Introduction To Jimmy Lee Holden – Geauga Sheriff Candidate

BY: I’m For Holden

This man is highly trained and qualified. The Geauga Sheriff’s department needs a lot of improvement and a Full Time Sheriff. He’s got my vote!

102 thoughts on “Introduction To Jimmy Lee Holden – Geauga Sheriff Candidate

  1. You need to come up with some new material. You keep writing the same bullshit.

  2. Dear Uh oh!! This is a hit below the belt and below you to level as an anonymous contributor. If you have the evidence, then come forward. Otherwise, be sure that God will have you account for your false testimony. Should you be agnostic, then look up Pascal’s Wager and drink a glass of cold water. I have faced death so many times I lost count, but my courage has limits.

    I have met the man with his wife by his side. I seriously doubt the allegations of sexual harassment. Its a cheap shot, only belittling you and my advice is to refrain now.

    For the record, I met Holden twice and his wife once. I don’t owe him anything and I do not want anything from him, now, or if elected. My personal contacts include people from both sides of the aisle and are much more important than Holden, indeed right to the top of the food chain. Should you doubt me, ask Flaiz who has a copy of my contact list!!

    As women are MUCH smarter than men, should Holden be involved in any sexual harassment, his wife would know, and I would have detected strife between them.

    Cut him some slack.

  3. REPLY TO: Uh oh!!

    You are the same people spreading the same bullshit and have no idea what you are talking about. You don’t have all the facts and are wrong in what you are implying.

  4. The current sheriff also gave his four-minute speech, and there will be another candidates forum on March 9 at Kenston High School. (I think the current sheriff is tired and just not really into it anymore.)

  5. REPLY TO: Untouchable

    And how do you know this? If there had been so many women for so many years why haven’t “all” of these women come forth? You are the same people spreading the same bullshit innuendos and have no idea what you are talking about. You don’t have all the facts and are wrong in what you are implying. Come up with facts, court cases etc. All you do is imply things. You are disgusting!

  6. What is it with you people on this site? All of you are hiding, except a person called Susan D.
    We Americans are supposed to be the most giving and compassionate of all humanity, and yet I simply don’t believe it anymore. What happened to us? You guys, all of you, you need to take a chill pill and stop the aggression. We are in this together, one nation under God.

  7. REPLY TO: Before I Vote

    Go look it up. No where near what Holden’s are.

  8. You were able to discern wehther Jimmy has mistreated women by “seeing” him together with his wife….once!?!? But couldn’t figure out you hired a “fake” lawyer after spending many hours with him? Your powers of ESP are suspect Pince!

  9. You are so right Cosmo! Only pro Holden folks can say whatever they want with no proof! Geese, these people and their bullshit!

  10. Hey, maybe the current Sheriff will come up with some silly, fake awards and bring in some nut job who stopped being relevant in the early 90’s to prop him up! I don’t think that will be necessary…. Most people can see he is the only real choice for those not bound for the mental institute….
    And in the meantime, maybe Jimmy can come up with more than “uhhh….. training, and more jail fees”. Though with a whopping 1500 hrs of training (which is a joke), I’m sure he can figure it out

  11. Absolutely Margie! Definitely don’t want the truth getting out! That would be bad!

  12. Maybe he is tired of having his name and legacy drug through the mud by people who are nothing more than crying children who can’t get their way!

  13. Chardon High School and some classes at Auburn. Wow. I hope he never has to chase anyone. He’s so overweight he’ll have a heart attack. He can’t even carry a gun because he doesn’t take the range time or the tests.

  14. I’m sure Jimmy boy was out chasing suspects on foot from his Lieutenants office! Well, as long as there were no females around the office to harass….
    Glad you have an opinion on topics you know nothing about!

  15. That is a flat out lie! He is required by law to qualify annually. All sworn peace officers in the state are. If he failed to qualify, he would not be allowed to hold the office, as he would no longer be a commissioned peace officer. You are talking out your ass and lying. You have directly violated the new rules of this site… Lets see if you ban yourself. Its obvious you’re site admin as you added the reference to range training well after the initial post. Tell me I’m wrong, screenshots don’t lie, but you do!

  16. Margie Barker says:
    March 5, 2020 at 18:27
    “He can’t even carry a gun because he doesn’t take the range time or the tests.”
    Hey Cosmo! Found another bullshiter for you to go after! She’s spreading bullshit and has no idea what she is talking about! She doesn’t have any facts and is lying about what she is implying! Go get her Cosy baby! Unless, of course, I was correct above and its all good for pro Jimmy Lee “wannabe Walt Longmire” Holden posters…..

  17. But u have only met his current wife. What about the prior ones. Oh the stories I have heard.

  18. Did you fools really use a video from the Maple leafs. You guys r fucking jokes. U poor bastards couldn’t even record it. S Daniels and spots are going to be pissed at u princess.

  19. I call total fabricated lies – a few people or “someone” under several names (as we now know is the case) trying to plant some doubt by JUST MAKING UP CRAP!

  20. (To Pascal: This post re: lying and implying things that are false just to cast doubt and stir up trouble reminded me of something I once heard on a sitcom – “GOD DOESN’T LIKE IT WHEN YOU LIE!” – it stuck with me all these decades. Kinda’ strange, though, that these few people or this one person -going to extraordinary measures to degrade an outstanding candidate – like who wouldn’t want things fixed, corruption eliminated, better leadership in Geauga County??)

  21. What’s broken? And please provide actual examples, besides he’s your best friend and the right man for the job and he has all this training, blah blah blah.

    What can you actually prove, with your own research, is broken? Not just what someone tells you to believe…

  22. Hey pants..Yeah. Your absolutely correct! Modern science has proven that you can determine all the past bad acts of a person, simply by viewing them with their spouse….once…at a political event.

    I, for one, absolutely want to see corruption rooted out! Which is why I am beyond happy to see a lying, thieving, lazy turd charged, convicted, and lose his appeal for sucking thousands of dollars from working taxpayers, just cause he’s too good to “flip burgers”! Sucking on the gov. teat, while living in a home most working class people could never afford is about as corrupt as it gets.

  23. REPLY TO: Wow

    Who the hell cares about his past wives. That has nothing to do with this election. The stories you have heard?….second and third hand? You know nothing. You are full of gossip! You probably didn’t vote for Trump because of all his past wives. You know all about them too don’t you. Ignorant gossiping jackass.

  24. His past wives may be able to shed some light on his inappropriate behavior while serving, protecting, and training… But we all know you feel Jimmy can do no wrong…..

  25. I emailed Jimmy Lee Holdens former police department to receive his personal file. Extremely1 concerning find was the 80hr suspension due to sexual harassment. Now in this day and age of the #MeToo movement I really don’t think this is someone we want running our sheriff’s department. If anyone would like to confirm my claim email the department and request his personal records, they are public record.
    Also on a side note Mr. Holden would benefit taking a human communications course in college. His speech is lacking um proper technique.

  26. Margie, you are flat out wrong on him not being able to carry a gun. maybe you should do some research before you spout off. Then again it is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

  27. Hey Margie take the blinders off and get the personal file! You can do it instead of just posting your lies or are facts scary to you??? 80 hr suspension for sexual harassment. 2 weeks off of work for being inappropriate to a female. Look it up anyone can

  28. Just saw the Sheriff at an event at the Geauga County Fairgrounds today…… Gun on his right hip. Feel free to admit you know nothing anytime Margie

  29. Dear “Caught with your pants down”, let’s test your decision-making qualities!
    Here is my circumstances in 2014-2016, all verifiable.
    You put yourself in my impossible situation and then if you have a rational argument, have at it – but be rational and truthful and remember hindsight is always 20/20.

    Everything I say below is truthful and the AG & Gov, know it because Flaiz had seized my records and Sweet had me investigated by the IRS (costing you several hundred thousand dollars).

    1- I live in a house with zero equity i.e. the mortgages vs. value are equal. Thus, between 2014-2016 I couldn’t borrow against its value to save my family & I couldn’t sell to downsize.
    2- My wife was studying to requalify as an RN. My 2 sons just graduated & were looking for work. My daughter was still in school at Kent.
    3- In 2013 we blew through 100% of our savings and we had no 401k, stocks, bonds or savings accounts.
    4- I was/still am the General Manager of a ten-person partnership w/ an asset valued of $155MM (Appraisal dated Oct 31, ‘19).
    5- The asset, a semi-developed 204 acres, was/is 100% mortgaged & qualifies as an Inaccessible Resource. I.e. the partnership cannot borrow against it unless it is refinanced.
    6- Partnership owes me my salary at $25,000 / month since Jan2013 (87 months) = $2.1Million (“MM”)
    7- Partnership expects profits of $400MM over 5 yrs, at $5MM+ /month, ALL taxable income by the IRS, State & Geauga Co.
    8- Partnership’s taxable income over 5 yrs = to $196MM.
    9- Add taxable income of the hired staff, at an average salary of $10,000 / month, 5 Geauga Residents, 5 yrs (60 months)= 5x60x$10,000=$3,000,000 x 30% tax= $900,000 Tax
    10- Total Taxable Income = $199 Million over 5 yrs.
    11- Partnership needs to Refinance the asset to develop its land.
    12- I am the ONLY person out of the 10 with the knowledge /details of the issues – in other words, if I walk, here are consequence:
    a. I lose my accrued salary
    b. The partnership will INSTANTLY lose its asset to foreclosure to the German lenders.
    c. The IRS, the State and the County lose its Taxable Income.
    TOTAL LOSS = $2.1MM+$199MM+$400MM = $600,000,000 Economic Loss if I went to flip burgers.

    As of January 2013, I have been working to refinance the project. In the process, I sold everything of value and as of March 2014, we needed the State’s help. They helped with medical insurance and $8,300 in food stamps during 2014-2016. These were our rights as American Citizens, regardless of the value of our house. And the law allows me to borrow money.

    I search the planet for a compatible-lenders to lend $100MM at a reasonable rate for an investment in the West Indies – I contacted over 200 groups, globally. As of January 12, 2017, I had three investors/buyers, one at $180MM, a second at $80MM and a third to buy the asset at $110MM cash.

    On January 13, 2017 (the day after my arraignment), due to the false accusations, the first two walked as they could not be involved with a “potential convict”. When I was illegally arrested on Dec 18 (while the Appeal was still in progress), we Iost the third. As Burt was stepping down, Flaiz had him issue a Warrant for “Contempt of Court”.

    I had to start over again. This I did in Jan 2019 and now we have three lenders, all American, and at $110MM.

    This would NOT be if I was flipping burgers.

    Go ahead with your criticism.

  30. Concerned citizen, of course, I will meet any time and anywhere. You know how to get in touch with me.

  31. Dear Goooo Awayyyyy, “Butt Hurt” – man, you know how to be crass.
    I certainly have no faith in today’s humanity. With all the shit you see here and in DC, you’d be a fool to have faith in anyone of them.

  32. Dear Concerned citizen on March 6, 2020 at 12:19 you wrote: “I emailed Jimmy Lee Holdens former police department to receive his personal file. Extremely1 concerning find was the 80hr suspension due to sexual harassment.”

    Unless convicted, personal files are personal. This is nothing but a smear campaign!

    Guess what, soon I will offer the Admin of this site $100,000 cash to have every one of the IP addresses of the assholes and then I will go to town.
    Doubt me?
    Test me!


  33. Testing testing testing. Hit me up Princess…try taking that $100,000 to pay fines and court costs or to pay back for your food stamps…

    And get familiar with the Ohio Sunshine Laws

    Charges have nothing to do with public records of public employees. They are available to whoever requests, good info/bad info whatever….there is some redaction of personal info like socials and medical info but complaints and discipline (which there’s plenty of) are fair game….

    Nice attempt at testicular fortitude though…

  34. Plus as an admin yourself, it’s not much of an offer if you give yourself $100,000 (and is that in Monopoly money)…

  35. Soooo, Prince. If you give admin(yourself) $100,000.00, is that a loan? Is it income? Will that drain you to the point you need gov assistance again? Gotta say, hardly seems worth it….

  36. Nobody wants is personal files! His personnel file is where all the good stuff is! It contains the story of a law enforcement officer’s career. The good, the bad, the ugly. Go ask Jimmy about it. He can confirm. I don’t doubt he wishes his was personal…..

  37. True Prince, personal files would be protected. Personnel files, on the other hand, are 100% public record, with only the most sensitive personal info (like dates of birth, social security numbers, etc) redacted. But don’t take our word for it, ask Jimmy, he can confirm. I’m sure he’s wishing that wasn’t true, but that freedom of information can be a bitch!

  38. Dear “You make me laugh”, I am paid up! Go and check since you have access!
    As to the $8,300 in Food Stamps, my taxes for 2020 will more than cover that.

    BTW, we OFFERED to make restitution in January 2017, but as Flaiz (you??) stepped into his own shit by inviting WKYC to the raid and slandered me publically, the offer was refused. Flaiz needed me to be convicted one way or another.

    And I was not referring to Public Records; I was referring to the defamatory and slanderous remarks made on this site by you and others. Statements that would NOT be made if the makers were NOT anonymous.

    How is that for the testicular fortitude for a Princess?

    And to “BTW”, I am not an Admin… Otherwise, I would evict your lying asses. And it’s not monopoly money. Its cash for information. Do you think it cannot be done? Try again.

    Everything you write is recorded and logged with your IP address and we will find you and I will prosecute you to the full extent of the law.

  39. Dear Admin
    $100,000 cash for all IP addresses of all persons who posted to your site.
    You will be provided immunity from all legal actions against you.
    The offer expires on March 17 at midnight.
    The Princess

  40. What criminal crime will you prosecute for?

    It’s not slander and defamation if it’s true…the truth is out there and it’s coming.

    Take that to the bank…

  41. Damn you! Ya almost got me! I was gonna reply to the price, then I read the closing line! Lol

  42. Damn auto correct I meant personnel file! It’s public record sorry if upsets you Pascal. You too can obtain it from the department. I think you should so you can see for yourself. Anyone can email them and get it. Also just because someone wasn’t charged doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Plus you don’t get suspended for 80 hours for nothing. Facts don’t care about your feelings Pascal

  43. Dear “Still laughing”

    You will not be laughing when you have to spend $50,000+ with a lawyer to defend a defamation/slander lawsuit. Just calling me “Princess”, a “liar”, etc is enough!

    You see, I have what is called “FUCK YOU MONEY”. Do you have Fuck You money?

    If you do not, then take my advice: be civil and polite and do not slander.

    My offer to Admin is real. And I am as serious as a heart attack – just ask Young, corrupt Flaiz!
    He tried 3 times to have me buckle and take his silly pleas of 30 days, and 3 times I told him to try his case. In the end he had to resort blackmailing my fake lawyer, and now he and his corrupt team have to deal with the legal consequences.

  44. You clearly don’t understand criminal or civil law! You might want to do some research before you blow all your “fuck you money”! Lol, or do whatever… Countersuit can be fun too….

  45. No issue with a countersuit.
    Mine is FU money.. Yours is not! Yours is “I Divorce You Money”.
    You doubt that? Ask your better half!
    Bring it on BIG BOY
    The Princess.

  46. Good night, nasty ladies
    I think I will now retire in my satin sheets.
    The Princess with FUM!

  47. To Pascal: I think Concerned citizen must stand to lose a lot if Sheriff Hildenbrand is replaced – that’s what he’s “concerned” about – or he wouldn’t be engaging in such a level of mud slinging. For some reason, he’s afraid that there might be a new sheriff in town so he’s grasping at anything to keep that from happening. (I hope enough voters can see through the muddy shit being slung and I will trust in their intelligence.)

  48. Also you shouldn’t brag about money you don’t have. Even if you do have it…. Not smart. Lots of meth heads from portage like to visit houses here while we’re at our jobs. Well I guess you don’t have one of those so no worries for you.

  49. Dear “Princess 4”, I do have one of those, pilgrim; you just don’t read and shoot from the hip. But no worries, we have 6 large dogs and security. One, in particular, loves cojones and our local PD is less than 3 min away.

    Hey, I thought he had no drug problems in our county! Today you are saying we do.
    Well, well I’ll be.

    Lastly, you don’t know what I have, pilgrim.

  50. I’d hate to be the bearer of bad news but Russell PD won’t be to your house in 3 minutes.

  51. Please tell me your claiming Jimmy Lee “no means maybe” Holden is being slandered! Truth is not slander (or libel, as they things are written). Thankfully, lies are…maybe some of you should keep that in mind? I’m going to enjoy then next 10 days!

  52. REPLY TO: Margie, Margie, Margie and Sue L

    Wow!….so he can carry a gun….what a great qualification! You fools are arguing over something stupid like that?

  53. Easy to check his personnel file for history of sexual harassment- it’s there. And that’s only the times he was reported on. Also check into his demotions and suspensions from swat team. NOT a team player

  54. Hold on just a second Cosmo! Didn’t you call others out for not having all the facts? So facts matter right? ( in case you forgot:Cosmo says:
    March 5, 2020 at 14:47
    REPLY TO: Uh oh!! “…You don’t have all the facts and are wrong in what you are implying.”)
    Then, remember how I said that Holden supporters don’t need to provide proof for their statements? And I followed that up by pointing out Margie’s patently false claim? I ended that post with the following :
    “Right says:
    March 5, 2020 at 19:34…Go get her Cosy baby! Unless, of course, I was correct above and its all good for pro Jimmy Lee “wannabe Walt Longmire” Holden posters…..”.

    Thank you so much for proving me right!
    Now, no one posted that he can carry a gun as proof of his qualification to be sheriff. It was to refute Margie’s flat out lie. I understand that you are trying to minimize that another claim made by your cult was actually a provable lie. So now, I have explained it to you.

    I understand why you think a lie is no big deal, you have the same position on sexuall harrasment/ assault by a person in a position of power. No big deal right? But some of us still believe facts and truth win the day.

  55. So, I just saw that everything that people have been posting about the sexual harassment claims are true! Jimmy Lee even confirmed it in his “Meet the Candidate” night. I now believe that the people that have been asking for truth and said that they found it and presented it are the ones actually telling the TRUTH!

    I certainly don’t want my wife working for someone that thinks she’s at his disposal.

  56. Bingo! Gotta love the truth, it always seems to win. The only questions now are, are you willing to gamble that Holden has changed his ways? If he was willing to abuse his authority when he was a mid-level supervisor, what will he feel willing to do as the head of the largest agency in the county? Not worth the risk in my opinion!

  57. Um, Margie…I hope you attended the meet the candidates night tonight, where Jimmy Lee ADMITTED to his sexual harassment that y’all wanted to say people were accusing him of, he ADMITTED to being disciplined, which would mean he was found guilty of!

    So Pascal…looks like it truly wasn’t “a hit below the belt”. God is with me. And looks like your “take” on people is a little off kilter.

    And Margie…I’m sure there’s many
    women that don’t think it’s a waste of “coming up with new material”

    Maybe ask “Jimmy Lee” what the “color of the day” is…he’s a pro at it!

    Pascal…you paying up yet???

  58. Have nothing to lose! I’ll wait for an apology by all the doubters on here. Holden admitted to it tonight. The truth always comes out. Oh and by the way don’t assume my gender. I’m a woman and won’t stand for sexual harrassment. so nice try dumb ass. From concerned citizen

  59. Exactly a cheetah can’t get rid of their spots. Wife #4 is a big clue that Holden has serious problems.

  60. Will you now apologize since you were wrong?? Since the “upstanding candidate” as you put it, just admitted I was telling the truth??? So glad the truth has come out and his true ways are shown. Disgusting that this guy thinks he can be sheriff with that kind of track record. No thanks!!

  61. To Bye bye: Holden is SO NOT what you are painting him to be (I don’t even want to repeat the words)! But he is quite the opposite – a very humble, upstanding, professional individual and YOU don’t know all the facts or have the whole picture. He has my support and the support of many others who are not falling for this ploy and are not getting on your bandwagon.

  62. You say he is not these things but yet it’s true. Upstanding? Not what I would call upstanding. If it was no big deal why did this site try and bury that for weeks when people were talking about it? You don’t get an 80hr suspension if it is nothing or there is more to the story. Keep your blinders on and think that the truth of someone’s character is a ploy. Holden does not come across as humble when he speaks more like arrogant. This is not someone who should have this kind of power over a lot of people.

  63. FYI, the above is an extremely abbreviated version of just one of the complaints for which Jimmy Lee Holden was disciplined for! The full version, available in his file, paints a much more accurate picture than I ever could, as it’s in the victim’s words.

  64. Absolutely disgusting that people are so blind and willing to think this kind of behavior is acceptable. No one like that should ever have that kind of power. For him to do such a thing while having power over someone’s job is sick. If this site is for the better of the county and feel what he did is no big deal publish the file and let
    everyone see it!

  65. Unfortunately, you will be waiting a long time. These people will never apologize for their lies. Heck, they can’t even take responsibility for their criminal actions. Watch…. They will be quiet for a while, then show up minimizing and dismissing the seriousness of these proven issues with Jimmy boy! I hope I’m wrong, but the hardcore Holden supporters are nothing more than a political cult, blindly following their “messiah” who can do no wrong in their eyes and trying to scoop up the trail of dung he leaves behind.

  66. The bank robbers in North Hollywood in ’97 timed their response because they knew LAPD would take exactly 2 minutes to arrive.
    Pascal shouldn’t brag about his $$$. Bad karma.

  67. Cosmo

    Your right, the sheriff’s record is nothing like Holden’s. He was never accused of sexual harassment, never suspended for sexual harassment, never written up, never removed from an assignment like swat, never suspended period. Holden has a record that one should be ashamed of. He wears that cowboy hat around, because he thinks he is a cowboy, a guy who thinks he can do whatever he wants. No thank you.

  68. REPLY TO: Geauga resident not for sexual harassing holden

    You distort and twist the facts to fit your own narrative. The situation is not as you say. Holden is way more qualified than Hildenbrand as Sheriff. Hildenbrand only has a high school education, is a part time Sheriff, and has been part of the Geauga swamp most of his life.

  69. After watching the FoX 8 piece I find myself truly disgusted. We in Geauga County do not want a sexual harasser as sheriff!!!!!!!! We DON’T WANT YOU HOLDEN!!!!! Take your losses and go away!!!!!!!!

  70. I hope whoever printed this takes it down and no longer supports this man. Fox 8 did a story on him and how he sexually harassed women that he worked with. His is a disgrace

  71. Cosmo

    Are you holden hiding behind these lies? So it’s ok to sexually harass women and be in law enforcement? I think not!!!! You are a disgrace and disgusting!!!

  72. Jimmy Lee should make sure is his closest is clean of all skeletons before he questions the integrity of our current sheriff. Sexual Harassment is a serious charge and admitting to being suspended over it is not a very good character reference for sheriff.

  73. Hey guys I just wanted to say thanks to the whole group of the sheriff’s followers and employees. You did some pretty good slamming and gave some really good hits to the Jimmie Lee campaign. The Sheriff is probably very happy with all of you , and is grateful you are on his side . Starting Wednesday it is status quo with a little extra stipend in your stockings. It just shows what can be done to anyone when his opposition has such terrific backing from people willing to do whatever it takes to destroy, cause doubt, or just blow their campaign away.. Heck with our group we could have easily gotten him voted in as Pontiff. You will all be invited to his acceptance party , and let’s just say it will probably cost as much as that stipend he makes for fire chief. Thank you all.

  74. to just disqusted: Remedy for you…..shower more often, stop looking in the mirror, and then look inside yourself for your own problems. OOOOOH now I am getting disgusted. Get a life donkey butt.

  75. I worked with Jimmie Lee for many years. He thought he was boss just because he was the ranking officer and in charge of the shift. He was always after me to get on the road , and do my job. Everything had to be done correctly on reports ,and he wanted us to produce and be proactive. on the road I had a lot of years on the job and I should have been given some latitude way when I wanted to slack off , but he said if I can be out there on the road so can you. Now I think Hildenbrand will be a better choice because he is easier on his employee,, and friends.

  76. Aww! Look at you trying to be witty! That’s cute! I’d give you an 8 for the attempt, but a low 3 for execution. Its not your fault though, not everyone has that special…something to pull it off. The rest of us call it intelligence, but I don’t want to confuse ya pumpkin

  77. Another attempt at wit!? You folks are gonna pull a muscle ! Be careful, you may want to stretch first! It’s gonna Be hard enough to pull all those Holden signs out of the right of way (people actually let Hildenbrand put signs in their yards) with that crushing depression of defeat! Don’t make it worse by straining your self now! See ya at the polls!

  78. Hahahaha! Did you seriously call another person “donkey butt”?!?! Damn! With stuff like that coming from you, I could almost like you, if you weren’t so ridiculous!

  79. Unedited eh? What happened to some of your articles? Looks like they have been removed. Why is up with that? Jimmy has a little extra time on his hands and is going to do whatever he can to save face. Too bad just about everyone in the county already knows the truth. The fact that he has a history of sexual harassment. Maybe during this extended period of time we may have a few more stories come out?

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