellow police /Deputies! And to support ANY candidate? That’s sick! I hope, just for one night, the images in my head could visit you for a change, but I don’t think you could handle it.
    I am not a hero, don’t want to be called one. I am just trying to do my job to the best of my agility. The men and women also there that day would probably feel the same. But to mock us, you truly are a coward.

  30. If you guys think it’s bad that Hildenbrand paid money for Jr deputy badges. How bout the $683 that Holden spent on those stupid lanyards. He would be just like the grendells if he was to get into office.

  31. Truth teller & Mary : I hope God can find a place to forgive you all. I’m sure I have the support of the family’s of every child killed and their friends. And also every family affected by this incident. You have no clue what every one of us went through and quite frankly are still going through. Someone simply commented on cars & their benefit & you attacked them and tried turning the conversation sideways…it didn’t go unnoticed! Unreal….

  32. Nice try! I understand why you would want to bury this thread, but too late! Really should have learned from Holden (Hold En Touch), can’t run from the past!

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