John Karlovec: The Pretend Journalist

By: I Know How to Read

John Karlovec, who went to Harvard, the school that now discriminates against Asians, thinks he is a journalist because he inherited three local rags from his father. He is Prosecutor James Flaiz’s flunky and only writes what Flaiz wants in the Chardon Maple Leaf. 

Karlovec is part of the Minor Stream Media that ignores the truth. His Chardon, Chester and Kirtland publications are stuffed with puff pieces and the concept of hard-hitting news escapes him.

When did you read in the Chardon Maple Leaf that Flaiz ignored for three years the $2.4 million embezzlement that went on in the Auditor’s office? When did Karlovec mention the hand-written notes of a former employee of the Commissioners describing the twenty-six times Flaiz ignored her warnings? Her warnings started in June 2014.

Karlovec knew it was a lie when he printed that Flaiz uncovered the embezzlement in Sept. 2017. The sworn affidavit by Flaiz’s investigator, Richard Warner, for a search warrant was a phony and he committed perjury by signing it. Is that why Flaiz didn’t sign it himself?

Flaiz used to let Karlovec sit in the judge’s chambers to listen to hearings. Not allowed or legal. Most likely it was corrupt former Judge Forrest Burt’s office; Burt also did Flaiz’s bidding. Judge David Ondrey won’t be so easy to manipulate. 

But we will be able to discern the integrity of Ondrey soon. Auditor, come thief, who admitted signing invoices that were illegal, Frank Gliha wants his record sealed and has a hearing coming up in March. Last year Ondrey turned down the request of a former county employee, Jodi Almstead who asked for for her record to be sealed after she stole $2,300 and served 60 days in jail in 2006.

Ondrey’s reason for refusing Jodi Almstead was: “… because she was a public official at the time of her offense.”

Seems that Gliha was also a public official while the $2.4 million theft was in progress. And Gliha didn’t get a single day in jail. But he is a friend of Flaiz and that makes all the difference.

Let’s see what Ondrey does. Let’s see if he is a “man of the people” or a member of the “good old boys network.”

By the way, in 2019 Flaiz made $140,638 a year, plus 32% in benefits. He made $133,941 in 2018. Nice scam if you can get away with it.

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  1. Ok sorry for posting this I can’t undo it. So just want people to know that I made up the park that Flaiz let Karlovec sit in the judges chamber during hearing. Everyone knows that I made it up. Also the 32% in benefits it’s stupid just a number I threw out there and it has stuck pretty well, sorry again. I’m just upset that I didn’t go to law school and get their jobs. Shouldn’t have done so much coke when I was a kid. Have a good weekend guys!!!

  2. How Much Proof of Corruption does one need to get exonerated? Granted, due to the Home Rule issue, the Gov and the AG are powerless. But what about the Disciplinary Counsel?

    I will not stop until this scandal is exposed nationally. The crooks will have to murder me to silence me.

    As you read the above post, recall in my case the following:

    1- Karen Sweet, who likes to impersonate the FBI in court, Swore to a False Statement on Sept 1, 2016, to secure a Search Warrant from Judge Terrie Stupica to raid our home (at gunpoint). Prosecutor James Flaiz refused to sign it.

    2- Sweet is protected by the Henderson vs City of Euclid case – she enjoys total immunity.

    3- Judge Forrest Burt, a corrupt judge who did the bidding of Flaiz, deprived me of my right to Due Process. I asked to present 15 witnesses (over 4-5 days) to show that 100% of the money in my accounts between 2014-2016 were in fact loans. He only allowed me 5 over 3 days.

    4- It is highly likely that as Flaiz and Burt discovered my lawyer, Brendan Delay had lied to me about being a “criminal” lawyer, while in the darkness of Burt’s chambers, they pushed him to not object for the record to the Due Process Refusal, this in order to prevent me from Appeal at the 11th District Appellate Court.

    5- As to the Verdict, Burt didn’t need to hear any Closing Arguments; He already had his verdict written out and walked into the courtroom with it in hand. He allowed the Closing Arguments to be made and for me to make a Statement and then slammed me.

    These feckless assholes never thought that I would carry the fight to them.

    Pascal Mahvi

  3. Every word in the article is true. It appears that Chardon Maple Leaf Editor John Karlovec wrote the above comment. This, and a nasty comment on another story which is undeniably tied to him. What’s the matter, John, can dish it out and can’t take it? Or is it a drinking problem?

    Other names Karlovec has used on this site are: Admin; BJ; S. Russell Resident; Double Dog Dare; Just Sayin’; Dying to Know; Just the Facts Ma’am, Chesterland Twp.; Chardon Resident, People for Holden; Spots; Your ex-friend, D. Rodgers; University PD; Jones’s; AJ; Ms Infeld; Thompson twp.; Oh my…; Civil; Not impressed; Bigotry; Not my fight and Past Holdin co-worker.

    The tipoff to identify him was the mention of law school. Karlovec went to law school (CWRU) and has been sanctioned six times since 2003 by the state registrar for attorneys, mostly for not registering and a CLE suspension. As of 12/17/2014 he cannot practice law until he re-registers and pays monetary sanctions in excess of $1,000. Apparently, he is a failure at everything, except kissing Flaiz’s ass.

  4. The word “journalism” should not be used to describe the local newspapers. They are slanted and minimally informative. It’s nice to see the raw opinions published here. Mr. Mahvi, what happened to you was a common practice in Geauga courts. I’m appreciating your posts.

  5. Thank you for your comment.
    This “common practice” of Geauga County must stop and this starts with us, the governed.
    It starts with those who are elected to be the members of the secret Grand-Jury.
    It starts by not accepting whatever Flaiz utters out of lying mouth.
    Consider this:
    During his 1st term ending in 2016, Flaiz brought in 900 cases, ALL of which were pled to lessers terms.
    He who has ears, let him hear. Matt 11:15

  6. I too have been a victim of the corrupt Geauga county court system! Cited for menacing James Flaizs’ wife on the highway. Strange that her name was not used on the court filing document, Instead it read State of Ohio vs John Doe. Always thought a plaintiff’s name was supposed to be on record. This shows how the muni court is manipulating case’s. Had a plea agreement arranged with prosecutors office, Judge Terri Stupica ignored this and gave maximum sentence per her alignment with James Flaiz, when my lawyer did not object to her breaking the plea agreement after I plead guilty to a DUI per agreement, Come to find out he colluded with Flaiz to set me up for stiffer sentence. This goes to show how my lawyer whom is also a prosecutor in another county, served James Flaizs’ best interest instead of his client.

  7. It would be helpful it you could give any information regarding this so that a story could be written to identify the other people involved. Everyone knows that Flaiz is corrupt. Just one of his tricks: he sent a third-time domestic violence offender back to Chardon Municipal Court so Judge Stupica could dismiss it. The guy had served 90 days in jail for his second domestic violence charge and Flaiz got the third one dismissed.

  8. TO: Anonymous

    Yes, I agree with Mary G. You need to give the names of these VILE elected people who abuse their positions of authority. You’re not doing yourself, or us, any good by not giving their names. They need to be exposed! That is what they fear the most. When enough people read about them and know their names, things start to change.

    More and more people are getting to know that James Flaiz is an incompetent, crooked S.O.B.

    Judge Terri Stupica is really not a neutral Judge….she is a politician….part of Geauga swamp. As true of most elected people, she has no backbone to stand up to the SWAMP (good old boys club).

  9. Where have all the good people gone? I said where the hell have all the good people gone!? Very few politicians left that have integrity and honesty.

  10. Geauga county has government swamp problems. These are
    at the city, village, and township level. Jimmie Lee Holden should
    be the next county sheriff. He should be elected as well as the
    Grendells, Kerry Lynch Quay, Ralph Spidaliera’

  11. Not Spidiliari. He is no leader. We must do better than him. And next election Lennon has to go.

  12. Confused. So they banged u for getting food stamps while u were a prince. Where were u a prince at. That’s sounds cool.

  13. I hope that was a joke. The grendells wow. Look t how they each got appointed in their current positions. Wtf is wrong with you if you want to keep them. Wow. Kerry Lynch she couldn’t even get elected as a trustee in her own township. She’s just like her father. Which speaking of. The two told Mullins that they received a $10,000 donation for Kerry and if she was to step down she could still have a job. Yeah that’s the people I want in public office. Wake up people! The only once on that above list is spidellari he has a good background in business and knows the county. Oh also look how the Grendells spend the tax money buying flyers right around election time trying to pass them off as informational stuff and not campaign trash. I think she just got a warning from the state auditor about that.

  14. So, with all your accusations, I imagine you have documents or something to prove your points? Good thing your name isn’t on this because I suspect the next thing you would see is a lawsuit. And you would be the defendant.

  15. TO: Wake up Geauga County!!!!

    More bullshit and innuendo! Were you present during the conversation between the Lynch’s and Mullins? Were you actually privy to their conversation? NOT! Concerning the Grendells…..what flyers are you talking about? No politician can use tax money on political flyers, it is illegal. If they did they would be in front of the State Elections Commission in a second! You say you “THINK” she got a warning from the state auditor. I DON’T THINK SO. That would have been publicized and I have seen NOTHING concerning that.

    YOU wake up bozo and present truth and verified facts instead of your bullshit!

  16. I agree, Commissioner Ralph Spidiliari is no leader. When he ran the first time against Mary Samide (one of the biggest liars in Geauga), I believe he was saying he was a business man, not a politician…..uh huh, uh huh. I guess that turned out not to be true. He is part of the swamp and I don’t see that he has done much for the people.

  17. The Grendells are two of the best people we have in Geauga! They work for the people and most know that. They are NOT part of the “good ol boy” swamp in Geauga and therefore are attacked by the people that are. Just based on that ONE point, I would vote for both of them over and over and over and over.

  18. Why are you trying to bring up petty bullshit FROM 5 YEARS AGO that means nothing? Yes, it was from 5 years ago! I have read it and anyone else who reads it, having half a brain, will see you are trying to make a federal case out of nothing. It’s a matter of two opinions. It’s not relevant to their decades of dedicated service to the public. You dislike the Grendells and are “grasping at straws” to find anything to bash them with. VERY POOR!

  19. It is true Grendell has spent close to $100,000 of public money on campaign literature disguised as “public information” mailers and signs. The Good Deeds signs highlight Grendell’s name with the largest font, and we receive quarterly court bulletins with Grendell’s name mentioned several times and of course his photo. Grendell always puts his photo and a personal note in every park board mailer. NO, I repeat, NO other elected official does anything like this. Its an abuse of power. Grendell may not be the swamp, but he certainly is a cesspool and needs to go.

  20. Thank God Karlovec is reporting on Grendell’s abuses. Keep it up. There is not enough investigative journalism.

  21. All posts coming from “Reality Check” are from John Karlovec editor of the Chardon Maple Leaf. Now you know what a dishonest “journalist” he is.

  22. Are you kidding me!! Look at Diane, she was not nominated to that spot by the GOP. Good ole Timmy boy called in a favor to Columbus to get her into that spot. The same way Timmy got his. Wonder what they have done during their times in office to get that kinda pull. Did anyone read the one lawsuit where he refuse to pay the win bonus of $50,000 to the campaign company that got him reflected. Just amazing that you have to pay someone $50,000 to get elected. Our system is f’d

  23. Are you the prince who I keep sending my money to hoping for my lottery winnings. I want my money you keep promising me. If I don’t get my money. No more Greendot cards for you!!

  24. IP tracing?
    Interesting. That said the IP may not originate from the host computer, but rather the ISP server.

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