Democrat Defection: Rambo = RINO

By: James R. MacNeal (Reprinted from Dec. 21, 2019)

We have a Democrat defection: Matthew Rambo.

On Oct. 7, Rambo cancelled his (Democrat) voter registration, immediately re-registered and filed for a run at the juvenile/probate court as a Republican, challenging sitting Republican Judge Timothy Grendell.

The tactic of infiltrating the Republican Party and infecting it with Democrat philosophies is reprehensible. Hopefully there’s no welcome mat placed by the leadership of the Republican Party again, as when now RINO Jim Dvorak jumped ship and challenged Commissioner Skip Claypool in the 2018 primary.

One would think Republican leadership would be wise to this transparent scheme, but that assumes they oppose such behavior. I don’t know what they think, but they should be aware that the eyes of all Republicans are directly upon them as again, one of our incumbents comes under infiltrator attack.

(Nancy McArthur is in charge of the Republican central committee; what more do you need to know? She pushed Dvorak into office, too. Time to get her out. She works at the Board of Elections. Make sure she doesn’t count the votes.)

They better not pave the way for Rambo the way they did for Dvorak, who frequently abstains from votes. I suppose this is because he lacks experience to pass an intelligent judgement on some of these really difficult matters that come before him, other than voting against Claypool for mental health board. There was a huge mistake given Claypool’s investigative bulldog performance at the recent commissioner-board meeting. We know that was an easy vote for Mr. Abstainer.

Rambo is high on experience as a reason why a judicial candidate should be elected. Odd thing though, he has no experience in or before a juvenile or probate court. This contrasts with Judge Grendell’s record of excellence throughout his entire career: President, OH Association of Juvenile Court Judges; VP OH Association of Probate Judges; elected to National College of Probate Judges Board. No other Geauga judge has achieved such recognition of excellence.

Attorney Rambo and Republican leaders, all eyes are upon you now. Let’s see how both sets of experience play out as events unfold.

VOTE “NO” FOR RAMBO THE RINO (Republican in Name Only)

34 thoughts on “Democrat Defection: Rambo = RINO

  1. Rambo is way better than grendell. I’m sure he’s not going to waste tax dollars on mailings that are more political than what they are at face value. I’m sure Rambo will remove the kangaroo from the second floor. Vote Rambo on the 17th. The grendell need to retire.

  2. We don’t need anymore devious Democrats involved in running our county. And Rambo is a Democrat. Put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig. Change your party from Democrat to Republican and you are still a pig.

  3. Come on Margie just google the articles about Grendell. Look what he just had his girl do and got shut down by the Supreme Court. That should tell you something. Time for a new judge. This site has an arrival about how Dave Joyce got his position. Do one on how Grendell got to be judge and how his wife got hers. After committee members didn’t vote for either one, however they had pull in Columbus. Now that’s corruption at its finest. This site needs to expose all corruption don’t just pick and choose based on your friends. These pigs have lipstick on them

  4. I agree that all sides need to be heard — good, bad and indifferent.

  5. Juvenile Court is about the kids and families in need. If you’ve been paying attention over the last 8+ years you know Tim Grendell is a fair judge who works to help these families as much as he can. He has created great programs and, with a couple of glaring exceptions, has a strong staff that works hard to help the families in crisis.

    Experience does matter in Juvenile Court, where the lives and futures of kids and families can be heavily impacted by the decisions of the court. Matt is a nice guy, but he has ZERO experience with juvenile justice. He has never prosecuted a juvenile case. He has never defended a juvenile case.

    The only issue you hear about in Probate Court is the parks and that is mostly the PGP folks who think people should not use the parks. The think parks should be conservation land. My family uses the parks all the time and we think they are great!

    As for Matt’s supporters, they fall into four
    small groups of very vocal supporters. Those groups include protect the parks people (led by a self avowed socialist/atheist); disgruntled ex-employees, the uninformed; and a small group of other county politicians.

    Do you think Matt won’t play politics? His wife already sits on one of the Russell Park Boards. Do you think he won’t appoint an executive director of Geauga Parks that appeases the protect the parks crowd? The same people that have publicly said what is wrong with our parks is all the people in them. Do you think that those who are helping now won’t ask for favors later? Of course they will.

    Keep the real, experienced conservative and vote for Judge Tim Grendell.

  6. If he was a real man, why didn’t he run as a Democrat instead of changing parties like he just did?

  7. You think he had experience when the people in Columbus pushed him in. Come on. He’s an attorney and has a family. I’m sure he will make good decisions. The experience thing is over rated. Just like his wife. These two have been in public office all their lives. It’s time for change and fresh blood in there. Just think about it for a minute. How does one get some much pull to have people over rule the local GOP nominees to appoint them. What have they done to get that. We don’t need career politicians we need common sense and people that had to work in the private sector which both people running against them have.

  8. Thank you to responding to one small aspect of my post. Is it reasonable to assume you simply disregarded the rest of my post? If so, that is your choice, but it weakens your argument.

    I’m certain from our brief exchange that I will not change your position and you will not change mine. I am glad that we are both able to participate in this freedom of debate we enjoy as American citizens. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. REPLY TO: Duh

    No they don’t. You make it sound like a regular occurrence. If it happened years ago because someone had a change of morals and philosophy that’s one thing, but when it happens, especially in Republican dominant Geauga, shortly before an election it smells of deceit and phoniness. Rambo is a Democrat running as a phony Republican.

    Your blog name “Duh” smacks of your intelligence.

  10. REPLY TO: Common sense

    It doesn’t sound like you have much common sense. Since when is “the experience thing is over rated”. So experience doesn’t matter much? How foolish you are. Rambo has NO experience in Juvenile or Probate Court. NO experience. Plus he is a phony, a R.I.N.O. (republican in name only).

    We need to keep people who work hard for the citizens and are not part of the swamp. That’s Tim and Diane Grendell.

  11. REPLY TO: Time to move on!!

    You’re entitled to your opinion, with no facts, and that’s all it is.

  12. What a sad state of affairs when it seems that every candidate for office has skeletons in the closet and baggage of great proportion.

    Thus we are faced with the age old conundrum of choosing the lesser among evils.

    With that said, we must choose the most currently competent, capable and repentant candidates. Someone much wiser than I said ” let him who is without sin cast the 1st stone.” It sure appears that there are a lot of ” sinless” folks out there.

    The point is that SOMEONE is going to win any given election so let’s just pick the person that will do the best job and who has the longest time since their last “sins.”

    With that said here are the most logical picks:
    Grendell 1& 2
    Rambo is involved in the most current and ongoing sin along with the Great Ringleader of RINOs Nancy McArthur. The Chameleon Plot is now in its 2nd edition ( Rambo) with the ultimate mistake chameleon #1 Dvorak hard at work in his Dem Party orchestrated plans for the flipping of Geauga to the Dems.
    Galicki is Nancy’s darling and really…yes REALLY believes the Communist NOACA is a good thing ( see Agenda 21 for Dummies and ” Vibrant NEO”). Imagine with horror the joint work of Galicki and Dvorak as Commissioners! Yikes!!
    The ” reach out and touch someone” has dual meaning which shooters immediately understand. If the guy did anything it is in the past and he has moved on from that. If he didn’t his wife would literally and actually shoot him. Guaranteed good behavior period!
    Holden will not wimp in the drug war which we are losing because of Hildy timidity in going after the dealers. Hildy is involved in the most current “sin” of not aggressively attacking dealers and camouflaging the increase in drugs by citing death decreases. Good news on deaths BUT that is because EMS and Police have more NARCAN, better training in its use and Sheriff now offers amnesty to druggies who call 911 when their buddy’s OD- quicker response = quicker NARCAN = less death. As important, drug of choice has morphed from opiates to meth and cocaine which kill you more slowly over time. Watch this bear out with increased domestic and other violence as well as increased theft and burglary.
    So ” reach out and touch someone” now translates to Holden “pinching” the right asses while Chief Donut sits on his.

    Nothing in her past or present. Opponent is clone of Gingerich who publicly stated that Gingerich is a place holder to ensure that a woman keeps the Recorder job. As an apparently inherently evil white man I object to sexism in any manifestation. Quay used ORC to shatter amateurish attack on Quay’s plan to modernize the Recorder office. Victory in debate goes to Quay.

    At the end of the day SOMEONE will win the election and THEN THE JOB HAS TO BE DONE! The only candidates from which to choose are those we have now.
    Choose Those who will do the best
    job and who won’t be looking at jail time for their “sins.”

  13. Your a moron. The sheriff offers no amnesty to anyone. That was a law change made at the State level, and supported by Grendell 1&2. But, I do not doubt that Jimmy Hold n’ touch is the most qualified “ass pincher”. Do some research Princess

  14. Yes, the sheriff can offer amnesty to anyone. It’s called “don’t charge a crime.” He and his butt buddy Flaiz play that game all the time.

  15. Ok, semantics. You are correct, usually that’s called discretion, but yes, any law enforcement officer can choose to charge or not within the confines of the Law. However, specific to people not being charged for calling in for an overdose, that is a state law. There are limitations (must seek drug counseling and you get 2 “freebies”, etc). The sheriff, or any other law enforcement officer, has no say in the matter.

  16. To Braveheart: Awesome points and very well said! Thank you for the insight and guidance. I will follow. I trust Jimmy Lee Holden completely and he has my support no matter what.

  17. When did K. Quay state that the recorder’s position was a placeholder to ensure a woman keeps the recorder job? She’s a woman herself so that argument would kinda backfire.

  18. It is at the least foolhardy and at the worst ignorant and ridiculous to support any candidate or issue “no matter what”. If that’s truly the case, then you are looking for change for the sake of change, no real conviction, or concern for the future.

  19. REPLY TO: For real

    You didn’t tell us what he “had his girl do”.

    Republican Chairman “Nasty Nancy McArthur” hates the Grendells and made sure they didn’t get the vote. The corruption is “Nasty Nancy McArthur”. The State doesn’t think much of the Geauga Republican Party, they think it’s a joke. “Nasty Nancy McArthur” has turned it into a joke. Tim and Diane Grendell might not be good for “Nasty Nancy McArthur”, but they are good for Geauga.

  20. Lynch is just as bad as the grendell 1&2. They asked Mullins to step down and she could still have a job since Lynch’s received a $10,000 donation.

  21. Gingerich was the one who said at a Central Committee candidate meeting that she (Gingerich) was a placeholder to ensure that a woman gets the job. That is just plain wrong and an insight into where her values lie: deep in a lie!

    It does not matter whether a State law or Sheriff discretion provides immunity to dopers that call in buddy OD, the net effect is beneficial in getting EMS or Police and NARCAN to an OD doper. Drug deaths are down in part due to this and that is good. But it is NOT the result of aggressive law enforcement that has “drug dealers scared to come to Geauga.” That is a Sheriff pipe dream and is dangerous to believe. Dealers are here otherwise there would be no drugs. Sure some dopers buy in other counties but bet your butt… they ARE HERE TOO!
    Another cause for drug death decline is that the drug of choice has morphed into meth and cocaine which while deadly too, take a lot longer period of use time to kill. At some point we’ll see another steep increase.
    Holden is needed to go after the dealers which the incumbent can’t or won’t do. But he is a very good Fire Chief and should do that full time.

  22. It absolutely matters that it is a state law that provides immunity when you claim it is simply the sheriff being lazy. It’s amazing when the facts are pointed out, you and your ilk simply say “It doesn’t matter! Those facts are getting in the way of my ability to trash (enter political candidate you don’t like)! Where are all these dealers at? You seem to know them all, turn them in!

    It doesn’t bother me that you support a new candidate for sheriff (or any other office), but when your support is expressed through lies and half truths, when you attack the hard work of many dedicated public servants (not the elected officials), when you ignore the failings of your chosen candidate, and talk about things you do not understand at all, it makes me sick! If you believe that the Sheriff, himself is, or should, be out on the street, busting dealers, getting in pursuits, or doing any of those line level things, you are simply demonstrating how little you know of law enforcement! As a Lieutenant, if you believe Jimmy Lee was doing any of those things, your out of your mind. The leaders are there to put the right people in place, then guide there actions, review the results, and make adjustments as needed. Holden, or anyone else elected sheriff, will not and should not be out, on the street, doing the day to day work. If they are, it is evidence of their failed leadership. They should be leading, directing. Conducting the orchestra, not playing the flute.

    I have had the opportunity to work with the narcotics detectives from the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office on multiple occasions. They are second to none. If you had the chance to actually see the work.they do, you would agree. Are there active dealers in Geauga County, probably, most likely. Do they operate freely, with impunity? Absolutely not, they are constantly being arrested, investigated and prosecuted. It’s really simple, look up the cases. Most all of the drugs you mention (heroin, meth, cocaine) are purchased out of the county, in places like Cleveland, Euclid, University Heights, by the users and brought back to use. Why?

    The uniformed patrol deouties of Geauga are almost universally respected for professionalism and willingness to help. That’s the reason so many of our departments are losing great cops to go work their.

    Again, support whomever you like for any of the open offices. Please post facts and opinions on the candidate. That is your right. But when you bash the hardworking men and women who work under that individual, most of whom have no political ambitions and want only to do good work, all you arguments begin to lose credibility and you appear to be grasping at straw. It also shows that you don’t know what a good you have….

  23. Outside LEO looking in: First I want to thank you for your service in law enforcement. I do take issue with a couple of your points. A good leader is willing to show by example. Some of the best of my military brothers were out front leading the charge. The current sheriff spends over 70% of his time at the Hamden fire department. Not my number, this is from his own deputies. Not being there to lead sets a poor example. We had the same problem with Todd, a full time teacher at Lakeland and a part time sheriff. I have noticed a drop in moral in our fantastic Geauga County deputies and I am concerned about that. I want a FULL TIME sheriff and a Leader. I believe Mr. Holden will be that person. I also feel image is important. The current sheriff presents a poor image. He is out of shape and dishevelled. That does little to inspire the public or our deputies. Again Lieutenant, thank you for your service and be safe. If I ever run across you and the opportunity arises you new help, I have your 6.

  24. The reason the hard working men and women are being bashed is because they know what is going on and don’t say anything or do anything to change it. The Punisher is absolutely correct. Most of Hildenbrand’s time is spent at Hambden and it is exactly what Todd did when he was teaching. Being Sheriff also involves part-time public relations, getting out and interacting with the community. Hildenbrand has nothing to do with that. Half the people in the county don’t even know his name.

    Thank you for your honesty.

  25. Time to move on!! Lol, You obviously are part of the far left group move Shambo is a far left progressive ideologue. This is the last thing we need in our Geauga County Court system. We already have one Chicago style “Turn em Loose Bruce” judge in office. We do not need another one. If I were to place a bet I would wager you are a member of the sham group Protect Geauga Parks, formed solely for the purpose of attacking Judge Grendell. If Shambo had any integrity he would have run as the leftist he is against Judge Grendell in the fall. But he has none.

  26. For real: You are obviously part of the RINO group. Queen Nancy Pelosi, the fake leader of the Geauga GOP, tried to jam her hand picked RINO in without the approval of the majority of the Central Committee. RINO little Eddie Rider tried the same thing with the Probate Judge opening, foisting his unqualified candidate on the committee. He lost overwhelming and his fake news wife wife could not put enough spin on his bull to make it fly. Some of us were around when the Geauga GOP had true conservative leadership with integrity. That has been lacking since Lou Mucci retired as chairman. Stay on your own side of the fence. We don’t need any more RINOS.

  27. I certainly appreciate your kind words, and understand where you are coming from in regards to leadership. In my OPINION, as that’s all it is, I somewhat disagree. My experience is that the leadership you describe is what’s needed in a sergeant or lieutenant (point of clarification, I am NOT a Lieutenant, not sure if auto correct struck your post or what). I look at a sheriff/chief/captain as more inline with a general in the military (and thank you for your service to this great nation!). And not out front, leading the charge so to speak. I understand the two have different roles, but it a comparison that makes sense to me.

    As to moral, I can only tell you what I see, working at least monthly with some of GCSO’s finest… They all seem really happy, supported, and free to do good work by the current Sheriff and his administration. Again, not trying to debate, just telling you my experience. Either way, I want the best for this county (I am a resident) and the men and women who protect it. The Deputies I know (all Sgt or below) support the current admin. For that reason, so will I.

  28. Margie, couldn’t you tell adults were talking? Please don’t jump in like you have even the slightest clue about what 2 LE professionals are talking about. And talking very respectful and polite to one another I might add. Well, as to name recognition, I’m sure tons of folks now know Jimmy’s name, and his true colors “NO PREDATORS FOR SHERIFF!!”

  29. LEO to say I criticized anyone but the Sheriff is an incorrect leap. The Deputies are stellar performers. I do like the Sheriff and despite his displaced paid Sheriff time spent being a fireman (a noble pursuit as I was also a FD Captain) he has done good work in many areas including drug enforcement.
    However he appears incapable of getting the ball over the finish line in truly significantly impacting drug use in Geauga. NARCAN and better trained EMS and Police use thereof have produced lower deaths -not driving out dealers.
    Holden has the drive, experience, intelligence and aggressive planning advantage in this contest. If drugs were not an issue, and an increasingly serious issue, we would not be having this conversation; we would be living the Happy Valley life of Sheriff Andy Griffith in Mayberry dealing with Otis as our substance abuse poster child. Though I stated that as a goal, it ain’t gonna happen without an all out assault on dealers and that takes coordinated cross agency hard and dangerous work. You know…as in TASK FORCE.
    Hildy is just not cut from that stone. And again I say that he is a good guy and I like and respect him. But you can’t expect a good outcome when sending a Dalmatian to do the work of a Rottweiler. Not gonna happen.
    I also express gratitude for your LE work. Thank you!
    I did see a fabricated hit piece on another site and referred to here that is reprehensible at best and libelous at worst. I was at the LEAGUE Candidate night last night and saw Holden speak. He did an admirable job under challenging circumstances. The evidence presented from his records is easily misused to detract but it takes a bit of work which lazy detractors are not willing to do in order to see through the haze. I am a bit surprised that you have not commented on that facet but I know you back Hildy which is fine. However please be fair to all as you have a reputation for being.
    The coward that wrote the hit piece absolutely lied and staged the photo themselves. No signs were held up, no comments made, Holden did not stomp off stage ( that was “Thumper” Rambo coming on stage working off nervous energy in a VERY VAIN attempt to intimidate Judge Grendell) and Holden was there after I sincerely congratulated Hildy for a nice job …and Holden stayed almost until they turned out the lights interacting very professionally with many people.
    The person that slimed in that hit piece is a coward, liar and idiot all rolled into one. And anyone that attended knows that.
    LEO yes I know where and how the drugs get in here. So should anyone that is looking for such behavior and clues. Hint: MIDDLEFIELD WALMART East side buggy parking lot Friday and Saturday after 10 pm. Go get ’em! Were I commissioned I’d love to back you up.
    It should never be about politics or personality but rather the best person to get the job done the right way and with the best results. To me that is Holden.
    Still respect you LEO but we differ on this one!

  30. Then why not run as who they are Democrats. You say new blood, new real Republican blood maybe, but not a man who is a Democrat. It’s simple he knows he can’t get elected with a (D) next to his name. So he changes it to (R) and carefully saying he’s fiscally conservative trying not to alienate Democrats completely. The goal is simple, gain a few ignorant Republican voters along with Democrats and win election. How much of his position as judge involves finance? 10% tops.

  31. Nobody is forcing you voters to live in Geauga County don’t like Republicanism leave. Democrats like you who use to live in Cuyahoga County and left to come to Geauga because you got sick of taxes and crime and plummeting home values always make the same mistake you taking your voting tendencies with you. All you’ll create is the next crap hole next to Cleveland

  32. Law enforcement officers charge no one only prosecutors do. Law officers also don’t decide to enforce or not enforce laws as Obama did with immigration law.

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