State seeks to remove Sandusky Prosecutor


“The Ohio Attorney General is asking a court to remove the embattled Sandusky County Prosecutor from office. 

“AG David Yost says the prosecutor’s admission of inappropriate touching makes him unfit for office. The prosecutor was suspended on Tuesday. Ohio Public Radio’s Andy Chow reports.

“Sandusky County Prosecutor Tim Braun pleaded guilty in court to one count of negligent assault.

“Yost filed a complaint in Sandusky County court saying Braun’s plea, along with the results of a state investigation, prove that he should be removed from office due to what Yost called ‘physical and psychological abuse.’

“State investigators say Braun committed a number of inappropriate actions in office such as groping female subordinates and conducting a criminal investigation in order to obtain private cell phone records of female subordinates.

“The court filing begins the procedure to remove a public officer set by Ohio law. It also says Governor Mike DeWine backs the request.

“Braun did not respond to a request for comment.”

Is Braun touching subordinates worse than a prosecutor who let embezzling continue for three years?

9 thoughts on “State seeks to remove Sandusky Prosecutor

  1. We should investigate an initiative to remove Flaiz. The Decatur debacle alone would provide all of the documentation and explanation needed.

  2. How Much Prosecutorial Corruption do we need to have redress and justice?
    This feckless asshole committed several crimes in my case alone:
    1- Flaiz allowed his Investigator Karen Sweet, issue a False and misleading FinCEN report to the Federal Gov on August 12, 2016
    2- He allowed his Investigator Karen Sweet, issue a False Sworn Statement to Judge Stupica to secure a Search Warrant.
    3- He invited his neighbor, Tom Myer formally at WKYC TV to the gunpoint raid of our home.
    4- He allowed WKYC to violate our 4th Amendment by coming on to our property.
    5- Prior to having the facts, Flaiz violated my rights on TV by publically Indicting, Arraigning, Convicting and Sentencing me to four years of Prison, depriving me of a Jury trial and defaming me Globally.
    6- Once he had the facts by Oct 15, 2016, instead of dropping the case, on Dec 7, 2016 he proceeded to indict, lying to his Grand Jury.
    7- Having 100% of the Exculpatory Evidence seized on Sept 2, 2016, he withheld all of it from the court and colluded with my lawyer to have him not question it for the record.
    8- Flaiz colluded with Judge Forrest Burt and my fake Criminal Lawyer, Brendan Delay to deprive me of my Constitutional Right to Due Process by having the Court deny me my request to present 15 witnesses that would have proved my innocence.
    9- While my Appeal was still in process, on December 18, 2018, he had Forrest Burt issue a Warrant for my arrest on a trumpted-up charge of Contempt of Court.

  3. Pascal, I have read all your postings. They are interesting and I am sure accurate and it is unfair what has happened to you. Welcome to justice in Geauga County. But how many times can I read the same thing? I wish that you would not post so often. It looks like you are trying to take over this site.

  4. Once you see you’ve already read it, move on! I assure you, I could not take over the site even if I tried!
    If you appreciate the gravity of these facts, then write the Attorney General and file your protest. with a copy to this site.

  5. “Welcome to justice in Geauga County”! For all I know you are either Flaiz, Burling or Sweet!!

  6. Copy it before you hit post comment. After you post it you can go to another article and post it again.

  7. I agree–Pascal has good points but it’s the same story.
    I would like you Pascal to go to OTHER media and tell them your story–the local papers don’t care 🙁
    Karen Sweet is powerful too. Connected. Does a lot for St. Mary Chardon.

  8. Prosecutor investigator Karen Sweet is an unethical, immoral piece of garbage who is trying to purchase redemption through the church. It won’t work. God knows everything she has done.

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