6 thoughts on “Judicial Candidate Matt Rambo//Sham-bo

  1. Funny you bring that up! I looked up the Balanced Political Solutions PAC that “paid for” this add… Found nothing….. Like, not a thing….interesting….

  2. I just got a mailer today and it points out his contributions from democrats and it’s clear he’s trying to fool Geauga County voters. He himself makes notes that he’s “Fiscally Conservative” thus is he saying he’s socially liberal? Sounds like code language to me. The fact he’s trying to fool us fits right in with democrats tendency to deceive voters. The last place I want liberals to advance is as judges it’s scary it always is given their tendency to want to eliminate the 1st, 2nd and 5th amendments.

  3. Made some very important phone calls today. Very excited to report that these people are backing Rambo, Hall and Hildenbrand. When they heard what Judy/Susan were doing and what Holden has done they were disgusted. Also informed them how Grendells are a part of this hot mess and it sealed the deal for Rambo. Way to go!!! I see losing in your future.

  4. Grendell and Holden are campaigning together. There’s a post on meanwhile. Please don’t vote for them Geauga can do better!!!

  5. Yes…..Geauga CAN do better by retaining Judge Tim Grendell and electing Jimmy Lee Holden as Sheriff.

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