Dave Joyce: Hypocrite du Jour

By: Hates Phonies

David Joyce, who squirmed his way into office as a Republican congressional candidate in 2012, is still the worm he was then. The republican party planned to use Joyce as their candidate when he met with then dying Steve LaTourette and other slime balls at the fancy house in Gates Mills of a well-known and equally crooked Democrat.

Karma caught up with LaTourette, in his 18th year in congress, in the form of pancreatic cancer. He originally ran on a platform in 1994 that, if he won and was re-elected, he would only stay in D.C. for ten years. 

He was quickly sucked into the swamp, eventually divorced his wife and married his chief of staff, Jennifer Laptook, who was about twenty years younger than the bloated congressman. He planned to leave congress and start a lobbying subsidiary for the McDonald Hopkins law firm with his new wife.

The plot was that LaTourette would announce his retirement soon after the time period when the Geauga county voters could pick their candidate. And that’s the way it worked. 

So no one had a choice whether or not we wanted to be stuck with David Joyce when the party committee chose him. Since Geauga is a Republican county, and with the sympathy vote for LaTourette, Joyce was elected and we have been stuck with him ever since.

He recently showed up to take credit for the Geauga County drug court run by Judge Caroline Paschke, who said that if a participant in the program stays clean for a week: “I usually give them a candy bar.” She really said that, according to the Chardon Maple Leaf.

Additionally: “Joyce said as a prosecutor, he was on the front end of the opioid crisis as heroin and fentanyl use was starting to increase.”


Just last year Joyce introduced a bill to let states regulate the use of marijuana. (Cleveland.com Apr. 4, 2019 – Sabrina Eaton)

WASHINGTON, D.C. Leaders of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus including Bainbridge Township GOP Rep. Dave Joyce on Thursday introduced legislation that would keep the federal government from interfering with states like OH that have legalized some form of a marijuana use. 

“I think it is time we get the federal government out of states’ businesses,” said Joyce. Sounds like he is auditioning to become a lobbyist for the marijuana industry.

No swamp is too deep or devious for him.

And why did “Just Dave,” pretending to be conservative, co-sponsor the dangerous Sexual Orientation / Gender Identity Bill, deceptively named the “Fairness for All Act.”

Continuing in his effort to be anything but a slime ball comes the following included in the “Fairness” act:
* Allow boys to use girls’ locker rooms, if they identify as girls
* Homeless shelters letting men “bathe and bunk” with women
* Allow the government to remove children from families if they don’t consent to gender change of a child who thinks they aren’t what what their DNA says they are
* Force doctors to perform gender surgery without regard to medical ethics.


6 thoughts on “Dave Joyce: Hypocrite du Jour

  1. You all know that I’m a stupid and shouldn’t have typed this. I can’t undo it know. Just letting you all know please vote grendell for judge and state rep. Thank you

  2. You hates phonies. I think you are going to hell for this post. Low life.

  3. LaTourette was a rotten human being and a coward who called his wife on the phone to tell her he wanted a divorce. Karma dealt with him fairly.

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