Keep Conservative And Experienced: Judge Tim Grendell

By: Common Sense Geauga

Juvenile Court is about the kids and families in need. If you’ve been paying attention over the last 8+ years you know Tim Grendell is a fair judge who works to help these families as much as he can. He has created great programs and, with a couple of glaring exceptions, has a strong staff that works hard to help the families in crisis.

Experience does matter in Juvenile Court, where the lives and futures of kids and families can be heavily impacted by the decisions of the court. Matt is a nice guy, but he has ZERO experience with juvenile justice. He has never prosecuted a juvenile case. He has never defended a juvenile case.

The only issue you hear about in Probate Court is the parks and that is mostly the PGP folks who think people should not use the parks. The think parks should be conservation land. My family uses the parks all the time and we think they are great!

As for Matt’s supporters, they fall into four `small groups of very vocal supporters. Those groups include protect the parks people (led by a self avowed socialist/atheist); disgruntled ex-employees, the uninformed; and a small group of other county politicians.

Do you think Matt won’t play politics? His wife already sits on one of the Russell Park Boards. Do you think he won’t appoint an executive director of Geauga Parks that appeases the protect the parks crowd? The same people that have publicly said what is wrong with our parks is all the people in them. Do you think that those who are helping now won’t ask for favors later? Of course they will.

Keep the real, experienced conservative and vote for Judge Tim Grendell.

22 thoughts on “Keep Conservative And Experienced: Judge Tim Grendell

  1. On Oct. 6, 2019, Matthew Rambo was a Democrat. On Oct. 7, 2019 he registered as a Republican so he could run in the primary against Judge Grendell. How’s that for honesty? Rambo has never practiced law in either Juvenile or Probate Court but now thinks he could be the judge? Delusional Democrat thinking.

    Why didn’t he run against Prosecutor James Flaiz? Now there is a change we really need.

  2. Support Constitution says:
    You are preaching to the choir. Wish we could vote no on Flaiz!

  3. Grendell had no experience when Columbus got him the job after the people in geauga didn’t want him in there. How much money has he wasted with his stupid antics. He hired a constable who is making $80,000. Just so happens he was his campaign manager. It’s time for change. They need to go. I’m sure we the tax payers paid for those stupid jackets they wear.

  4. Thank you for replying to my post. I understand that you think experience does not matter. I think it does.

    I can’t comment on all the unnamed antics, but I can speak to your comments about the constable. The salary I see on the Office of Ohio Treasurer’s website is less than $63,000. That seems like a reasonable sum for someone with years of experience in that line of work. I wonder if the CASA’s, social workers and other court personnel think that is too much to pay when he helps keep them safe while dealing with unpredictable clients in unsafe, but necessary situations? It seems reasonable to me.

    I can’t comment on spending money on jackets, but it seems like having mediation and other intervention programs saves us all money in the long run.

  5. REPLY TO: Chester Twp resident

    You say Grendell had no experience…..wrong. He is probably the most experienced and hardest working person we have in Geauga politics. You also say the people in Geauga didn’t want him in…..wrong again and ignorant. Tim Grendell is one of the very few who keeps getting elected, no matter what position he runs for, without the support of the Republican Party, because people know he is dedicated and works for them, not the Party. Your statement, “people in geauga didn’t want him” is a lie. You must mean the “protect Geauga parks” people…..a small, violent, unruly, extremist wing nut group. You must be one of them. As far as the Constable is concerned; he goes into dangerous situations and neighborhoods doing the business of the Court. Ask any police officer….family disturbances are one of the most dangerous. Tim Grendell is the best Juvenile/Probate Judge we have had in a very long time.

  6. What experience does Constable Ralph bring to the table? I was not aware he was a police officer or security expert. Seriously want to know.

  7. I meant that salary seems reasonable for the years of experience and training he now has in the constable position.

  8. He didn’t have experience when he was given the job. Which the gop didn’t recommend him. The constable is not a cop he went to a class that’s it. Look at the gun he carries. It can pierce the real cops vest. Imagine getting in a shoot out with that fool as your back up. I think law enforcement should complain about that. But back to your comment career politician we don’t need those in geauga. He’s only been elected once as judge. The two just bounce around from public office to other public offices. Can’t believe you people don’t see that. But once these two get out of politics. The Lynch’s will take their spots. Which is also so sad.

  9. He campaigns for the grendell. That’s the most dangerous shit he does. $80,000 is what other cops make. This site is messed up. Didn’t you guy put an article about the sheriffs department making 90,000’s. They and the other cops in the county handle way more serious and dangerous shit then him. And again he’s not a cop. He took a couple of classes. Also is there a constable in lake county or cuyahoga. Nope this was made just for the campaign manager

  10. It seems like you have your mind made up and are not interested in other opinions. That is your right. Just as it is my right to disagree with you.

    A couple of you seem quite angry and fixated on a very small part of the court. I’m sorry that you have to live with such anger.

    Tim Grendell gives much of himself to the residents of this county. He’s not perfect, but he is by far the better candidate in this election.

  11. I have no idea who established this site, but as a registered Republican,
    I seem to be opposed to everything you are saying is wrong with the
    current candidates. Grendel took a cheap shot at Rambo, and was
    admonished by the State. Flaiz was not guilty of anything, nor was
    Joyce or Hitchcock. Chief Hildenbrand has done an exemplary job as
    Sheriff and has had many positive reviews. What school deception?
    Do our kids not deserve a modern up-to-date learning environment?

  12. It is documented by a former employee for the Commissioners that Flaiz was warned twenty-six times over a three year period that there were discrepancies and money missing from the Auditor’s office. There is more than $2.4 million missing. Auditor Gliha admitted to signing illegal invoices and was charged with misdemeanors. The Sheriff does not run the department. He rarely shows up for anything but dinners. His henchmen are spending our money. You are no Republican or, if so, not a very smart one. Rambo magically turned into a Republican on Oct. 7, 2019; the same day he unregistered as a Democrat. He deserves all the cheap shots he gets.

  13. Are you serious?! “Henchmen” do you even know what the definition of henchmen is? Let me provide it to you “faithful follower or political supporter, especially one prepared to engage in crime or dishonest practices by way of service” so now you’re accusing the employees or anyone that supports the current sheriff of preparing to engage in crime? Being dishonest? You have some serious issues! Show me where money was inappropriately spent at the sheriff’s office. Show me where his “henchmen” have committed crimes or have been dishonest, please show me. I am a registered republican and I find these allegations you make reprehensible! Maybe look at your candidate a little closer, do your homework and see who is the dishonest and quite frankly inappropriate one! By the way have you ever requested to see when the sheriff is in the office or attending meetings, etc…or even stopped at the office to meet him? Look that up or show up before you continue you continue to spread your blatant lies!

  14. Also, do you think maybe the “former employee” has an axe to grind?!

  15. Mary G. You are a nasty, vile, person. The venom you spit reminds me of the language of a poorly raised teen! And like that teen, certainly no one who’s opinion of anything of importance should be entertained for a second. You can only lob poorly constructed insults regarding Sheriff Hildenbrand’s weight or baseless claims that he is never in his office. For the millionth time, provide evidence he “rarely shows up for anything but dinners”. You can’t, so like the spoiled child you are, you spew all this bile with zero facts.

    What “henchmen” are spending money? Again, evidence please.

    The fact that you continue to inform people of how unintelligent they are, not only speaks to your poor upbringing, but tells everyone that you are the true dunce.

    You must have a truly miserable life. I do wonder, however, if you would say any of the trash you post to the man’s face. Or to any of the others you attack. I’m betting no. You are a coward, as evidenced by your behavior.

    I will not debate with you further. I will follow the advice my father gave me as a young man…”Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!” I have no doubt I would be heavily out matched by you, dear.

  16. Mary g is Judy I- love hyphens -Spotts. Claims to want to rid the county of corruption but climbs right in bed with it. Slanders and lies everyone running against her favorite men Holden and Grendell. You Judy are covering for a guy who has admitted to sexual harassment against women? So brave and strong you are. Disgusting is more like it.

  17. I’m actually not buying it was the real Mary G. I would really like to hear a fair and honest argument to your response. Please send it.

  18. Drain the swamp of geauga. Get rid of the Grendells. They both need to retire together.

  19. REPLY TO: Adios

    FYI. The Grendells are not part of the swamp, everyone knows that. But you are! I’m sure you are one of those wack jobs from “Protect Geauga Parks”.

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