Sheriff Hildenbrand Spends $12,355 on Promotional Gimmicks

By: Disgusted Taxpayer

“The Furtherance of Justice Fund (FOJ) enacted in 1967, a time when the drug culture was seeping into Ohio and sheriffs and prosecutors were asking for funds they could use at their own discretion for informants and undercover operations.

“The law was broadly worked so sheriffs and prosecutor could spend the money on anything within their official duties and “in the furtherance of justice.”

“Every elected prosecutor and sheriff in Ohio has such a fund, which equals 50 percent of what the officeholder earns.

“The fund can be used for drug-buy money and to pay confidential informants, to buy bulletproof vests and to investigate terrorists — or for any crime-fighting purpose not covered in the officeholder’s regular annual budget….”

Sheriff Hildebrant spent $12,355 on, among other things 10,000 junior deputy badges and 2,500 credit card holders. These were obviously items to be handed out promoting him as Sheriff. How do these expenses benefit the furtherance of justice when the drug problem is so serious in our county?

And what about the $400 charge from Mangia, Mangia! restaurant? None of the money is ever allowed to be spent on alcohol.

Hildebrand gets approximately $45,000 a year for his FOJ Fund the prosecutor Flaiz gets about $70,000. They have full discretion on how the money is spent and unspent money has to be returned to the county. What are the chances that ever happened?

Under ORC 325.071 the Sheriff has to file with the county auditor before the first Monday of January in an itemized manner of how the money was spent. It may be time to start requesting those reports from the auditor.

16 thoughts on “Sheriff Hildenbrand Spends $12,355 on Promotional Gimmicks

  1. Again, not surprised. I’m more concerned about the morale of the deputies, the real deputies, not the non-commissioned family and friends hires.

  2. So little gifts and trinkets for kids is bad, so that they grow up thinking cops are approachable. you are probably the parent who demanded your kid get a participation award you jack wagon

  3. TO: Just me

    Hey, hey, hey…..I suggest you read the post over and over until you get it. You are not getting the gist of the entire post, probably purposely.

  4. I went to the Auditors office and checked on FOJ funds, looks like the state and county auditor went through everything and didn’t find anything wrong. Keep up the nonsense Ken

  5. Well, if “Proud Geuaga resident” who makes $99,000 working for the Sheriff thinks that everything is okay and he didn’t find anything wrong, well that should be good enough for all of us! lol

  6. Sheriff sent his Letter to the Editor to GCML. It was printed 2/27.
    I don’t like to get into a letter writing campaign in the local newspaper, but Judy Zamlen-Spotts figures are so far off I feel I have to respond.
    After the thousands of pages of records requests she has received, I would have thought she would have been much more accurate.
    =The jail was opened in 2005 and cost less than $15 million, not $30 million as she stated.
    =The jail alone has brought back to the county over $15 million since it opened and the county commissioners paid off the jail early in only nine years.
    =The jail is inspected at least three times per year by state and federal jail inspectors, and they have never found a problem with the temperature in the jail. The average temperature in the jail is 72 degrees, which is recorded and monitored every hour. It is usually warmer than my office.
    Yes, we do sell extra blankets; yes, they are orange; they cost about $12 each and the inmates take them home with them when they leave. Indigent inmates are given a blanket and any other supplies they need for free if they request one.
    =As reported to Ohio State Employment Relation Board each year, the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office (in 2020) has 117 full-time and 32 part-time employees (many part-timers are not paid). This number has been about the same for the past four years. The GCSO does not employ the 170 employees Spotts stated.
    =The FOJ fund is about $34,000 each year and is audited by the county auditor and state auditor every year. In the last two years, more than $20,000 was returned to the auditor as required by law at the end of the year.
    For the record, the sheriff’s office sponsored a two-week homicide class here in the county, held at the Library Administration building. Because we sponsored the class, we got four seats for free for our deputies that would have cost $1,500 each plus travel.
    The Mangia, Mangia charge was for lunch on two days during the training; the County Police Chiefs Association and the Geauga County Prosecutor’s Office also purchased lunches on different days for the class.
    I hope this clears up the inaccuracies in the Orange Blanket story. If anyone has questions, feel free to call my office anytime.
    Scott A. Hildenbrand

    I would like to clarify my role as jail chaplain at the Geauga County Safety Center. I am actually not employed by the safety center nor am I supported by any taxpayer dollars. I work independently for Good News Jail and Prison Ministry, and I raise financial support every year in order to serve full-time at the jail.
    As chaplain, my functions are limited to religious aspects. I provide spiritual support and counsel to the inmates, detainees and staff. I provide religious materials to inmates that request them and I facilitate volunteers and clergy for religious programs in the jail.
    In all capacities, I adhere to facility polices and training, because safety is the primary concern.
    Distributing blankets is not a part of my job description and is outside of my jurisdiction. That being said, I’ve never felt that it was cold in the jail. In fact, I wear short sleeves nearly every day, even in the winter, and I spend quite a bit of time back in the pods (cell block areas) with inmates and detainees.
    Chaplain Ethan Maynard
    Jail Chaplain

  7. I wrote my reply to the Maple Leaf. They wouldn’t print it until AFTER March 17. I wonder why! Anyhow, it will be printed on March 19. Meanwhile, here it is:

    I spent 30 days in Solitary, mostly in the Intake Cell #13 which is located in the corner of the building.

    I have no doubt that the inspections are carried out 3 times /yr. I am also certain the staff does not show that cell to the inspectors. The reason is simple: It is not insulated and when the outside temperatures are cold, inside the cell is between 55-65. It is so cold I ended up in the ER on Dec 20, 2018, for four days (nevermind that it took 14 hours to transport me a mile away).

    I found Deputy Sheriff Sgt Grabowski very nice, reasonable, and polite. I spent at least an hour with him in early January 2019. There was a witness, a lady deputy. He told me the heating in the whole facility is wanting. He said cell #13 is not insulated and as it has two walls to the outside and no heat inlet, the deficient building system bypasses that cell & cannot be heated w/o major works. Consequently, when I checked out, I showed him how to do it for very little money.

    As to the Chaplin, he visited me on my 2nd day when I was in cell #17 which is very warm. He visited me once in 30 days, bringing me a note pad, a pencil and a pair of socks. As he thought I was a Muslim, he stayed about 30 sec and never returned. That is the only time I saw him.

    Should Hildenbrand wish to challenge me on the veracity of the foregoing, I invite him to check in to that corner cell for a period of 3 days with prison garb and one blanket. No cheating because he is the boss, no R&R, no special favors and do this when the temperatures are below 32 degrees. Do it as you had me do it while knowing full well I was railroaded.

    We should see sub zeros in March.

    Oh, please don’t mislead the public. Since the pay your salary, they certainly deserve better! The heating deficiency is not your fault, Sheriff. This is squarely on the architect and his engineers and the County should have it fixed. Meanwhile, cell 13 should not be used except as temporary (no more than a few hours) holding area.

  8. To Bored: But you ARE reading his replies & not just scrolling past if you didn’t really want to read them? And if you are reading them, you’d realize his replies are trying to explain how he may have been misrepresented and the corruption that exists and is responding to accusations and attacks. In the above reply, he’s really just correcting the blanket statement (no pun intended) that “the jail is not cold” with the truth about the corner cell – and is doing it very respectfully.

  9. Do you not understand that jail is not the Ritz? Oh my, exposed to temps all the way down to 55 (you claim)! You poor delicate flower! Did you request extra blankets? Did you ask to see the chaplain? Why would he assume you’re Muslim when you’re asked what religion you claim during booking? Seems like your just mad you weren’t pampered and have your every need catered too without the hassle of asking…
    Maybe stay out of jail?

  10. “Man up”, Flaiz broadcast on TV that I was a Muslim.
    I asked for extra blankets – Inmates are allowed one blanket.
    We are not supposed to be a third world country and all inmates have rights. They are not animals. They knew I am a cardiac patient and had lost 50% of heart function – yet it took 14 hours to get me to the ER one mile away. After I returned 4 days later, they told me I could buy a blanket. I did not expect to be pampered. I expected our County’s officials to abide by the Rule of Law and not railroad victims on an election year.
    Young Flaiz who stepped into his own shit on Sept 2, 2016.
    He offered me pleas which I refused. So they denied me Due Process, threw the case and convicted me anyway.

    When Officials sworn to uphold the Constitution and protect Citizens, do not uphold the Rule of Law, anyone can land in jail.

  11. To Bord and How bord. The Sheriff published a letter saying the jail is NOT COLD.

    I responded to the Sheriff with my statement that Deputy Sheriff Sgt Grabowski (the 2nd in Command at the Safety Center) told me that the Facility’s Heating and Cooling system is defective. More, I respectfully recounted my experience in Cell 13. It seems to me Mr. Man Up does not believe me and based on his question (“Why would he assume you’re Muslim when you’re asked what religion you claim during booking?”) he actually works there or is a member of the Prosecutorial Team. Otherwise, how would he know that at Booking you are asked what is your religion?

    The Funny thing is this: The Booking Officer and his assistant (to remain unnamed to protect them) asked me why I was in the Joint. I told him my story.

    He and the assistant responded as follows:

    “Mr. Mahvi, if you think in our country you are innocent until proven guilty, you are on drugs. Nowadays, you ARE GUILTY, until proven innocent. If I were you, I would fight this to the very end. Do not give up.”

    Think about that, for it is profound to hear from a Deputy Sheriff!
    Here is the question: Do You Want To Remain Passive In this New Normal? What will you do if the next one unjustly attacked is your husband, wife, son or daughter, or even yourself or your parents??

    This is why I will not stop telling my story.

  12. To Pascal: Just in case you misread the comment from “How bored are you” – it was a reply to “Bored and really bored” & was NOT echoing that sentiment – it was in agreement with you and was defending you and your replies and explanations. (Guess there’s an inherent danger in posting replies.) But I have appreciated your insight and knowledge (and also your amazing record-keeping!) I also appreciate your support of Jimmy Lee Holden. You are wise.

  13. 1) The jail gives 0 shits about what the news says. You were asked your religion, could have said anything you wanted
    2) You continue to brag about how much money you have, a $12 blanket was too expensive?
    3) Qualified nurses work in the jail under a physician’s supervision. If you were having a medical emergency, you would have been transported in minutes. Probably a case of incarceritis….
    4) All booking conversations are recorded. I’m curious to hear the part were the deputies told you that you’re “guilty until proven innocent “. A public records request may be in order.
    5) The booking process is hard to forget, don’t make assumptions about how I know what they ask. Assuming makes an ass out of, well, just you
    6) Not eveything is a conspiracy… Sometimes, you just don’t get your way. Man up… snowflake

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