Geauga 2019 Top Salary Earners

By: The Game is Rigged

No surprises here. Sheriff Scott Hildebrand rips off the taxpayers with his pets. All these people get an additional 32% in benefits. Thirteen of twenty-two of the top money earners work for the Sheriff’s Dept. Keep in mind there are an additional almost 150 other employees working for Hildenbrand. His salary budget is $11 million dollars.

140,638 James Flaiz Prosecutor
136,351 Robert Umholtz Public Defender; his salary in 2018 was $86,807 (Why the big jump in pay?)
118,959 Donald Rice Board of DD
111,742 James Adams Mental Health
110,468 Ted Sloan Sheriff Dept.
109,359 Joseph Cattell Engineering
107,896 Thomas Rowan Sheriff Dept.
99,836 Kimberly Laurie Juvenile Court
99,473 John Oros Park District
98,153 Thomas Quade Health District
97,106 Kathy Vatty Rose Sheriff Dept.
96,935 Gerry Morgan County Administrator
95,762 James Falb Sheriff Dept.
95,401 James Bartlett Sheriff Dept.
94,755 Kelly Mitchell Sheriff Dept.
94,191 Andrew Supinski Sheriff Dept.
93,840 Gary Gribbons Sheriff Dept.
93,671 John Hiscox Sheriff Dept.
92,813 Jonathan Bilcic Sheriff Dept.
92,570 Brandon Reed Sheriff Dept.
92,403 Louis Filby Sheriff Dept.
92,125 Christopher Vokoun Sheriff Dept.

85 thoughts on “Geauga 2019 Top Salary Earners

  1. Of the bold printed Sheriff’s Office “top earners”, only 4 could be removed by a new sheriff and 1 has already retired. The rest are long time employees, and are deputies still actively working either in patrol or detective functions. And many are in specialized positions actually bringing money into the office. When I say long time, I’m talking 20+ years. I guess their years of service mean nothing and they should be forced out somehow. Only to be replaced by people with less experience and job skill. Though the union and the employee’s attorneys may have an issue with that. And I could be wrong, but this post seems to imply there are too many employees at the Sheriff’s Office and that needs to be cut back. Remember, cut back the people, cut back the services provided as well

  2. The county is top heavy with overpaid deputies. Chesterland Police Chief Purchase once asked the Sheriff’s Dept. if they could help if he was overwhelmed, as he claimed when he was trying to get a police levy passed because he was short of men. He was told the Sheriff didn’t have enough people to offer outside help. A hundred and seventy people and they are short of help? Ashtabula has a jail, almost the same population as Geauga County, but four times the amount of area to cover. And they have eight-eight people working for their sheriff. What service? The officers who are commissioned are not allowed to carry a gun, write a traffic ticket, arrest anyone or even turn on lights in their vehicles. When was the last time anyone saw a sheriff’s car on the road. By the way, Purchase got his levy passed and still hasn’t hired anyone.

  3. Getting rid of three at the top would save the county $400,000 a year in salaries and benefits.

  4. So after only a few weeks looking into this site. I’ve discovered its run by Judy. The pro holden people are nasty, uneducated and love to slander innocent people. If we can just make up rumors then I guess we can do it about holden and his family or maybe even you judy. Fair game right boomer judy?

  5. Are these numbers real? Are they just rumors? Does Scott or any of these people have college degrees? Is this list just rumors?

  6. The Sheriff’s Office has jurisdiction in the entire county, including Chester Twp (which is what I assume you ment by Chesterland, no such place exists in Geauga County). The Sheriff’s Office has never denied assistance to another agency, and I’m not sure they legally could.

    Secondly, do you really want to use Ashtabula as a model? Extremely long response time, limited resources, not long ago would not respond to calls unless it was a violent felony in progress.

    All commissioned Deputies carry guns and have arrest powers. Hence the term commissioned, as in commissioned through the OPOTC. If your complaint is regarding non commissioned, civilian employees with take home cars, we have found common ground. However , there are a lot of non commissioned, civilian positions at the Sheriff’s Office that do not get a car and serve important functions.
    Do you mean THE Sheriff’s car, or a patrolling deputy? I assume your implying a lack of patrol activity by the Deputies. You either live in an are with police service provided (such as Chester) giving limited reason for deputies to actively patrol that area, you aren’t paying attention, or you simply dishonest. I’m betting it’s two out of three.

  7. Yes. The majority. All public record,even if this blog chooses to only list information helpful to their “cause”. Nothing stopping a curious citizen such as your self from obtaining that info.

  8. Yes. The majority. All public record,even if this blog chooses to only list information helpful to their “cause”. Nothing stopping a curious citizen such as your self from obtaining that info.

  9. Scott has no college degree. He graduated from Chardon High School. He doesn’t have much of a work ethic either; he is happy to let other people do his job. I’ve seen letters from the Sheriff’s Dept. signed by Gary Gribbons.

  10. Let’s remember that there are amazing deputies in the Sheriff’s Office. There are people who work at the Sheriff’s Office who do protect and serve and they are not making a hundred thousand dollars. I commend them, are working under a regime that excludes them from promotion and compensation. God is good, the right things will happen.

  11. Now show what Holdin made in University Hts. In 2016 it was $117,000 he gave himself a raise of 7%. Pull wages of police departments around in the eastern cuyahoga county. These number are fine. I’m sure they worked a bunch of overtime to get them. Probably should ask how Umholtz is making so much. I worked for Chester 2 years ago and the deputies always wanted to help us not sure where u got that info

  12. I would prefer that people be required to sign their true name and city. Regardless, the local news outlets do not print most anything of relevance to the residents. I’ve spent more time on this post, and learned things that are relevant to me. I’m disappointed in the CVT, they seem repetitious and slanted, I do not read the other periodicals.

  13. Good point Chesterland twp. resident about deputies working overtime. There are many hard working deputies. You however seem to have bias as well.

  14. Repeatedly tried to post entire list of 170 unsuccessfully. It is a public record. Anyone can get it for themselves. It is obscene what the Deputy Sheriff’s salaries are.

  15. They aren’t going to put the rest of the list it’s wrong they took their people out of it.

  16. Please read the above post again. They aren’t. One was, it was wrong, he has retired.

  17. Yes, no other leader of a large entity, public or private, delegates tasks to subordinates…..

  18. Did someone on here really just compare geauga county to Ashtabula county? Or as stated earlier, compare the sheriff’s office salaries to that of any area comparable departments.

    The lack of knowledge on here from administrators is astounding. Nothing is based on fact, it’s simply a small faction of people ranting and now it has become strictly comedy.

    I will continue to say, “leave the grown up decisions to the grown ups”, and this county will be just fine.

  19. Rumor is that Scott has promised his deputies 3% raises for each of the next four years. Who do you think will pay for that?

  20. And its the Sheriff’s OFFICE, as its an elected position. It’s not the Department of the President either, in case you’re confused.

  21. Obscene, really?. Most make a good wage,but well below 100K. Those on the top end, as stated above, have been there for years, and are still productive employees.

  22. He promised nothing. That’s an agreement between the bargaining unit and the county. Get your facts straight. Oh, that’s right, facts don’t matter here in the land of misfits

  23. Many salaries for law enforcement in Northeast Ohio are similar to what the deputies are making.

    One thing I would like to point out is that certain deputies that are on this list, their salaries are paid to the sheriff’s office federally. As someone earlier mentioned about overtime, certain deputies work overtime that is reimbursed by the State of Ohio for traffic programs.

    So while posting this list is informational, there’s also other facts that go along with it, leaving that out is pretty deceitful and doesn’t show honor of the person posting. It seems that the sheriffs office actually does do things to save the taxpayers money.

  24. Other leaders actually show up for work from time to time. They are not off playing with fire engines.

  25. When Hildenbrand was named Sheriff in 2016, there were 140 employees. He has now added 30 more. Nepotism and cronyism.

  26. Several have heard the comment about the 3% raises from Ralph. Of course, 3% would be a bargain considering what we have seen in the past.

  27. Ok. Please present even a shred of evidence that any of these hires fall under the legal definition of nepotism or cronyism? Two key points here EVIDENCE, not your opinion. And fits the DEFINITION of those words. Understand that the definition of words does not change no matter how upset you are or how much hand wringing you do. Also, has there been an increase to the payroll budget since 2016?

  28. So it’s a problem that a sitting commissioner knows the details of a collective bargaining (union) contract that was reached for an agency in his county? And its public record….

  29. “The six figure range” what is that exactly? What’s your cutoff? 10,000 is 5 figures. 5 is nearly 6. Is that in range?

  30. Mr. Holden made 105,000 at his last job, pulse benefits, pulse gave himself a 7% raise! But yeah, way more upstanding that the current administration.

  31. Benefits? You mean the benefits that are received by county employees? Benefits maybe like a pension system? Benefits that employees can opt to contribute to a deferred compensation plan? Please, enlighten me as to how the sheriff’s office is the only one to receive these “benefits”. Understandably, they are a part of collective bargaining that was established in Ohio in 1983 for public employees that meet certain criteria.

    Many people seek out jobs that have benefits, that is a good way to obtain and retain employees. I’m not understanding what the actual debate is here. Geauga County is fortunate to have competitive wages and a safety force that is compensated competitively.

    I am a tax payer and understand what I pay in taxes, I am all for a fair COLA increases…because I want to have competent services, should I, God forbid ever need them!!!!

    Also, obscene that they make a competitive salary? There are many deputies that reside in this county, to be able to afford to live in this county isn’t the easiest. When there is a significant event that these law enforcement deputies get called in for, wouldn’t you rather have their response be from within the county, or would you rather wait until they’re able to drive in from say, Lake, Cuyahoga or Ashtabula counties? Just a thought….

  32. What was seen in the past? I can’t wait to see these percentages!! Please, please, please show these “past” percentages!!

  33. A 3% increase is fairly standard for police agencies in our area. Failure to keep a competitive wage will cause the qualified employees, those with marketable skills, to seek employment elsewhere. Then your left with the bottom of the barrel. The type that the current administration has done a good job, while battling the union, to get rid of and told to go….kick….rocks!

  34. TO: Annoyed voter

    Who is Judy? You say you discovered who runs this site after a few weeks. I think you’re a LIAR. Out of curiosity I have also tried to find out a while back. I couldn’t find anything so tell me how you went about that. I would like to see for myself.

    Anyway, who cares who started the site. That has nothing to do with anything. What attracted me to it was that it is private, you can post without giving your e-mail address, and ANYONE can voice their opinion (unedited, uncensored) without being blocked, even a goofball like you!

    Just like any blog, you will get goofballs posting, like yourself, but you will also get some good info about various things including about local politicians and the shit they try and pull. This is some hard hitting stuff. Try finding that in the local papers or other blogs.

  35. The salaries are not competitive to surrounding communities. They are outrageous and the nepotism and cronyism is disgusting. It’s time to start cutting the fat. And I mean the fat. How many of the sheriff’s employees are physically fit. He sure as hell isn’t.

  36. Three percent is okay for donut eaters but social security recipients, who paid into it all their lives, have had two raises over the last seven years. One was for 1.5% and the other for 1.6% and both raises were offset by an increase in Part B of Medicare.

  37. Mary G:

    Please look at surrounding law enforcement agencies and see what their officers are making, look at Russell PD, Bainbridge PD, Willowick PD, Mentor PD, Willoughby PD….shall I keep going?! I don’t want to even mention Waite Hill or Kirtland Hills PD’s. My facts come straight from the SERB website, please check it out.

    How do you suggest one “cuts the fat” as you say it?!

    Where is the nepotism? I haven’t seen that as maybe you have, please enlighten me and I’m saying that sincerely.

    And yes, I’d venture to say that the majority of the office is physically fit, you will never get a 100% in that category no matter how hard you try, plus there’s always variables as well.

  38. 117 full time employees and 32 part time employees, check the Auditors office records. Accurate as the paperwork was filed the first part of January

  39. Mary G. First, and I know this goes against the grain on this blog, certainly with you and your ilk, but provide evidence that the wages are not compatible to area agencies! You can’t because they are. If you understood collective bargaining, you would know that part of the process, comparing wages to other similar agencies! Comparing the sheriff’s office to say, Burton or Middlefield PD is not a comparison at all. But then again, facts don’t really matter do they?! Finally, your sad, snide remarks about physical fintness, and “fat” employees showed the lack of depth and intellectual integrity you possess. But, credit for blatant theft of left wing tactics….if people make statements you disagree with, spew your poison louder and see just how nasty you can get. Disgusting

  40. And these public employees will never collect a penny from social security.
    Anyone hired after 1985 was required to pay @1.5% in to Medicade so that when they reach 65 they will get some kind of health coverage, not sure if you have seen the recent health coverage for retired public employees but they are getting ready to do away with it. So I dont blame someone who retires and wants to go back to work to help offset the high cost retired officers now have to pay for insurance.

  41. But, but ,but… That’s not right! If you start with 140, then add 30, that’s…… 170! Your numbers only come to 149! Can’t be correct! The facts don’t match my feelings, the facts must be wrong!

  42. Solo, contact you federal representative! Not sure what that has to do AT ALL with the budget of the COUNTY sheriff or what percentage increase the employees get. Should have planned better for retirement and not depended on the government to care for you!

  43. Ahhh, “donut eaters”…there it is, the most intelligent comment of the day!! No one’s ever heard that before, so laughable!!! What’s next, you going to call someone a “pig” too???? Debate is regarding the wages of county employees and you stoop to the illustrious name calling that has proven so beneficial on this site…lol!!!!

  44. What do you expect? A quick glance at the posts by ol’ Mary Mary Quite Contrary reveals a person who is so disappointed with life in general, so angry with anything that upsets her little world, and sadly, so ignorant, that all that is available for an outlet is to sling mud. Really, just hope it makes her feel better and brings her some small satisfaction in her dismal existence.

  45. Any of you nay-sayers are more than welcome to go through the academy and put your life on the line….maybe apply at a place like East Cleveland or the like, since the paycheck isn’t anything to you…see how far your name calling and keyboard warrior skills get you!

  46. Yep! And apparently there are some people that think if a new sheriff is elected, that “Poof!”, he’s changing the wages of every employee in his office!

  47. For a brief moment I thought your post ment my math was wrong! I began to double check when it dawned on me…. No one here cares about facts! Plus, its WAY more fun to just make stuff up!

  48. With out a doubt he will! I’m sure the union and their attorneys will simply back slowly away from his moral superiority! Capitulating to his every request, and laying prostrate before him!

    Hey, if they can make crap up, so can I!

  49. This is what it’ like to work with these guys. There is a lot of bullying and Scott is never there… Some of us have been working for 15-16 years and now we see the pay scales and people who came after us are paid more, way more. Scott is never at work, one day there was nobody to sign the pay sheets and they had to go out to the golf course to find someone who could sign. This is the same bullying we get at work and if you say something wrong or ask questions, you get it real good.

  50. I really don’t care what either side says, the salaries speak for themselves and it’s disconcerting. Our taxes have gone up 35% over the past five years. It’s not just the deputies, it’s Flaiz who had like 2 cases last year? The guy failed us on Decatur and Gliha and he makes $140,000 plus benefits?

    The number of deputies is high, the salaries are incredible.

    Of course, I would not want to be a deputy, I do support law enforcement and feel that they are being disrespected. But as I look through the names of the higher paid deputies, I see the connections, that’s a problem for me.

  51. Just did 15 minutes of research online. I wasn’t happy with these wages as were many of you until I researched what departments in this area were making. I found that in 2016 at university hts where Holdin worked, that basic patrolman were making well over $100,000. Some made $122,000. Also looking at their stats the entire department made 8 dui arrest for the year. Kinda crazy that Holden has made it a point that he will make the deputies work. Funny he didn’t do it there. 8 dui’s in an entire year. That’s sad. Also Judy or the Jones have posted that they are to receive 3% raises over the next 4 years. I went to the Serb website their contract is 3 years. And looked at their past contracts nothing ever over 3%. I then went to the university hts contact. Looks like they got 7% raises. Their base pay is higher that the deputy’s pay. Most departments are getting 2.5 -3% raises. I believe that if 99% of the information that is posted on this blog was to be fact checked it would be proven wrong.


  52. Ok guys I have had a few to drink tonight and must admit that what I posted isn’t right and I’m thinking about taking down this site. The a couple from auburn and a lady from Chester helped me make this site and I shouldn’t be doing this.

  53. So, the sheriff signs the pay sheets? Nice try, but as is common with those who lie, you went too far. That’s completely ridiculous, and proves you do not work there. Sad

  54. Not only did Flaiz only have two criminal trials in court last year, one each in Paschke’s and Ondrey’s court (according to the Ohio Supreme Court that keeps all records) but Flaiz knew starting in June 2014 that embezzling was going on in the Auditor’s office. He let it continue until someone with courage from the Auditor’s office confronted Flaiz in Sept. 2017 and he was forced to start an investigation. A handwritten record was kept by a former Commissioner’s employee of the twenty-six times she alerted Flaiz’s office that something was going on. It went on for three of eight years while the embezzlement of $2.4 million occurred. Flaiz is probably responsible for a million of it. (Embezzlers get bolder as they don’t get caught.) The Auditor should have been jailed but since he was a friend of Flaiz he got charged with misdemeanors. Flaiz should be removed from office for malfeasance.

  55. And Flaiz had his investigator, Richard Warner, file a sworn phony search warrant and affidavit claiming that they just learned of the embezzlement in Sept. 2017, when Heidi Delaney started warning him on June 4th, 2014. All salaries are in an article in

  56. According to 2019 records from OPOTA, Kelly Mitchell ($94,755) and Brandon Reed ($92,570) are not commissioned officers.

  57. Kelly Mitchell! Hahaha! Try fliping the names and try a 3rd time! Reed is in charge of the entire communications (dispatch) division. The provide 911, police, and fire dispatch to most of the police and fire agencies in the county. He is not commissioned, neither are the dispatchers he manges. However, his position is far from a cushy, do nothing job.

    But seriously, Kelly Mitchell! Hahaha! I’m sure you won’t post the truth after looking up Mitchell Kelly, but whatever

  58. And for crying out loud ! Your posting “facts” and expect people to take you seriously, yet you use OPATA? What is that exactly? I have heard of OPOTA (Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy) and OPOTC (Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission). Maybe you can’t find correct information because you looking on the wrong site!

  59. Ever hear of a typo? The list of commissioned officers came directly from the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy under Attorney General Dave Yost.

    You are correct. The name Mitchell Kelly was inverted. Apologies for the error.

  60. Maple Leaf Editor John Karlovec wrote the above comment. Karlovec has a big mouth and a lot to say on this but hides behind the following names: Admin; BJ; S. Russell Resident; Double Dog Dare; Just Sayin’; Dying to Know; Just the Facts Ma’am, Chesterland Twp.; Chardon Resident, People for Holden; Spots; Your ex-friend, D. Rodgers; University PD; Jones’s; AJ; Ms Infeld; Thompson twp.; Oh my…; Civil; Not impressed; Bigotry; Not my fight and Past Holdin co-worker.

    All those responses come from his IP address, which was identified by a very nasty comment he made about a private conversation he heard when he was allowed by Pros. Flaiz to sit in former Judge Forrest Burt’s chambers (which is illegal) during a hearing (not a trial).

    If Karlovec spent as much time working on his bird cage liners (the three newspapers he inherited from his father) as he does pretending to be different people, maybe he’d improve the quality of his newspapers by writing the truth instead of covering up for the sins of Flaiz.

  61. If anyone is idiot enough to vote for Holden good luck. But Scott is not worried, he has this in the bag. I know that all of the local chiefs are going to endorse him, you can’t beat the machine. We got this and the fools of Geauga better tow the line.

  62. Just be clear, Mitchell Kelly is or is not a commissioned peace officer?

    Response from Mary G: Mitchell Kelly IS a commissioned peace officer. And his salary last year was $94,755. plus benefits.

  63. I saw the complete list on a site called I don’t know if it is still up but you could see. It had everyone who worked. It had the same numbers as above.

  64. Hey Mary Beth,
    The Sheriff actually does work full time during the week and on top of that he attends numerous meetings and events throughout the evenings. The Sheriff is extremely dedicated to the Sheriff’s Office and the residents of the county. Oh, and yes, in addition to the countless hours he spends dedicated to being the Sheriff, he is the Chief of the Hambden Fire Department. Scott Hildenbrand is probably one of the most dedicated civil servants this county could ask for. It’s too bad that you are misinformed.

  65. You wanted to see wages. This leads to two files listing salaries.

    I have no issues with paying TOP dollar for good people. I do not want a MACHINE that won’t protect my family when I wrongfully targeted.

    Stagnant elected officials create fiefdoms. I.e., Flaiz hires Joyce’s daughter because he wants to follow Joyce and needs favors. So long as Flaiz takes care of Joyce’s daughter, Joyce will move mountains for Flaiz!

    Here is another example: Flaiz hired his ex-assistant, Chris Swanson as the manager of J&FS. Swanson hired the daughter of Sheriff Hiscox, Ashley, as the “Director of Fraud”. Ashley, a nice young lady of less than 30, only had 1 semester of accounting at Lakeland and in ‘17, she could not define the difference between “Loan” & “Income”! (look up the trial transcripts). Thinking “Loans” ARE “In-Come”, she reported me to Sweet, who had 2 semesters of Accounting 101. She must have failed her 1st class. To prove I had “In-Come” of $1.4M, she added the same deposits multiple times & voila, a criminal is born! Even Judge Burt pointed this out!

    QUESTION: Why was Ashley hired? Answer: Because of favors!

    Your tax dollars DESERVES the best people who WILL PROTECT our rights and UPHOLD the Constitution. Otherwise, we are no better than Iran, where people are Lynched for any accusations!

    It’s ALWAYS good to have fresh blood. Fresh Blood always kills Swamps!

    In the British system, the Civil Servants CANNOT be fired. For this reason, elected Ministers ROTATE Civil Servants to other ministries, thus avoiding corruption. I have worked in the country of St Lucia where my company spent in excess of $80MM (not my money) between ’89 and ‘12. We did not pay a single dollar in bribes to officials or the civil servants.

    Here in Geauga County, there is allegations of a $2.4MM fraud at the Auditors office & Flaiz was alerted 26 times and did nothing!

    Yet, when Flaiz was duped by his lying Investigator, Karen Sweet, as it was an election year, he swallowed the lie and broadcast his conviction that I am GUILTY w/o Due Process & w/o regards to the United States Supreme Court case, “Wilson et al v. Layne, Deputy US Marshal et al”, decided on May ’99, wherein the Justices said, “We hold that such a ‘Media Ride-Along’ does VIOLATE the 4th Amendment [of the accused]”!

    After the Raid of Sept 2, ‘16, Flaiz learned the truth, and as he had just stepped in his own shit, he offered me 30 days to cover it up. I refused three times, and so he and Burt leaned on my fake criminal lawyer to throw the case, and I paid the price: 30 days in a 55 deg cell, and some $3k in court cost, and $45k in legal fees, plus all the abuse. I lost multiple contracts (which would have generated tax dollars for Ohio) and Boeing Aircraft lost a $16.6BILLION Contract I had worked on all of 2016 with an OFAC Permit.

    To pressure me, Flaiz and Sweet fingered me to a local IRS Agent “friend”, telling her that I had 2,000 acres of land in Dubai, and an account there holding $980MMin cash!

    The Local IRS subpoenaed all my records. The Federal Court forced the IRS to pay for copying. After spending MILLIONS of YOUR tax dollars investigating me, the IRS investigation was dropped, and the “friend” was moved to Atlanta. All of this because I received $8,300 in food stamps between ‘14-‘16 for a family of 5.

    Get Fresh Blood and save our County.

  66. Princess Pascal,

    Looks like someone is jealous of legitimate wage earners.

  67. Who is “Sheriff Hiscox”? Here is the problem Prince, you and others like you, expect everything you say to be taken seriously, yet you cannot get the simple details right!

  68. Read my 2nd paragraph, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”
    It clearly says I have no issues paying top salaries. You are the Swamp.

  69. Pardon me, “Again with the wrong info”, Hiscox is not the Sheriff – but you know him.
    Don’t look at the big picture and never admit to the wrongs committed.

  70. Mister Admin — Don’t take down the site. It is useful. It is valuable. I just got your mailer today and I went to the site. I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before. I moved here three years ago from Colorado Springs. My house was somewhat similar there, a bigger house, maybe in a somewhat better neighborhood. My property taxes there were $1111. My taxes here are just under $4000. I have no street lights and no sidewalks. There are no city services of direct benefit to me. Maybe they’re really overstaffed. Maybe they’re all overpaid. Maybe it’s the municipal buddy system gone mad. Hopefully positive changes can be made

  71. Admin —
    I thought you said “Your email address will not be published. You just published mine.

  72. REPLY TO: Carl Goodwin

    Hello Carl. I don’t know how to contact the Administrator but maybe I can be of some help. I have never seen that happen before when I or anyone else leaves a comment. This site does not publish anyones e-mail address. That’s one thing I really like about it. I think you made a mistake when posting. If you notice, your second post did not have your e-mail. Hope this was helpful.

  73. Hey Holden and buddies. Where was BJ when he was a county employee on that list?????

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