58 thoughts on “Geauga County Welcomes Famous Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack On Feb. 29

  1. JImmie Lee Holden should be elected Sheriff of Geauga County.
    He is supported by many. I plan on attending program on 29th.
    In meantime will distribute flyers and place yard signs.

  2. How much is this costing you Jimmy, be interesting who’s all funding your campaign. Must be desperate.

  3. To S. Daniels: Maybe Jimmy Lee Holden’s many supporters in Geauga County are helping to fund his campaign. (Who’s funding Hildenbrand’s campaign?)

  4. Who is using my name? I suspect it is the “Harvard” grad who is editor of the Geauga County bird cage liners. How about it Karlovec? Is it you trying to be me? Holden 2020 was one of the many phony names Karlovec was using to post on this sight. Reach higher, Johnny Boy.

  5. It’s pretty shady I say he cancels last minute. Susan Daniels I’m sure your not only person that could be S. Daniels.

  6. TO: S. Daniels aka John Karlovec

    Little pampered, entitled Johnny, I know this is you. You are such a juvenile ASS! Your paper, The Maple Leaf, a highly biased political rag, reflects your personality.

    Also YOU FRAUD, anyone can easily find out who’s funding a campaign. It’s public information at the Geauga Board of Elections.

    Now run along and go play on your tricycle.

  7. Spots is another name used by John Karlovec. You really are quite a mental case. Get help.

  8. Well, it’s been a while since any alt-right-milita nuts need his support! And with wonderful ideas like “Hide behind the women and children!”, I’m surprised he’s not in higher demand…

  9. Who is this devious mastermind Karlovec…….I think we should all take the time and air what he did to each and every one of us……..for public awareness!

    I will start and get this thing moving, to promote healing of course:

    It’s hard to talk about this, but I’ve really had some low times personally when it comes to Karlovec. I’ve called him some nasty names, unspeakable things really……and you know why?

    Over and over I read the first paragraph of his articles, only to be blocked by the paid subscription banner each and every damn time…….BLOCKED…..right at the cliffhanger…….How did buggy visibility get better by law? NO IDEA! I know midget wrestling is coming to Geauga County, but where, where, where? Cardinal canceled school because of illness……but I won’t ever know when the Coronavirus is coming to Claridon!

    Karlovec, if this is really you, I want you to know you’re clever, with all your cliffhangers…….. and internet marketing tactics….leading readers on to the apex of the story and 💥. Nothing but a request to subscribe to the 11.99 a year or you will continue to withhold the location of the gumbo dinner!!!!!!!!! These atrocities alone should be cause for criminal charges! Jimmy would charge you! Under Hildenbrand and his cronies nothing will happen, CORRUPTION!

    Although, after I think more about it…. after we cut Prosecutor Flaiz because it would save money we would have nobody to prosecute you? Next, we would have to cut the deputies salaries because they make too much too, undoubtedly causing them to leave for better employment. We would be left with basically enough money for Holden for Sheriff, since he would have to be paid at a FULL TIME rate and all. So Jimmy, if you’re on here too, after you’re elected we expect you to round up the posse, the volunteer one of course because they’re free, and charge Karlovec for the editorial atrocities he’s committing against the great people of Geauga County……also the greater chagrin valley readers (even though they aren’t really Geauga).

    Man, wow, that felt good. Who is up next?

  10. Not sure who I dislike more, Karlovec or Holden…Holden’s website looks like Karlovec’s, full of lies, mistruths and ridiculous made up stories. The only thing good about Holden’s site is I don’t have to pay to have a good laugh.

    The last thing we need is FULL TIME story teller to go along with a FULL OF CRAP paper….

    Man, wow, that felt good. Who is up next?

    Oh and if good ole Dick Mack shows up to this thing, I’ll run for sheriff and show you how it’s done!

  11. Shouldn’t you go feed your 20 cats ms Daniels. Or did k Curtis handle that while he brought u over the boxes of wine.

  12. Next time you have an emergency, call 9-1…that way you’ll reach Holden’s Sheriff’s “Department” and his highly trained, trained group of trained professionals will show off their training and officers (not deputies, probably because they’re so trained that they’ve trained their ways out of deputy status) will show up and train you the citizen on how to handle the matter your self. And oh ya there’s a jail!

    Holden 2020 or Biden 2020…they sound like clones.

  13. The following are the names on this post, used by JOHN KARLOVEC, editor of THE MAPLE LEAF, a horribly biased rag that does not do the people of Geauga right. His comments are made up, without facts, and distorted. He sounds like he has been drinking or on drugs when writing. A lot of his comments don’t even make sense. Sick, sick, sick!
    Here are his many aliases:

    S. Daniels / Spots / Judy k.h-s. / 🤠👎👨‍🌾 says / That felt damn good! / That felt damn good! Part 2 /
    D. Rodgers knows the real deal.

    Other names Karlovec has used on this site are: Admin; BJ; S. Russell Resident; Double Dog Dare; Just Sayin’; Dying to Know; Just the Facts Ma’am, Chesterland Twp.; Chardon Resident, People for Holden; Spots; Your ex-friend, D. Rodgers; University PD; Jones’s; AJ; Ms Infeld; Thompson twp.; Oh my…; Civil; Not impressed; Bigotry; Not my fight and Past Holdin co-worker.

  14. If what you are saying is true about John, he has a creepy fixation about that woman.

  15. To Susan Daniels: But the previous “Holden 2020” is now “Hildenbrand 2020” – along with too-many-to-keep-track-of AKA’s! I think the recent post by Holden 2020 to S. Daniels was from a true Holden supporter just replying to an accusatory, degrading comment and having no idea that S. Daniels and Karlovec and etc., etc. are one in the same!

  16. Ok guys I pulled some campaign finance reports. Looks like good ol Dick Mack was paid with the left over money that was taken from an evidence room(some agency that borders Cleveland) and never returned.

  17. Let’s stay on point and work together to keep Geauga County strong. Let’s share knowledge and educate one another instead of attacking people who probably aren’t even posting on this site. That doesn’t mean we all have to agree, but at least lets agree to disagree in a productive way.

    That being said, I went to an event several years ago that Sheriff Mack was speaking at and he is definitely worth seeing again. I’m also looking forward to hearing what Jimmy Lee Holden has to say. From my research he appears to be a stand up guy with a great reputation. I want to hear from him what his plans are to keep Geauga County strong and prospering.
    Hope to meet some of you fellow bloggers there!

  18. Anyone identifying as Republican is corrupt by association with the orange turd in Washington. Vote Blue and get a civilized country back

  19. Anyone identifying as Republican is corrupt by association with the orange turd in Washington. Vote Blue and get a civilized country back

  20. TO: Ariel

    I agree Ariel, LETS ALL STAY ON POINT!
    I’ve noticed that a lot of comments posted by Hildenbrand supporters are innuendo, not backed up by facts, just plain lies, don’t make sense, just plain ridiculous, and many times have NOTHING to do with the main story posted. I think people are smarter than that and can see thru a lot of this nonsense.

    I’m also looking forward to attending the event. I think it will be very informative.

  21. Haha… Campaign Finance reports…evidence room outside of Cleveland… It sounds like you’ve been watching a little too much Netflix.
    Let’s see it !

  22. TO: P.I.

    1). You have not provided any excerpts from any campaign finance reports or identifying who the finance report was about. That’s because you did not “pull” ANY reports.

    2). You do not say what county you pulled the report from?

    3). You do not say what agency.

    4). Richard Mack has no finance report. He is not running for anything and lives in another state. I’ll bet you don’t even know state that is.

    5). Do you honestly expect us to believe someone is going to list on their campaign finance report part of their money was stolen from an evidence room of some agency.

    I wish you would STOP posting on this blog. You have nothing constructive to say. YOU ARE A LIAR AND DISRUPTER.

  23. Joe / Josephina,
    Do you have a 401k? I’ve never made so much money since our current administration has taken over.
    Our economy is strong and getting stronger.
    Thought for the day: “It’s reckless to make broad generalizations about any group of people”

  24. Since Joe and Josephine say “exactly” the same thing, I’m guessing that John Karlovec, the Harvard student, has returned. He should spend more time trying to make his newspapers better.

    I hope I get a chance to meet Sheriff Mack. He is one tough hombre.

  25. Please tell me what research you’ve done to back up your comment. I’m concerned that there was a post here earlier from someone who said they saw his personnel file from University Heights and there was a sexual harassment problem in it. What else is in his file and why did the post disappear?

  26. Feel free to contact the University Hts. Police Dept. and request a copy of his personnel file. If you think there is something about Holden that needs to be uncovered, you should take the lead on it. Or is this just Chardon Maple Leaf editor John Karlovec still attempting to cause trouble?

  27. You can’t be talking about Hildenbrand. He was a retire/rehire, gets paid as Fire Chief from Hambden and has his pay check from the Sheriff’s Dept., where he never shows up. So he’s getting three county paychecks, plus a personal car, a credit card to use and $55,000 a year in a FOJ Fund (Furtherance of Justice) that he can use for anything he wants. He also gets an added 32% of his Sheriff’s pay in benefits: into his OPERS pension, medical, dental. etc. So the “ol boy” you are talking about certainly isn’t Hildenbrand.

  28. TO: Concerned In Geauga County

    YOU ARE NOT CONCERNED, you are a disrupter. It’s easy to spot you guys. You make innuendos and unsubstantiated remarks hoping to plant doubt in peoples minds. Your mind game players that have no concrete information for us.

    FACT: None of you have pulled any file from University Heights P.D. If anyone had, a portion of it, pertaining to your innuendo, would have been posted as proof. Put up or shut up.

    FACT: If that were even true he would have been fired and it would have been in the news.

  29. I think R. Mack has been posting comments about some interesting things but those comments keep disappearing

  30. (So….Karlovec is mud-slinging and candidate bashing and making up stuff – under the guise of 87 different people! Why would he “change his mind” and then attack with a vengeance?? Why does he not just focus on his job or retire and get a better, constructive hobby??

  31. Guess we now know who this DISRUPTER is! – Just making up little barbs to cause suspicion and pretending to be “concerned in Geauga County” under hundreds of different names!

  32. What if the person(s) was forced to leave or other witnesses refused to make a statement or covered it up. Or he was disciplined for it. But as these comments keep getting removed will my not ever know unless we pull the file ourselves.

  33. So are you going to keep deleting my comments about the two investigations that were found in his file. I think after reading those and comparing the womenfolk men ratio at the sheriffs department compared to university hts. Someone is going to get something smacked. People need to know about this. However,obviously this site isn’t the place since they say they allow everything except for this. Maybe it will be brought up at a meet the candidates night or maybe I’ll put a letter to the editor in that rag of a paper that covers a lot of geauga county 🤔

  34. Go to the University Hts. PD and get a copy of the claims you are making and post them word for word on this site. Or shut your lying mouth.

  35. EXACTLY where did you get some campaign finance reports? Please post the link so we can all look.

  36. So are you going to continue to keep illegally putting signs in front of businesses and people’s yards that never gave permission to do this? Must be desperate when no one supports this ass hat with 3 names.

  37. Maybe Dick Mack will help him solve crime. Have u guys checked out the UHPD Stats when he was Lt., crime actually went up. We don’t need that laziness here

  38. John Karlovec has nothing but time on his hands to write stupid crap like this. His pal, Hildenbrand, who is never at work but at every dinner held in the county, is going down and next it will be Flaiz. You won’t have anyone to tell little secrets anymore or let you sit in judges’ chambers during hearings. As your readership falls on the Chardon Maple Leaf and Chester and Kirtland papers, you better update your resume. Perhaps you can pay what you owe to reinstate your law license. Think about a GoFundMe page to start.

  39. What were the stats? Please quote the actual numbers for all of us to see instead of just making fake claims. I think you must have “a thing” for Holden. He is a tall, good looking guy.

  40. Jimmy must have donated to Dick Mack’s Gofundme page. Sounds like he’s hurting for cash and why not come to geauga on jimmys dime.

  41. A huge thank you to whoever mastermind that sad little mailer this blog sent out! You truly do care about the citizens of this county! And it came at the perfect time! I was having a Heck of a time getting the burn barrel going, but that mailer was just the thing! Thanks again!

  42. Only pro Holden comments allowed on this site. Truth and facts be damned. Anyone who disagrees with me must be Jimmy Lee, his wife or maybe Judy I-love hypens-Spotts. Is that how this goes everyone? Oh i know you all will say I work for the sheriffs department or maple leaf. Lol. This site reminds me of the Democrats everyone I disagree with is a Russian. How the hell is Holden going to address the opiate problem? The s.o. is addressing it. Guess what drugs are illegal and bad. Even the pain pills your doctors feed you boomers are bad. So maybe stop searching for help thru a bottle of pills. There is only so much that can be done, some point people need to take responsibility for their own actions. Also want to say Hi to Judy! I know you love to delete comments that you don’t like.

  43. On a positive note thanks to this site I now know who to vote for. I can honestly say wasn’t sure about Rambo but since Judy doesn’t like him he has my vote! Thanks Judy. Keep it up. Doing a good job. Keep slandering people and hiding behind your “anonymous ” website. Working well for you. GO BOOMER JUDY

  44. I have heard from some people Holden was putting signs up without permission. is that legal? Sad state when you have to sneak your signs up without permission. yeah he would make a great sheriff. Guess what thanks to this site I contacted Hildenbrand and got signs for me and my friends.

  45. To Paige Lee: Is someone holding a gun to your head and making you come to this site? I suggest you never come back to it again. Reduce the stress in your life.

  46. Oh Mary G. Lol I have no stress. I like to check in once and awhile to see the bullshit being spread on people. Sorry I thought this was a place of open discussion? Oh I forgot only the opinions you agree with are allowed? Or did the other stuff get to you? Or is this you Judy? The site got boring once I figured out Judy was running it. Now I like to pop in and say hi to her.

  47. If you don’t want me on this site then why put the mailers out??? Hate to ruin your echo chamber of misinformation and hate.

  48. Oh Judy after a few minutes of digging easy to figure out that you are Mary G. My goodness you are not good at this are you. How much money is the judge giving you? By the way everyone on this site Judy I- love hyphens-Spotts is collecting your data ,she has admitted to looking up your IP addresses too. So brave Judy so brave.

  49. TO: Paige Lee

    The only bullshit being spread is by you! If you are implying this is not a place of open discussion then how did you get on? After reading all of your comments I can only conclude that you are merely ranting, stating opinion based on nothing, spewing bullshit, no facts, no nothing. You are nothing! Your comments have nothing to do with the main post.

  50. TO: Paige Lee

    Only pro Holden comments allowed on this site? Then how did you get on Paige? After reading all of your comments I can only conclude that you are merely ranting, stating opinion based on nothing, spewing bullshit, no facts, no nothing. You are nothing! Your comments have nothing to do with the main post. WHAT MEDS ARE YOU ON PAIGE?

  51. Is Paige Lee actually Joy Keco who just got her ass kicked in court and is now venting her frustrations?

  52. It’s called public records. They were obtained from the board of elections. So a Susan Daniels from thwing rd donated $100. On June 10th. There’s not a link to lost this trash site will not let me post pdf’s. I’m sure you understand now.

  53. Graham County · Population
    37,466 (2017)
    Less than half the population of Geauga County.

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