Truthful facts about Jimmie Lee Holden

BY: Damion E. Pasternak

I wanted to set a few things straight and give the whole untwisted facts about Jimmie Lee Holden and the alleged complainant.

I was his Lieutenant and before that I was in the detective bureau as a detective then detective sergeant. I had fourteen and a half years of investigation experience including sex crimes. I arrested and charged suspects which led to the their convictions. I would do everything I could to try and make the victim whole again. This is back when we did not have the SANE program and we had to do it all, the interview, the crime scenes, the evidence transport to BCI, and the investigation. I also had quite a few of false claimed crimes. It was not unusual that alleged victims sometimes used the claim to try and get some result for her own benefit. One girl who didn’t want to let her boyfriend leave Ohio to relocate to Arizona for a job made such a claim. We investigated and treated it as a valid complaint until the evidence showed otherwise. During the interview with her she finally admitted she did it so that he would take her with him. There was a lot of hours spend on that case and we were called out at 3 am to respond when her call so the whole detective came in from home, and worked for the next couple of days trying to serve the victim and get her some closure. That is just one case but there were many others and any detective will tell you that it happens more than you know. 

Being that I had been on the department for 33 years I heard and saw a lot of things between officers and the dispatchers. Bantering back and forth with what would be a big NO NO nowadays. It also was not unusual that flirtatious or even sexually explicit remarks were made also back and forth. This was way before the #metoo was started. One dispatcher said to me one day while I was passing through the dispatch center ” doesn’t anybody just like to fuck anymore” “why do they have to be in love”.

Working on a small department everybody knew everyone else and their families pretty well. There were ego’s that would fill a room, and others with their little quirks. 

To continue with the complaint against Jimmie Lee the complainant who made that statement to me was the dispatcher on his shift. She did not like Jimmie because he would not coddle or pamper her every whim for a day off, to leave early, for a better vacation pick, or allow her to wander around outside the dispatch center during working hours. We only had one dispatcher during each shift to answer the radio and the phones. Running back when the phone rang or when a patrol car called in was not appropriate. So he he would tell her to get back in her room and stay there. If they needed relief for rest room breaks or lunch one of the bosses or patrol officers would relieve her. These are a couple of reasons why she wanted off his shift because there were other supervisors that would allow her to do as she wanted and have her way. Another interesting note was the after shift hot tub parties with some nudity that went on at her home a few blocks from the station. One time a supervisor that was on duty had to advise her that complaints from residents were being called in and that she should either move it inside or shut it down. These are all truthful facts, and she did win her transfer to another shift. It is to bad the the senior administrator did not fully investigate the claim and took it based on this dispatcher complaint alone. Then he went on a one of his tirades and at one point ordered another female dispatcher to sign a statement to further the complaint. 

In the suspension of Jimmie Lee for using his vehicle to block a driveway to stop a fleeing felon was another head hunting expedition by the senior administrator. The fleeing felon was also a shoplifter who was speeding away from police with an infant in the back seat of her car. After a short chase she pulled into a business lot and Jimmie went ahead and stopped by the the exit drive. She then drove into his stopped cruiser. I had just finished advanced traffic crash school and explained to the Senior administrator how I could show that Jimmie did not hit her but she hit the cruiser. I didn’t matter because the facts didn’t matter just that a cruiser was hit during a chase and the cruiser was blocking the driveway. Take a look at that picture and think was Jimmie supposed to let her drive away and continue to drive erratically especially with a child in the car. Does that make sense? OK so now you have a better picture of the senior administration and their lack of thought beyond their comprehension level. 

You can vote for any candidate you choose but please do it based on the honest facts not some smut slingers from the other candidates camp. 

Damion E. Pasternak 
LIeutenant UHPD retired

     Corporal USMC

31 thoughts on “Truthful facts about Jimmie Lee Holden

  1. Damion, did you really write this with a straight face? I worked with you two for 21.5 yrs and we both know the facts. You basically were his only friend. No one could stand him. Stop standing up for him, you live in munson now, would you want you neighbors family and friends to have to deal with him, I know the answer it’s, no because you know what he’s capable of doing. You also know the a previous chief tried to cleanse some of those files so just stop with the BS. Let me guess you are going to write another article to cover the 1999 swat stuff or the 2016 stuff (oh wait Damion you were there). So just tell the truth Damion. You should be sick of this stuff by now

  2. To Retired UHPD: You must be one of the overpaid stiffs working for the Sheriff who never shows up. Or are you one of the people that is allowed to use a county car at OUR expense.

  3. Seriously why are you such a miserable person? To be so nasty and hateful all the time. Your life must just be horrible. That’s really sad

  4. Are you and this site now saying it’s the victims fault and they are lying. That’s the lowest of low. I hope Holden isn’t in charge of this site.

  5. Mary G

    Who are you really? You people are grasping for straws. This website is prof that Holden is extremely arrogant and will never ever accept his past.

  6. So every write up and every suspension and every person coming out against Holden for sexual harassment was made up? I think not. Keep reaching people. Holden you are in panic mode. You thought you had this election. You didn’t. And you certainly don’t now because you have been exposed for who you really are. So let’s use this website for one last ditch effort to try to throw out as much crap as you can and see if it sticks. Holden makes me sick and all those affiliated with him do as well.

  7. Oh, I see. All factual posts about Sheriff Hildenbrand is lies, bullshit, disgusting and wrong, right? But the twisted, distorted, vicious, disgusting comments (without all the facts) you Hildenbrand supporters have been spewing is all good, right? Hildenbrand and most of his supporters have no class judging by their comments.

    What you people are trying to do to Holden reminds me of what the the far left liberals and socialists tried to do to Supreme Court Justice Cavanaugh and President Trump. Distortions, distortions, distortions.

  8. That is your is your opinion and you are entitled to it. I retired in 2011 so I was not there in 2016 nor was I at the SWAT training in 1999 so that is inaccurate. I also do not have any knowledge of any files being cleansed by the Chief of police. If you also recall I stood up for all the members of my shift all the time every time. The only incident that I had to discipline someone officially was when I was threatened with my job and ordered to. You know me for 20 some years then you know what it was like under that regime at the top. Also I was not his only friend it is just that you were not one of his. I will stand by what I have said. Sorry you feel the way you do.

  9. Just keep posting the same thing over and over Ken. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Stop trying to cover what jimmy did up. He was written up and SUSPENDED FOR SEXUAL HARASSMENT. He signed the documents. His personnel file doesn’t lie. You do. Please stop, stop justifying what jimmy did. Your example of the Supreme Court justice doesn’t hold water. Why? Because those were found to be untrue. Jimmy’s were not. He was actually suspended for what he did and again, he signed the paperwork.

  10. Please have someone read my post to you and explain it in small words.
    DO NOT.twist my words about victims……real victims not ones who use the system for their own interest. Miss you must have had something terrible happen to you Miss I am sorry if you were a victim and apologize, because I was referring to those dishonest persons who make up stories just to hurt someone , or get some benefit from their lies.

  11. So just so happened that business owners in the city came forward as well as the dispatchers and officers. Also stated that a detective witnessed it. Damion if I was you and I know you. You should probably stop now. Trust me. You don’t want the truth out. Ps: remember the hiring process and the grading process you had for the females. 🤔

  12. Damion.

    Your article and your justification make me sick. What jimmy did, let’s make that clear, what jimmy DID, is wrong. He was suspended for sexual harassment. Jimmy admitted to this on stage at a candidates night and in a piece that fox 8 I team did. He admitted to it. Is he going to try to say some of these allegations aren’t true? Absolutely. If you are such a great investigator then answer me this. If you watched the piece on fox 8, tell me what indicators did you pick up on? Deceit. He was asked if the allegations were true about touching women. His answer no. His body language told a different story. His reaction was text book deceit. It is clear to me and clear to everyone. Jimmy signed. He signed his suspension letters. If he didn’t do what he was accused of, he should have fought it. The sexual harassment issues are just a few. There are multiple other write ups that tell me he should just not be in law enforcement and never ever have a position of rank ever again.

  13. Damion so you were a cop for 30 yrs or so and you investigated crimes and stuff. Do me a favor watch the fox interview with Holden. When he he’s asked about the allegations and he states that they weren’t non consensual. Tell him if he’s lying based off his answers and the facial expressions. Please

  14. Damion

    How much did jimmy pay you to write this article? Did he promise you a position at the sheriffs department if he won? Well you cover up article is not going to help. Jimmy is wrong for Geauga and should not be a cop.

  15. Please have someone read my post to you and explain it in small words.
    DO NOT.twist my words about victims……real victims not ones who use the system for their own interest. Miss you must have had something terrible happen to you Miss I am sorry if you were a victim and apologize, because I was referring to those dishonest persons who make up stories just to hurt someone , or get some benefit from their lies.

  16. Damion, these were REAL VICTIMS. They had the guts to come forward. For you to state that they are not REAL victims is just sickening. It sounds like you and your former department have zero respect for women. You and jimmy are obviously blinded by the truth. You are an absolute disgrace!!!

  17. Damion you are referring to one dispatcher and one incident in which he was written up. There were multiple women at your office and women in the community that filed complaints against jimmy. So let’s stop trying to cover what he did up. You look silly. Apparently you have no respect for women and do not take them seriously.

  18. Pasternak you really want to stay that I forced you to write someone up. Don’t go there, you and Jimmy probably shouldn’t be prying to open the lid on this can of worms. I did make copies of stuff that you two do not want getting out. So let’s not be bringing this stuff up for the sake of the city. You two are like two little kids who got in trouble and now trying to bring me into it. Stop. I’m warning you

  19. First of all I did not see the interview. You can not base it on that alone. Truthfully there are more parts to interrogations, and interviews to look for. You have to remember that emotions make people react in different ways. Someone may appear to be lying but they aren’t. It may be a hurtful memory for him that he does not want to rehash especially when facts are twisted, untrue and inaccurate.

    I’m not a cop but I know one: You’re right it may give rise to suspicions but based just on looks you will need more ammunition than this to prove someone is lying.

    I know Jimmie as an honest person who will take his medicine if he screwed up. I also know he will sacrifice himself to save others from getting hurt. I know he took blame even though it wasn’t necessary just to eliminate causing hurt for family and friends. I hate public speaking so getting up in front of a crowd is hard. Add in being on camera is also stressful and uncomfortable. Jimmie had a brief rebuttal prepared but there was so much more he could have said to make people understand the truth. However knowing the media what you say may be twisted with cuts to make it look different to the viewing public. Just like showing him storming out of the last town hall meeting. He did not. I was there and he went to go to the restroom just like anyone else would do. If anyone stormed out it was me after questions I submitted were ignored and not presented to the candidates.
    I was given a lame answer from the mediator and it became apparent that the night was slanted toward Hildenbrand and his sharp shooters in the audience.

    Yes I did both interviews and interrogations and yes sometimes I was misled by looks. I did however learn through training and actually doing it for years to look deeper. I did get some confessions from rapists, murderers, and other serious criminals where it meant prison for them.

  20. I’m not going on his reactions alone. I’m also going on what was reported and documented.

  21. Damion

    You said you served 33 years and you retired sometime ago? I find it very hard to believe that a man at your age would be 1. Posting an article on this site. And 2. Go back and forth commenting on other people’s posts. I do not believe you are who you say you are. I believe that either jimmy Lee or someone associated with jimmy Lee are posting these comments.

  22. I saw Damion Pasternak driving in the Holden parade today. Of course he says vote anyway you want but hes out parading around with Jimmy. It was funny they all had to drive separate to make it look like more people.
    Oh really nice Mr. Pasternak calling those women sluts and the supervisors incompetent. That will win over voters.

  23. You’re not the real Damion

    Looks like you hit the nail on the head there. Looks like Damion stopped posting after you called him out. He’s probably the guy running this stupid blog. I got a flyer for this thing in the mail and thought I would check it out to see if it was any good. It’s good for laughs and fake news and that’s about it. These comments going back and forth are pretty entertaining. Looks like whoever runs this thing is hiding and doesn’t want to be exposed. They are doing that so they can say whatever they want about whatever candidate they don’t like or support. Definitely looks like they are deep within the Jimmy lee camp.

  24. Another one twisting things said to suit their purpose.

    Enough said election is Tuesday

  25. I did not say you made me do that I had another immediate supervisor.. Yes your right 33 years and a lot of can of worms. For the sake of the city and some very good police officers and work done there I am not posting any further. You can keep your belittling remarks and threats. What I say is what i know and I stand by it.

  26. Posting at 3:00 am, working a midnight shift at Hunting Valley BJ, I mean Damion?

  27. Oh here’s another post by Damion at 3:00 am. Is this really BJ? Please tell.

  28. Funny I don’t remember BJ ever complaining about the take home car. You didn’t, did you?

  29. Donut eaters wearing junior deputy badges. The powdered sugar is always a give away. Watch out for them. The are tough and have big mouths with nothing to say. And then put their hand on their gun to try to scare people. Yeah, that’s tough. And if you go to report a crime, I guarantee that they will tell you it is a civil matter.

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