Sheriff Mack Sparks Geauga Voters

By: Susan Daniels

An enthusiastic crowd greeted Second Amendment supporter Sheriff Richard Mack who came to Geauga County Saturday night. Sheriff Mack, former sheriff of Graham Co., AZ, appeared on behalf of Republican sheriff primary candidate Jimmy Lee Holden, who has forty-one years of law enforcement experience and a serious concern about the opioid crises that is encompassing our county. Holden’s wife, Donna, also in law enforcement, is a Lt. with Euclid Police Dept., and is the first woman there to hold that position.

Sheriff Mack is best known for a successful lawsuit he brought against the U.S. government’s Clinton Administration to intercede with portions of the Brady Bill that violated the Constitution regarding the Second Amendment.

Sheriff Mack is Founder and President of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, to which Jimmy Lee Holden belongs. Sheriff Mack currently is teaching history and the Constitution in a charter school in AZ and is lecturing on the need for Constitutional sheriffs.

Sheriff Mack spoke at length about the need for a Constitutional sheriff in Geauga County and acknowledged that Holden would be a great Constitutional sheriff.

The Geauga County sheriff’s office has been passed along like a fiefdom since 2002. There hasn’t been a contender for the office since then and it’s long overdue to remove the “good old boys” who treat the office and the money as their own.

Candidate Holden promises to support county gun rights; initiate drug enforcement, which has been ineffective; encourage criminal investigations by the sheriff’s department and remedy the lack of community engagement by the current sheriff. He said Geauga County is the only county without a drug task force, which he will put into place.

Holden said that he was told by resident’s that they reported to deputies the location of drug houses and the deputies had no interest in the information.

The current sheriff brags that the Safety Center, built in 2005, has been paid off in full but neglects to mention that it happened in 2014 and he didn’t take office until 2016. Holden also claims the sheriff is undercharging for the price of holding prisoners and the county could earn a significant amount of money if they prices were raised to that of neighboring jails.

Most importantly, Holden said he will actually show up for work. The current sheriff is also a full-time fire chief and is not always available at either job, although both pay him, with 32% extra benefits as sheriff. Holden says of the many places he has spoken, people didn’t even know the name of the current sheriff.

A recent report by the county auditor’s office showed that out of the first twenty-two highest paid employees working in Geauga County, thirteen positions were held by some of the 167 employees currently working for the, sheriff according to the Auditor. The listed employees, with their 32% benefits added, are paid in excess of $100,000/yr. Absolutely outrageous. How often do you see a Deputy Sheriff’s car on the road?

Holden pointed out that Sheriff Hildenbrand is a member of the Geauga Automatic Data Processing Board (ADP), which oversees the spending of county money. He was a member, with Prosecutor James Flaiz, when the embezzlement of $2.4 million from the Auditor’s office was occurring. Neither noticed although Flaiz was alerted twenty-six times, starting in June 2014 by a county employee. He then feigned ignorance until he was finally forced into action in September 2017. How much money was stolen during that period of time? The forensic accountant company hired to try to sort out the mess charged $164,000 (and still don’t know the exact amount of money missing) and legals fees exceed $100,000.

The current sheriff’s annual salary budget exceeds $11 million but, despite that, the sheriff added thirty (30) employees in just four years as sheriff. He has deputies who are not commissioned, which means they cannot make an arrest, turn on their vehicle lights or even write a traffic ticket. A large number are not physically fit and couldn’t pass a physical if necessary, including the sheriff. Luckily for them, the sheriff let’s them treat county cars as there own personal cars, while we pay for their gas.

An attempt to find out who is spending money using credit cards given to fifteen employees of the sheriff’s department a year ago by the commissioners has gone unanswered. That is a violation of the OH Public Records Law and will be reported to the OH Court of Claims.

It’s time to drain the swamp in Geauga County and we need to start with the Sheriff’s Department. The old boy’s network has gone on long enough and we can start rehabilitating our county by electing a new sheriff.

54 thoughts on “Sheriff Mack Sparks Geauga Voters

  1. Regardless of the dispute that has erupted on this site, I write to report that I attended the Holden event and that happily my time tonight was not wasted.

    We shall support Jimmy Lee Holden as well as the CSPOA with our resources.

    Lastly, I think, as evinced by the decision of the USSC, Sheriff Richard Mack’s heart is in the right place.

  2. Hildenbrand told us, at Candidates night that, “drug dealers don’t come to Geauga County anymore, we chased them all away…” I guess he forgot about the guy who was dealing in the parking lot at Giant Eagle. See below:

    Man accused of selling drugs in Giant Eagle parking lot in Geauga County, authorities say
    Updated 12:43 PM; Today 11:14 AM

    By Kaylee Remington,
    GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio — A 44-year-old man is accused of selling about three grams of heroin to undercover agents in the parking lot of a Giant Eagle in Bainbridge, authorities say.
    Johnny Todd is charged with trafficking in heroin, according to a statement from the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities arrested Todd Thursday.
    Todd is being held in the county jail on a $100,000 bond.
    Todd has already appeared for his arraignment in Chardon Municipal Court.

  3. Hildebrand sent his armor division to a guy’s house in Sept. who was shooting raccoons. After spending four hours at the guy’s house, the man finally exited. The genius sheriff said: “It would have been a lot easier if he’d just come out and explained himself,” adding eight deputies were at the scene.

    Do we really need 167 people working for the Sheriff’s Dept. and will the eight all put in for overtime or for the stupidity of the sheriff?

  4. The misrepresentations and flat out lies on this sight are unbelievable! I was not aware the Hambden FD chief position was full time!! Please supply supporting documentation!

    The guy “shooting at raccoons” was doing so while 2 males happened to he between him and the raccoons (hint…there were no raccoons)! They reported that they were shot at! I suppose that should have just been ignored, and deputies should just assume all was well….. If he really didn’t do anything wrong, sure would have been easier if he simply explained himself. No, instead he chose to hole up in his house and not respond.

    Also, a drug dealer was arrested and that’s a problem? Lets think that through for a second.

    What exactly is the sheriff’s “armor decision”? Do they have tanks? Is it a military unit? I can only assume you mean the Lake County Regional SWAT team was called. Should the SWAT team not be used for a barricaded gunman? As that’s what the raccoon slayer really was.

    As to ol’ “sheriff” Mack, did he expound upon his support of alt-right lunatics? How about using women and children as human shields? Be nice to see if he still feels that’s appropriate.

  5. Oh, I almost forgot! You are factually correct, non-commissioned employees can not make arrests, write ticket, or turn the lights on I. A police vehicle….which is why they don’t drive them. You don’t find it the least bit sad you have to stoop to such nonsense to support your candidate?

  6. If it is so “Laughable,” why don’t you identify yourself? From the Chardon Maple Leaf dated 10/08/19: “At 2:58 a.m., the SWAT team brought armor up the driveway…”

    Don’t you read your own paper, John? Face it, Hildenbrand is going down.

    I like the other story better where the guy was surrounded in his house for hours by the Sheriff’s Dept. and surrounding departments and he finally walked out the door and drove away and then they had to chase him to Thwing and Mulberry. That was a hoot.

    We have a multi-million dollar budget for the sheriff’s department. I think someone with more that a high school education would be better to run it than a pass-me-down and his merry band of elves. People will be trained and will do their jobs right and payrolls will reflect surrounding areas or there will be a bunch of people looking for new jobs.

  7. If this Dick Mack is currently teaching. Why does he have a Gofund me page. Come on people this guys is pathetic just like Holdin look at the people that are backing him a bunch of crazy people that can’t understand anything

  8. I was this last night. Maybe you guys should post some pictures of the event. It was really nice and since there was only 20 people there I got to take my pic with Dick Mack. I think this team needs to go talk with some one

  9. Hey, you nuts can have whomever you want run the Sheriff’s Department! Dick Mack, Jimmy Lee, whatever. They can train people and have a grand ol’ time! Just let the professionals run the Sheriff’s Office. Seems fair to me.

  10. Yup, I see the news article was able to differentiate between a SWAT team utilizing armor and an “armor division”. The best part is that you call the maple leaf a hole paper, and use it to support your statements, only to have it expose your ignorance! If your typical of the support for the challenger, then I think Sheriff Hildenbrand will have no trouble March 17

  11. Kinda like you and your food stamps when you were funneling hundreds of thousands. Leave the counting to me bro!!

  12. Margie you drunk. You have to be to believe that story. I think someone needs to get a copy of the police report. I’m still trying to figure out this mans personal file. He’s likes his women 🤔

  13. Show us proof he has 167 employees. I smell cap. This site is made up from a bunch of losers that have more money than Brains 🧠. You losers really sent post cards out to get people on this site since none of your own friends would listen to your drunk ass. The suns out go outside stay out of the basement today and off your keyboards and wine

  14. You don’t seem too bright so I will write this really slow for you. I got a copy of all the employees for the sheriff’s office for 2019 from the Auditor’s Office. And then I counted each name. It did not take a lot of work to do it. You could even do it, too. It is all public records. If you run out of fingers and toes, invite your equally intelligent friends over and have them take off their shoes and socks.

    You must be a graduate of Chardon schools. You do not know grammar, how to spell, punctuation or how to write a sentence that even comes close to standard English. I suggest a couple of night classes might improve your communication skills. But – just guessing.

  15. How often do you see a deputy sheriff car on the road. You serious? When you live in Chester probably not much except when Chester request assistance. Dick Mack hasn’t a clue what it takes to be the Geauga County Sheriff. Dude is washed up has been getting paid peanuts for his $3 book and $200 to endorse people who don’t have what it takes to run on what they have done. Which isn’t much. Jimmy said he’s been pulling public records request for the last five years and only could come up with raising the cost to house inmates. Which you can’t and the county needs a drug task force. I think the county is doing a hell of a job on drug cases. Jimmy tell us what your plans on making a drug task force who’s going to be part of it. Also anyone able to tell me what the hell is the armor division of the sheriffs office. Sounds cool and all but I don’t think there is one

  16. The drug taskforce thing is my favorite! It has been tried in Geauga before. Around the time the opioid crisis showed up on our doorstep. The problem was, the smaller agencies of the county did not have the available manpower to commit to it! So, the previous Sheriff took the stand point of my county my problem. A dedicated narcotics investigation division (not at all like an “armor division”) was created. And they did awesome work.

    Sheriff Hildenbrand continued that philosophy and built the narcotics division further. Now, there is a sold group of deputies actively investigating and arresting those who poison our citizens. And they continue to do amazing work. First dealer in Ohio convicted of homicide for selling to someone who OD’d was investigated and arrested by these folks.

    I highly doubt they would turn down the help of a taskforce was formed, but that is an issue for the other departments in the county, not the Sheriff’s Office.

  17. Mahvi I read your website and you were screwed over for getting food stamps. Are you still getting them. Maybe you need to be out putting in applications instead of watching Dick Mack and pounding signs for Jimmy. Unless he promised you a job sounds like he did. Crazy how your a prince and got food stamps. Still a crazy story

  18. To: Susan Daniels: I was wondering if you were there last night! Very nice article above about the event and the current situation. (I liked how Jimmy Lee talked about the drug problem in Geauga County – the one that doesn’t exist in Geauga!) It sounds like “mastermind” journalist might have also been there and still attacking with a vengeance and still trying to use your name! Such a troublemaker! If you might be coming to the next forum at Kenston, I’ll try to say Hi! Best regards!

  19. Jimmy if you become sheriff can I join the department. I only want to be part of the Armor Division. And what does one need to do to be in the division. Is it better than swat that just does surround and call out. I bet you the armor division just goes in and gets the bad guys. Did UHPD have one. I keep googling it but can’t find nothing. Help me out please I’m kinda old school

  20. What exactly is the drug problem in geauga county, what’s your metric for comparison?

  21. Yes, I was there and proud to be part of a group that is trying to improve our county. Karlovec and losers like him don’t bother me in the least. I’ve lived long enough that the losers of the world are the truly pathetic type who would vote for people who think it is all right to kill babies. If you are sincere, thank you for the kind words. If you are screwing with me, I don’t care.

  22. To Susan Daniels: I am sincere and am so sorry if it was hard to discern – I was NOT being sarcastic – I really was wondering if you were there and I really do like your write-up and appreciate the things you mentioned like “actually showing up for work” and the things you brought to light that many people in Geauga County are probably not aware of at all – I wasn’t ’til recently. Now I am on board with the clean-up-the-swamp mission and have been on board to elect Jimmy Lee Holden for sheriff since meeting him last May. Geauga County would be blessed to have his leadership and commitment; and clearly, a change is needed! And I am so with you on the pro-life! Just today, someone said to me (after I mentioned not voting for someone who is pro-abortion) that it’s not relevant and that I can’t just pick one thing from a candidate’s stand or beliefs – yes, I can – and I would NEVER vote for someone who thought it was ok to murder our unborn children. Sorry, again, for any ambiguity in my reply – I didn’t mean for it to sound like that and it was sincere. Maybe I’ll see you at the next forum in a week. (In the meantime, I’m going to try to get more signs placed, but I really think that support for Holden is growing – I’m glad!)

  23. Killing babies??? Did you just get back from Lee and Harvard? That shit be hittin different huh! You should know we don’t need a drug task force when u can’t get ur fix here you have to go to CLE!

  24. Thank you again for your kind words. It is difficult to tell without the benefit of speaking face to face with someone what their true intentions are. We are obviously on the same page but it is stunning how nasty people can be when they can hid behind anonymity. Our current sheriff is not a bad man But I think he is not qualified or capable of doing the job. He has hustlers around him with evil and greedy intentions. We have some very good leadership in this county and just as many who are not. The worst of all is Prosecutor Flaiz. He has caused the county to spend a fortune on outside attorneys because, I believe, he is not a good lawyer and does not know how to do the work. Unfortunately, he is unopposed this fall but he allowed the embezzlement of $2.4 million to go on for more than three years and we have the documents to prove it. After we remove the Sheriff, Flaiz is the next to go. He denied me public records about a part-time employee for more than a year. That is against the law.

  25. Margie, You can certainly vote for whomever you wish for Sheriff. Someone really interested in promoting a candidate should consider their arguments carefully and thoughtfully seek to convince undecided voters of why “their ” candidate is better qualified and/or would be the best person for the job.

    You indicate “people” will be better trained under Sheriff Holden. The current staff at the Sheriff’s Office completes thousands of hours of training every year. Not enough? Perhaps you are concerned about the quality of the training? Maybe you could elaborate on that?

    You also indicate “people will do their jobs right.” Hmmm. Well that is a little subjective don’t you think? They would do it the Sheriff Holden way? Or maybe they would do it they way they have been trained during the numerous training hours they have had? What exactly are they doing wrong? Obviously they are human and mistakes are made but is there a laundry list of gross incompetency somewhere that I’m not seeing? OH, the armored car attacking the citizen exercising his 2nd amendment right? Please, everyone can look at a situation from the comfort of their couch and say they would have done it differently. You weren’t there and the highly trained ( you did want training right?) SWAT commander ( not the current Sheriff) made the decisions as to how the situation was handled.

    “Payrolls will reflect surrounding areas” sounds tough and Tea Partyish. But Margie, what does that mean? The vast majority of the people working at the Sheriff’s Office are covered by a union contract that governs their pay and working conditions. How much should they make? You would say less. Okay, How much less? A top pay patrol officer from University Hgts. makes at least $84,000 not including benefits and overtime? That appears to be more than a top pay deputy making $80,000 not including overtime.

    But, someone else on this blog pointed out the Ashtabula Sheriff has a smaller budget and a larger area to cover. Do the citizens of Geauga County really want that level of service? The Ashtabula jail regularly refuses to take new arrests because they are full. They won’t pick up on warrants because of manpower issues. It wasn’t too long ago that they would only respond for violent crimes in progress.

    Generally, you get what you pay for. Want good long term employees? You need to pay and have decent benefits.

    No Margie, there won’t be a bunch of people looking for new jobs. Sorry if that disappoints you. My suggestion to you is that instead of spouting vague threats and demeaning the current dedicated employees of the Sheriff’s Office that you get specific and tell us exactly how Sheriff Holden would run the Office and make it better for the citizen’s and the employees.

    I anxiously await your reply.

    Geauga Voter

  26. Why is Sheriff Hildenbrand not qualified or capable to be our acting sheriff? I love the little one liner talking points. But they lack substance. Please explain your position.

  27. Prince Mahvi, my dude, chillax with the made up nonsense. You’re giving all us other “Princes” a bad name. Specifically The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Prince Charming, Prince Ali Of Abawba, Prince (the singer), and me Prince Akeem of Zemunda.

  28. Dear Uh.. no, we got on our own two feet in 2016. No one in our area will hire me due to my age, my heart attack and my level of education. And before you ask, no I do not qualify for Social Security Benefits – all my life I have been the employer and never paid myself a salary. My wife stopped working as an RN when we married in 1984. So yes, dear, we are SCREWED.

    We went to J&FS for help because we are citizens and we have a right to the Safety Net the US Congress set up. We never thought the system is so bigoted (as you yourself demonstrated -“Crazy how your a prince”).

    I will not deny my heritage for your bigotted kind, and I am not responsible for my French mother (deceased 2010), marrying my Iranian father, a Prince Royal of Persian (Deceased 2009), who legally immigrating to New York in 1950, where I was born! So, dear Uh, Go Fuck yourself!

  29. Hey, “Margie the wife of the prince”, I am willing to teach you English and French … and Persian and…. ohhhh what’s the use? You do not have the capacity to learn basic English.. lost cause.

  30. Since when is the Hambden Fire Chief a full time position? I’ll answer that for you… It’s not. It’s a volunteer position. The lack of research by you Jimmy Lee wannabe hillbilly supporters is hilarious. Also the county was part of the TAG drug enforcement group for a while until recently. I’m sure something else is in the works for that. Also the “30” additional hires are replacing retired people. You also need to understand that a lot of the employees of the sheriffs office are part time or auxiliary (not paid).

  31. Hildebrand gets paid $25,000 a year, according to his W-2 from Hambden Volunteer Fire Dept. and a total of $318,000 was paid to all the “volunteers” last year.

  32. You don’t work for him yet…but when he gets elected (hahahahahaha) you can be his royal story teller and help him earn future sympathy votes for the ways you’ve been wronged. Maybe you can be his first case study on rehabbing criminals and helping them find work! Did you even attend his little (and I mean little) event? Or did you make that up too? Are you even allowed to vote being a criminal and all?

  33. Support Sheriff Mack?

    You do know he’s not running for sheriff right?

  34. Our county is fine. It’s you mentals that make us look bad….

  35. It’s still not a full time job. There’s no benefits, no retirement, and no minimum work hours. All that’s required is to fulfill the duty of the position. Which is being done.

  36. REPLY TO: Bob

    Bob, thanks for the info, you’re so smart. It sounds like you are content with the bare minimum being done “to fulfill the duty of the position”. I think most people in Geauga would like more out of their elected officials than that, wether it be the Sheriff, fire chief, or any other position. We want a FULL TIME Sheriff who goes above and beyond YOUR standards! We want Jimmy Lee Holden!

  37. You out on your 30 minutes of rec from the asylum Dowdy Kitty? They aren’t Bob’s standards you dope! They are set by law (Sheriff) or policy (Fire Department). Though, judging by the soon to be posted Holden personnel file, he has some issues understanding what is and isn’t appropriate too….

  38. Margie,
    Armored Division: There are 18 divisions in the US Army. These troops protected us during the ’50s-80s against Soviet aggression and are still active today.
    I think you were thinking of a SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team that Sheriff Hildebrand sent.

  39. I like some of your takes Susan; have you thought about trying to reach big media like WKYC-3 or WTAM-1100?
    It seems local media, as good as they are sometimes, may be hesitant about publishing somewhat controversial stories about local figures. They may be afraid of losing sourcing and/or ad dollars.

  40. REPLY TO: Washed up Dick Mack

    You think the county is doing a hell of a job on drug cases? Is that your uneducated opinion or do you have stats that show that? Obviously you don’t or you would have posted them, but thanks for your opinion anyway. Do you or Sherif Hildenbrand know who the biggest drug dealer in Geauga is? The Sheriff should know that if he is on the ball. Concerning that, I wonder if the rumors are true about his son.

  41. REPLY TO: Meow

    I don’t care who set the standards, they are too low, and if Bob accepts them then they are his standards also. I’m sure the majority of Geauga people want more out of their elected officials than the bare minimum you dope!

  42. Overdose deaths in our county are down, and continue to go down. They are on the rise all around us. Just look at the press releases of the dealers arrested by the dedicated narcotics detectives, seem to be rounding a good number up on a regular basis! Now please, oh wise one, lay out your evidence that the drug problem is on the rise or even staying the same. Or is that just you uneducated oppinion…..

    The hypocrisy of you Jimmy supporters is amazing! You demand evidence for anything that doesn’t support your good ‘ol boy, and in the same breath spew some unsupported, ridiculous garbage about the current Sheriff. Or throw out some rumor mill crap about the man’s family!

  43. Of course you don’t care what the law says Drowsy Kitty! You just want whatever you want and will whine and cry like a child until you get your way. Typical of an entitled brat….

  44. And we would definitely get that with Jimmy Lee Holden! Geauga needs his leadership and commitment! And enough already with the fabricated personnel file!! Yes, Lion, we want Jimmy Lee Holden! (Please try to spread the word.)

  45. Overdose deaths are down because use of Narcan is up. Doesn’t reflect the drug problem – don’t think we’re shooting for “use all you can get your hands on – we’ll bring you back.” So the availability of Narcan is a bandaid that skews the statistics – “deaths are down” doesn’t mean there isn’t still a lot of drug activity in Geauga County.
    (And the hypocrisy seems to be going both ways – Hildenbrand supporters are also demanding evidence and are spewing crap with a vengeance.)

  46. Just wait until the file info is made public. We have the whole file. He’s done.

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