We need Prosecutorial Accountability

BY: Pascal Mahvi

Below is my response to a Tweet sent by Gen Flynn 

1/All of this stems from political prosecutors who enjoy absolute immunity with total impunity. In reality, they are the kings ruling America.  In an Ohio case Henderson v City if Euclid a judge even ruled that the prosecutorial immunity flows down to his staff, even if they lied.

2/in the Rod Blagojevich case, yesterday he maintained his innocence and slammed the shakedown prosecutors who imprisoned him for 14 years.  http://foxnews.com/media/rod-blagojevich-interview-after-trump-commutes-sentence-prosecutors-fitzgerald.

3/ while at the time 8 yrs ago I didn’t follow the story closely, today, mostly due to my first-hand experience with a corrupt prosecutor and his investigator, James Flaiz and Karen Sweet, I believe @rodblag @RODBLAGOJEBITCH and I agree with @realDonaldTrump in his pardon.

4/ my story pales in comparison to Rod’s. I was in solitary in a 55-degree cell for 30 days; he was in prison for EIGHT yrs and neither of us was guilty of the crime. In my case, there was collusion & fraud between the prosecutor, the judge & my lawyer.  His was purely political

5/ the only way to stamp out this huge problem is to introduce a Bill holding all Prosecutors Accountable for their accounts- there is not a simple solution for prosecutors should also have immunity, otherwise, the courts will be tied up with frivolous cases from felons.

6/ should we do nothing, this travesty of justice will continue and we the Citizens of The USA, will lose our country in the years to come for man in general, has a dark heart and he/she wants to win at any cost.  *Even it means executing the target*.  Ask the Innocence Project!

7/ Today we shall find out what is in store #RogerStone, another Deep State Target.  As there is an Appeal in progress, the saga will continue. I do hope @POTUS pardons him as well as all the others caught in this political web, including @GenFlynn

8/ Should you care to protect our children, become an advocate of *Prosecutorial Accountability* and do not let your demands die. It is my view that @POTUS cannot create this with an EO; there is too much resistance. It must be legislated into Federal Law & adopted by each State.

9/ you are interested in my story, see my blog pascalmahvi.com. To force me to accept a plea, crooked lying Karen Sweet dared to finger me to her friends at the local branch of the Secret Service and the IRS, telling them that I am a treat to @POTUS and that I have an acct in the UAE with $980MM in cash.

10/ my blog’s intent is to set the record straight and propose to the Legislature of Ohio to fix the serious flaw in Ohio created by the case Henderson v. The City of Euclid.

11/ the prosecutorial corruption in Geauga County is discussed here: www.GeaugaCountyTalks.com

30 thoughts on “We need Prosecutorial Accountability

  1. As a tax paying property owner having gone through the Geauga county court system, initiated by an “Officer of the court” for a return favor (Work done on his property for free) Arrested, Jailed, Prosecuted, all because I drove onto a relatives’ property. Parked my car got out and was starring down the barrel of a Deputy Sherriff’s gun. When I asked her what was going on she says your eyes’ are glassy, from thirty feet away at 8:15PM on April evening(I wear glasses) point that out to Deputy, then says “you smell of alcohol” I said you are thirty feet away from me and you smell alcohol? Then a back up deputy pulls my arms behind me and handcuffs me. Off to jail I go, Booked finger printed incarcerated. Have no prior record or offenses $25,000.00 bond, recommended by a corrupt asst. prosecutor, Then went through court fines, ankle bracelet, Court ordered Therapy( at their facility) two years probation. Made a lot of money for Geauga County off a innocent man! Have documented proof of innocence including altered dash cam video from Deputy’s vehicle. Three court officers colluded in this whole case. Not one of them held accountable for prosecutorial misconduct. maybe Jimmie Lee Holden will look into this and change the “Good ole Boy” back room agreements going on in Geauga County. Corruption is rampant in the county!!!! I agree with Mr. Mahvi Henderson v The City of Euclid should be fixed this is the only State I know of that gives Officers of the Court immunity.

  2. Your story is not as uncommon as some people think. It is disgraceful what goes on in this county and how money is just thrown away. The “good old boys” include people like Judge Terri Stupica who in no good at her job. Her magistrate does all her work. And she takes her directions from Flaiz, who has his ass kissed by the worthless sheriff named Hildenbrand. Flaiz NEVER tried a single criminal case before he became prosecutor. In fact, he may never have tried a case of any kind. That is why he hires so many outside attorneys as special prosecutors. He is unopposed for office but I bet he doesn’t stay for the next four years.

  3. I am sorry to read about your experience, Sonny. It’s not supposed to be this way. We are supposed to be a country ruled by laws. Alas, we do have bad apples, destroying lives for self-gain. I for one will not rest until I bring these assholes to justice.

  4. Oh, just a minute there, pilgrim! Flaiz did not try a single case of his 900 during his first term. The 901st was me, who told him to go pound sand and try it in court. At the time, in 2017, I didn’t know Judge Forrest Burt was corrupt and Flaiz’s puppet. I was convicted by denying me my Constitutionally guaranteed Due Process and I spent 30 days in solitary, in a 55-degree cell and suffered a heart seizure.

    Do I fear for my life? Yeah, .. I think Sweet will hire some goon to assassinate me in order to shut me up. Now you know… If I am found dead. The Gov and the AG have been warned.

  5. Again, provide proof! Give us a court case number, a link to you appeal, anything! You won’t, because its BS. The dash cams were altered, seriously? C’mon. How did you plea to your charges? Better yet,what were you charged with? You don’t say in your post. We are left to assume it was OVI, but that doesn’t match with your claimed bond amount. So what were your charges and what was your plea?

  6. Support your statements with facts! Find anything indicating that false arrest, corruption of justice, or any other form of judicial abuse is occurring! You’re telling me that people are being arrested, charged, and convicted on bogus, politically motivated, trumped up charges, and the ACLU (for example) is not holding demonstrations daily? And this is “not uncommon” in our county? Get real

  7. TO: Seriously?

    It’s common knowledge in Geauga that there is a horrible SWAMP with a TWO TIER JUSTICE SYSTEM. There is not enough room here to cite all examples but it has been going on for so very long that it has become common knowledge amongst the residents. DON’T TELL US THIS IS NOT HAPPENING! It’s insulting! You sound like you are part of the SWAMP. I’d bet on it!

  8. To:Rover
    Ok. Sure. “Common knowledge”. You, my friend are a jackass. Oh my, not enough room for “all the examples”, really, try one. Just one. Start with only one, single,solitary case where an authority (think state or federal court, not you and your Muppets making decisions in tinfoil hats) has ruled there is corruption occurring in our county’s justice system. Or, better yet, report these prolific and damning cases of corrupt judicial process to any one of the many civil rights/liberty groups. They are all over these things…if true. You folks sure love your unsubstantiated “facts”.

    Again, nice work with the all caps internet yelling, you’re a child.

  9. TO: Seriously?

    Like I said, you are part of the Geauga swamp. You’re painting a false picture that everything is just fine in Geauga which is not true. There is a horrible swamp in Geauga with a two tier justice system. You are not worth talking to. Goodbye.

  10. To Pascal: Since Flaiz is running unopposed, i.e., we’re stuck with unless he is removed another way, do you think there’s an interested, qualified person that could be a “write-in” or that wouldn’t work at this point?

  11. We may be able to get him out other ways. He is totally inept and never tried a criminal case before he became prosecutor. He lied when he said he tried hundreds of cases when he was running. From the time he got his law license until he was elected he had 73 case in Geauga county, most were divorces or civil cases and he had about 6-8 that were thefts. All were pled out. He did an internship in the Lake County Prosecutor’s office and was so forgettable that no one there even remembered him.

  12. To Georgia: Thank you for the reply and insight! I wasn’t aware of that info re: him, and I must say – I have learned a LOT in the last two months! Are you coming to the event tomorrow night in Chesterland? – Maybe will see you there – (I’m thinkin’ it’s going to be crowded)! But I’m really glad that support is growing for Jimmy Lee Holden!

  13. Everyone who wants to hear the truth will be there. The problem is not the employees at the the Sheriff’s Dept. The problem is that the sheriff has no idea how to run his department. We need a leader, not someone who passes off the decisions to be made because he is never there.

  14. Talk about waste of tax dollars. I just got my call from the grendell campaign or bullshit good deeds program. I call bullshit. He has a robo call going out weeks before the election. Dude is a waste. I want my tax dollars back from this POS. I hope no one votes for these two slobs

  15. That makes total sense & I can see how that could cause problems & waste. I hope this can somehow be conveyed tonight (as there are some voters who think that nothing’s wrong and everything is running smoothly). In the words of another poster, “fresh blood and a fresh approach” would be awesome for Geauga County (and would get things fixed and turned around and we have an excellent candidate who is willing and able)!
    (And I appreciate your replies!)

  16. In response to you, “Just gonna leave this here”, I happen to agree with the Appellate ruling – My fake lawyer failed to Object to the Denial of Due Process for the Record. I wrote about that yesterday. Take the time to read it, for it will affect your understanding of the law. You can also refer yourself to my blog https://www.pascalmahvi.com/blog/emails-i-sent-to-shed-light-on-corruption/

    If I was guilty of the crime, I would be shutting up and go away. I did the time. As I was not / I am not guilty, I will NOT let the Corrupt Prosecutorial Team, my fake lawyer and my corrupt Judge Burt go free.

  17. He tried half of my case. In the end, the blackmailed my lawyer to throw the case. I was denied my Right to Due Process and I can prove it, so help me God!

  18. The time is too short. I think the entire Prosecuorial Team needs to be fired, including David Joyce’s’ daughter!

    How can we citizens trust our judiciary with all these allegations of corruption? In his first term ending in 2016, Flaiz brought in 901 cases. The 1st 900 all agreed to pleas. The 901st, me, told him to prove his case. To convict me, he was forced to blackmail my fake lawyer.

    In 2017, Anderson Cooper interviewed the New Orleans Public Defender. The latter told Anderson that Nationally, 95% of those convicted and imprisoned, are NOT GUILTY OF THE CRIMES FOR WHICH THEY WERE CONVICTED!!! They all accepted pleas because they had no money and wanted to spend less time. Here we have Flaiz with 900 notches on his gun belt for 4 years – ARE WE THAT SURE THAT THEY WERE ALL GUILTY???

    Prior to my right to a fair trial, Flaiz publicly sentenced me to four years of Prison and then offered me 30 days in the local Safety Center. He made the offer 4 times and 4 times I refused.

    Don’t you see the pattern??

    It is my hope the OHIO AG will have Flaiz removed for corruption. We can then always hold special elections. Meanwhile, I am sure someone can be found.

  19. Dear Seriously: I am not hiding! You are. I am not pulling punches. I state the truth with documentary evidence. These crimes are ongoing right under our noses and no one dares to touch the Prosecutor. When we have a Political Prosecutor in office, who enjoys Absolute Immunity without any Accountability to anyone, everybody loses. It’s even worse when he allows his investigator, Karen Sweet to fabricate evidence, knowing she too, is protected by Henderson v City of Euclid. She lied to a judge to nail me, and I can prove it with documentary evidence.

    This is not Flaiz’s first time railroading citizens. During his first term ending in 2016, he brought in 900 cases and all agreed to pleas. Think about that!

    I was deprived of my Constitutional Right to Due Process. I wanted to present 15 witnesses over 4-5 days to prove that I had no income. Judge Burt refused and allowed me, 5 witnesses, over 3 days and you have the hard evidence.

    My lawyer, who passed himself of as a criminal lawyer, was found out by Flaiz. I believe this is the reason my lawyer did not object For the Record, the denial of my request. Consequently, as the Court of Appeals can only rule on what’s on the Record, they correctly upheld the Lower Court’s ruling. I believe a deal was made to save Flaiz. As there was no Grand Theft, they needed to nail me on something. That something was I should not be allowed to prove that 100% of the cash going through my accounts between 2014 and 2016 were loans. They needed to prove I lied, that I had income. To make it simple, assume 15 people each loaned me $10, a total of $150. I was allowed to present 5 witnesses only. So, with the five I proved $50 in loans and the court assumed the missing $100 was unreported income!

    The last I looked, Unreported Income, is tax-evasion and a felony. Flaiz / Sweet bird-dogged me to the IRS. The IRS investigated me and dropped the case. So, if I committed a crime, why was I not prosecuted in the Federal Court? There is a reason! I had no income and was telling the truth!!

    Why did Flaiz needed me to accept a plea? Why did he offer 30 days three times? Why did I refuse? There is a reason. I was innocent and Flaiz knew it.

    The problem was he allowed his investigator, Karen Sweet to lie to Judge Stupica to secure a Search Warrant, and as Flaiz believed the lie told to him by Sweet (that I am an Iranian Muslim) and in his stupid mind, fair game in an election year, Flaiz invited his buddy, Tom Myer to the raid. As they found my US Passport, NY Certificate of Birth and Certificate of Baptism, Flaiz went on TV standing on the Curb and proceeded to indict, Arraign, Prosecute, Convict and Sentence me to 4 years in Federal Prison. He now had no choice and needed me to be GUILTY.

    As I would not take a plea, while in Chambers, Burt and Flaiz threatened my lawyer (who had lied to me (and to the court) about his qualifications) and got him to NOT object for the Record (objecting that 1-I was denied my 15 witnesses and 2- the refusal to present the Exculpatory evidence*) so they could convict me of a “Lessor” crime.

    How long do I have to wait to have my name cleared? Or are we a Banana Republic?

  20. Hey Prince! My bad. I completely forgot to tell you that I quit giving a shit when you responded with your rambling, ridiculous attempts to deflect from your guilt instead of the results from your continued attempts to lawfully clear your name. I do find it interesting that some one of your intellect, worldly knowledge, and fighter pilot status was dumb enough to hire a fake attorney, and let him represent you all the way through the trial. And please, spare us all another round of your conspiracy filled nonsense. Good luck, get some mental help, and learn personal accountability. Out

  21. Oh My, Seriously knows the genders… News Flash, I was not the only one who was duped by the fake lawyer. He was suspended early in 2018 for three other cases. My bad for not calling the State Bar to see if a Lawyer is telling me the truth – imagine the workload if all citizens did that whenever they want to hire a lawyer. Throughout the case, he was doing an ok job, until you, asshole Seriously, bribed him. And BTW Seriously asshole, I will file a Federal case. I am not going away. You see, I am not a cowboy like you. I do things progressively. A gentleman always allows others to do the right thing. They do not draw and shoot the lights out because it feels good – Of I forgot, you don’t know what is a gentleman, you are a bigoted asshole.

  22. I can’t figure out why Seriously deranged asshole is offended by my assertion that we are in real need for Accountability by our public servants….I think he must be James Flaiz or his cronies… I could always offer money to the Admin for the Seriously deranged asshole’s IP address! What do you think? Better yet, I will have it for free. Hahaha. God help you Seriously deranged asshole, should you be connected to the Corrupt Prosecutorial Team.

  23. Wow! You are crazy as hell! Are you leveling a threat of harm against me? You spent what, an hour of your life to respond to someone who said they don’t give a shit! Hahahaha, moron

  24. “leveling a threat of harm “?? Seriously deranged asshole (“SDA”) I think you just came unhinged!! Pls Drink a glass of cold water and get to bed. Tomorrow is a new day. Who knows, maybe one of us will be called by God tonight and He will demand an account of our lives. I know what I will say. What will you say?

  25. Flaiz should be the host of Let’s Make A Deal or a used car salesman, not the chief law enforcement officer of the county. He takes any deal he can get rather than seeking justice. He could care less about your civil rights. If no one can hold him accountable, like the rest of us, how do we know he is not breaking the law?

  26. Here we go again. I know you people like to play fast and loose with the facts, but he is not the chief law enforcement officer of the county. That title, surprisingly enough, belongs to the Coroner. The next in line is the Sheriff. It’s basic stuff people! We live in the age of Google for crying out loud!

  27. Good Call. Flaiz is too inept to be the chief law enforcement officer. Call the Coroner if you have to deal with Flaiz, so that when he runs you over the Corner will be there to enforce the law. Also, don’t call the Sheriff as he is only able to do what Flaiz and Sweet allow!

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