GOP Chairman “Nasty” Nancy McArthur – Fraud/Liar

By: Ken Curtis

The following is a letter submitted by Geauga Republican R.I.N.O. Party Chairman “NASTY” Nancy McArthur. I say R.I.N.O. Party because that’s what “Nasty” Nancy has turned it into by aggressively recruiting Democrats (Matt Rambo, Jim Dvorak) to infiltrate it and run against true conservative Republicans. She is not doing this for the good of the Party but for her own hateful, twisted agenda.

You will notice (below in bold print) she refers to Rambo as a “registered Democrat” and not as qualified to run as Judge, cautioning people not to vote for him or Umholtz.

Presently “Nasty” Nancy has done an about face, recruiting Democrat Rambo into the Republican Party, proping him up to run in the primary against a long time true Republican Judge Tim Grendell. All of a sudden Rambo became very qualified.

You will notice she refers to another recruit of hers, Democrat Jim Dvorak as “our Republican candidate”, “the most qualified and best candidate”. She ran him against another true Republican, Skip Claypool.

Soon you will not see much difference between the two Parties as this keeps happening. More importantly, Geauga will change for the worst, losing the conservatism it is known for.

“Nasty” Nancy has no integrity, is a conniver, manipulator, liar, fraud, sneak, dictatorial. Did I leave anything out?

 Letter to the Editor –Maple Leaf Monday, October 1, 2018

Submitted by Nancy McArthur, 117 Cedar Glen, Chardon, OH 44024, 440-226-1724.

Dear Geauga County Voters, The November 6th election will be one of the most important elections we’ve had in many years. Although our President is not on the ballot, the agenda that the American People voted for in 2016 is at great risk.

Historically, midterm elections have not been in favor of sitting Presidents and I am asking for you to help change that statistic. The past few weeks we have seen what the Democrats have done to a fine Supreme Court nominee whom both former President George W. Bush and President Donald Trump support.

The committee hearings have been a disgrace and also a wakeup call as to what extremes the Democrat Party will go in order to gain political power. Senator Lindsey Graham made that very clear in his remarks during last week’s committee hearings.

Locally, we have some contested three-way races that could help elect Democrats. David Ondrey, our Republican judicial candidate for Common Pleas Court, has two opponents: Matt Rambo is a registered Democrat and ran as one in their 2018 primary; the other candidate is Bob Umholtz, who has lived most of his life in LAKE County and only moved here very recently.

Mr. Umholtz does NOT have the support of our party. I ask that you vote for David Ondrey who has lived and worked in Geauga County most of his life, and he is better qualified than either of the other two candidates.

Mr. Umholtz has friends here since he has worked as the County Public Defender for many years. However, votes for him could split between Ondrey and himself and help to elect Mr. Rambo.

Jim Dvorak is our Republican candidate for County Commissioner. He also has a three way race and, again, splitting those votes may help to elect a Democrat. I ask for you to support Jim Dvorak who is, without a doubt, the most qualified and best candidate to represent us.

At our Executive Committee meeting this past Saturday, Sept. 29th, we endorsed ALL of our Republican candidates and also Sarah Fowler for State Board of Education. In addition, we voted to OPPOSE State Issue 1 and to SUPPORT Issue 6 for the County Health District Renewal Levy.

I ask that you support our GOP candidates by displaying yard signs. If you vote early, come and help us at our office and at the polls on election day.

We are a 100% volunteer organization and cannot be successful without your help! Call us at 440-253-9677 or visit to request signs, volunteer, read about our candidates, and print out a GOP voting slate card.

Thank you! Nancy McArthur, Geauga County Republican Party Chairman

2 thoughts on “GOP Chairman “Nasty” Nancy McArthur – Fraud/Liar

  1. Geeee, I wonder why none of you lunatic extremists from Protect Geauga Parks and the vicious Hildenbrand supporters on this site are not commenting on this post. NOTHING! Yet all other posts on this site are flooded with exaggerated, false, vicious comments and innuendo by you people.

    Maybe it’s because the truth hits you right in the face with NASTY NANCY’S own letter. The silence is deafening.
    She is sooo bad for Geauga and has to be voted out as R.I.N.O. chairman.

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