Chardon Maple Leaf: Bird Cage Liner

By: Mary K. Berger

Under the tutelage of the ball-less editor, John Karlovec, who refuses to pay his law license dues, we can always focus immediately on the biases of the fish-wrapper he inherited from his father.

Nice try in going after the best candidate for Sheriff: Jimmy Lee Holden. The newspaper had to go back twenty years to find anything interesting on him. (Has anyone reading this done anything they ever wished they hadn’t?)

Holden stood up like a man, admitted past human failures, and accepted his punishment. 

Hildenbrand, the disheveled high school graduate who is currently the sheriff, lied to everyone in the room and said he only got a stipend for spending all his time playing fireman, while he is supposed to be the sheriff. He was paid $75,000 from Hambden Fire Dept. over three years and that is not a stipend. But that’s what his W-2s show. And, by the way, how many fires has he fought in the last five or ten years?

It should be no surprise to anyone that the moderator at the recent Women’s League of Voters, Margaret Pauken, once lived in University Hts. She now lives in Chagrin Falls (also home of Karlovec and Sleaze Ball Prosecutor James Royal Flaiz),  and tried to pull a pathetic “gotcha” imitation of Meghan Kelly on Holden.

During a debate in 2008 when Kelly asked Trump about his past experiences with women, he answered honestly like a real man would. Just like Holden did and he and Trump both made the moderator look foolish.

And another interesting headline on page one of the Maple Leaf rag: “…Panel Condemns Grendell’s Court Administrator.” Is the insinuation that she is going to be put to death? Or is this rag just pushing Matt Rambo who is running against Grendell. You know Rambo. He’s the guy who was a Democrat on Oct. 6, 2019 and magically became a Republican on Oct. 7 so he could run against Grendell.

Why didn’t he run against the inept loser Flaiz who knew for three years that embezzling was going on in the Auditor’s office, was warned twenty-six times by a county employee and still did nothing about it.

Will any of us ever stop laughing about how Flaiz had to drop 333 of 334 indictments against the woman involved in the embezzlement and, even though she got $480,000, she also got probation? He really knows how to play hardball.

34 thoughts on “Chardon Maple Leaf: Bird Cage Liner

  1. In my opinion corrupt birds of a feather flock together. Flaiz has everyone in his control and no one has been able to hold him accountable for his misconduct. Hopefully his day is coming!

  2. Numbers are wrong. Hildendrand got $25,000 a year as chief. Grendells need to go. Funny thing is that the rag of a paper printed just the truth. Judy and Susan did Holden really admitted to everything. Two more are coming forward in the next few days. I’ll give u guys a hint. One is from the Y and the other was a cadet. These incidents happened within the last two years. I toke my Holden sign down and burned it. I went to the sheriffs department for a Hildenbrand one but they didn’t have any. If this site promotes Holden and the grendells. It’s methed up then

  3. Yep, agree that the Grendells need to go. They’re the republican Clintons.

  4. Just saw the ad that D. grendell is running on TV. It’s a fake just like her career. Hall never said he liked Obama. It’s sad when the grendell’s have to lie their ass’s off just to try and hold onto their jobs. Also isn’t it funny the amount of money she is throwing into her ads for an$60,000 job. That alone should tell you something. Anyone get a copy of the Maple Leafs. That’s some good readings on the front page

  5. Uh Oh Holden lee jimmy was just on the channel 8 news. Wow now he says the lady was lying. Sure Jimmy just the minor stuff was reall. Can’t wait til the girl from Cleveland hts and the Y come out. You are such a POS. Just like the Grendells. Will lie about about everything just to try to get elected

  6. Also isn’t it funny the $$millions the Presidents throw into their ads for a $400,000 job. What should that tell us jackass. The fact that you read a trashy, biased paper like the Maple Leaf should tell us something about you. Your comments are stupid.

  7. More from the files. Holden is a good investigator. He can tell if it’s a b cup during a normal pat down. Also can verify the color of the day from 20 ft away.

  8. Oh just saw the piece on Fox 8 about Holden and his sick ways. He came across horrible. Who the hell advised him to do that? Wow just proves this guy didn’t learn at all from the past. Of course some are saying more is coming. He came across so arrogant and even denied touching the womans breasts. Yeah he should never have run knowing what he did. Now his name is ruined. Feel sorry for his kids.

  9. Holden should run as a Democrat if that’s how he is going to act. Arrogance doesn’t work when you have that much going against you. If he didn’t do those things why not fight it? I mean there was also Male witnesses to his behavior. I really understand the women working at the sheriffs office voicing their concerns about him. I even saw husbands not happy about this guy running that place. Majority of women have come across guys like that here and there. They make your skin crawl and you just want to avoid them at all costs. Holden is just a bad apple. Period!

  10. Hey genius Mary if you even had half of a functioning brain you would know fire chiefs and higher up officers don’t go into fires. They run command. It really shows how low IQ you are with all your ignorant statements. Plus supporting Holden proves you are also a low IQ voter.
    Anyone that comes to this site and believes the crap they are saying in these blogs needs to go and educate themselves. You certainly aren’t getting facts from Judy/Susan

  11. I’ve never heard a single rumor that any of Holden’s kids are drug sellers but I have heard that about the Sheriff’s son, Jon, from more than one source. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

  12. No wonder he has not been seen at the ymca for a while. He’s laying low. His physical fitness is taking a hit.

  13. There are rumors Sheriff Hildenbrand’s grandson is a drug dealer!?! That is a major problem!

  14. It’s a major problem because . He doesn’t have a grandson. Certainly not one old enough to sell drugs! Are you seriously starting rumors about Hildenbrand’s family…. That doesn’t yet exist!? WTF

  15. Nope, made a mistake. I meant his SON, Jon. Jon (Jonathan) did get arrested for a DUI in Ashtabula County (Case No. 2017TRC01107) and was found quilty. His fine and court costs were suspended, he got no points on his license but did get five days in jail. He got driving privileges with ignition interlock. He also got probation but that was shortened to eight months.

    Apparently being the sheriff of one county can’t keep your kid completely out of trouble in another county. None of us would have gotten a break.

  16. Hildenbrand got $84,300 in 2019 as sheriff, plus 32% benefits, plus $25,184 as fire chief and his his retire/rehire money. You would think with that much money, someone could clean him up.

  17. Need the grendells out of office. Can someone pull what Timmy has paid John Ralph in illegal mileage reimbursements. $20,000??? I hope FBI does a warrant on that court spendings

  18. That’s a basic sentence for first time OVI, idiot. So, you want to bring kids into it….. Are you sure? Cause I have some dirt on one of Holden’s kids, but they are kids, so the right thing to do is not publish that. You really are grasping at straws and very disgusting to stoop to these levels. Also, reading the case, doesn’t look like his father stepped in for his son at all. Let him take his licks. The right thing to do.
    Feel free to delete this, I’ll add it to the file

  19. His father-in-law told anyone who would listen years ago what a disgusting SOB Hildenbrand was, how he lived like a pig and that their was dog shit all over the inside of their house. From the way he looks, it must still look like that. No wonder he is divorced.

  20. His son-in-law huh. I bet. You see the difference is, all the trash you are trying to out out is backed by nothing but your word, which, by now means nothing. On the contrary, all of the trash your boy Holden pulled, is in writing. But hey, if it makes you feel better….

  21. Well if what you say is true have you contacted his ex? I saw Holdens all over Facebook confirming what is in reports and how he hasn’t changed. Now I would think for someone making such claims you contacted his ex. What did she say?

  22. Neither the worthless father-in-law or the nasty ex-husbrand Hildenbrand came to the aid of his daughter/his ex-wife when she filed bankruptcy in 2016 (Case No. 1611260). They are both a couple of real heroes.

  23. Son-in-law?? Oh my your comments make no sense, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. It’s funny and also sad. Keep flinging your shit hoping it sticks.
    On a side note did you see the latest allegations against Holden? Yikes sexual harassing a 16yo girl and not intervening during a domestic. wow. He sure is someone to hitch your wagons to.

  24. Wow! You really can’t help yourself from grasping for anything to smear this man can you! Like a drowning rat, clinging to piece of vow dung! You sick, demented, fraud of a human, supporting a predator over a life long public servan! How many ex husbands help their ex wives out of a bankruptcy?! Its absurd! Jimmy’s ex’s seem to have a lot to say about him… That’s fine though, try to bash him for this, just remember the Fox 8 story on these two candidates! Down a lot of time with Hold En Touch, so he could explain his long and storied personnel file! Then my favorite part, Sheriff Hildenbrand brand opens his disciplinary file to reveal…..NOTHING! Is it March 18 yet?

  25. Hey Mary why in December did Holden seal up his divorce records?? Must have had some good shit that would confirm what is coming out on him. He had to destroy that fast huh?

  26. Flaiz is butt buddies with Tom Meyer, his neighbor. They have a bromance going, both trying to make each other look good. It’s comical to watch. Notice that Meyer hasn’t said a word about Flaiz knowing for three years that he was aware that there was embezzling going on.

    That one will eventually cost Flaiz his job and let’s see if Meyer comes to his rescue.

  27. It’s laughable to think an ex would do anything or anyone else. Gee did the ex ask anyone for help? Mary you need help. Can’t wait for the 18th or will you freaks scream Russia or is Holden going to act like Hillary Clinton and pretend he won.

  28. Mary come on. The $82,000 is set by the state. Holden is retiring and also will be getting a retirement check. And probably promoting his businesses. Hildenbrand is at least helping his community. Not selling guns on duty. Cowboy enterprise

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