Sheriff abuses FOJ Funds

By: Mary K. Berger

Every county sheriff receives extra money, additional to their annual budget, that is called the FOJ (Furtherance of Justice) Fund and it is equivalent to half a years salary of the sheriff. 

As it is named, the FOJ Fund is for drug buys, unexpected purchases of vehicles or equipment or training and anything else that advances the furtherance of justice.

In Geauga County in 2017, that amount was almost $31,000. Sheriff Hildenbrand spent $10,474 of that $31,000 in 2017 for Community Relations Material (aka items promoting himself), $7,301 for Dues and $3,925 for Plaques/Framing.

In 2018, with an FOJ budget of $40,603, he spent $10,025 on Community Relations Material, $3,908 for Dues and $3,647 for Investigations. (Shouldn’t the annual $11 million in salaries already pay for those investigations?)

In 2019, with an FOJ budget $37,477, Hildenbrand spent another $14,430 for Community Relations Material, $4,228 for Dues, $2,000 for Leadership Geauga and $508 for Plaques/Framing.

How does $34,929 for promotional items over three years advance our Furtherance of Justice? (Were these the items he passed out at the county fair?)

What kind of dues cost $15,176 for three years?

What kind of plaques/framing cost a total of $4,621over three years?

Hildebrand treats our tax dollars as his own personal piggy bank. And NO ONE challenges any of the ways our tax dollars are spent.        

9 thoughts on “Sheriff abuses FOJ Funds

  1. No one reads this shit anyways. Holden hung himself. He’s a loose cannon with anger issues and does not have a chance so keep posting it make you all look just as bad and idiotic.

  2. Keep regurgitating your old lies. I smell desperation. Holden is done for. Nobody wants a predator to be the sheriff. Deleting the comments over and over just proves you are all in a panic. It’s quite delicious to see. Thank you Susan/Judy!!

  3. Insert eye roll meme here. Getting ready for another slanderous lie? I guess when you support a sexual harasser/predator it’s easy to do. Morals be damned.

    Keep deleting it proves the panic is real

  4. For the Holden campaign that is. Anyone that can support that kind of person is disgusting. No morals or ethics. sexually harassing multiple women with witnesses is horrible. Then add in all the other complaints against him. Yikes.

  5. Hildebrand outright lied about not getting paid by the Hambden fire dept. He gets $25,000 a year and a W-2. That is not a stipend. In fact, his “volunteers” were paid $318,029 on the IRS 990 they filled out and filed in 2019. Look it up.

  6. So what! They get paid a small amount for protecting their township. Hildenbrand never denied getting some money from the chiefs position. it is a small amount for what he does there. It’s a nice incentive to the ems/ firefighter personnel for the amount of time and training they do for the township. Bitch and moan is all you can do. Have you ever stepped up and volunteered your time ? Spent nights away from your family while helping someone in medical need? Spent hours in all weather conditions putting out house fires hoping to save something for the family going thru such a loss? Trying to bring back someone’s loved one and seeing the pain in their families eyes. How about CPR on a baby or young child? Having to look and see the pain in the parents eyes. You think these volunteers don’t deserve something for their time and the mental toll that kind of job puts on them? You are the type of person that would bitch and complain because you have to wait to see a doctor in the emergency room while the staff is busy trying to bring back someone’s loved one. I know your type all too well. Your also the type of person that attends church acts so holy then almost mows everyone down in the parking lot trying to be the first one out.

  7. Sheriff Hildenbrand has worked his way up in the ranks at the police and fire departments. Doing a stellar job, not because of the money. He cares for the people in this county. He didn’t sexually harass anyone or assault them while doing it. You’re all pissed because his record and work ethic out performs Holden in every way! So lie lie lie that’s all you can do. One day you will have to call on these police or fire personnel you bash so feely. I hope you can hold back your evil ways and show some respect to these hard working caring people. I suggest Mary you attend church and get closer to god. Sounds like you need him.

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