Kathy Leavenworth COI

BY: Michael Roote

And like the “conflicts of interest” I have observed with much of the County Leadership, the management of the school district has always puzzled me.  Ms. Kathy Leavenworth has served on the West Geauga School Board a total of 36 years, and as President for 23 years.  Over those years, Ms. Leavenworth has proposed, supported, and advocated for School levies involving Property Tax Assessments and at least once, proposed a School Income Tax.  Simultaneously, and for at least as long, she has served on the board, sometimes as President or Vice President, of the Western Reserve Land Conservancy.  Over those years, the Western Reserve Land Conservancy has removed from the tax rolls or lowered the property values of THOUSANDS of acres of West Geauga School District Properties belonging to some of the wealthiest people in the district.  As a result, the rest of us must make up the difference with higher property taxes.  Amazing to me.  I often wonder who she is thinking of when she votes to put another levy on the ballot; the students, or the people she has helped shield from the Property taxes she proposes? Maybe each of the township trustees can answer that for her as every township in the County has consistantly funded with “dues” the Chagrin River Watershed Partnership which is affiliated with the Land Conservancy.

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  1. Excellent post. Especially for those of us who don’t know about the rabbits these alleged leaders keep pulling out of their hats.

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