Jimmy Lee Holden for Sheriff Supporters Rock Rookery

By: I Was There

It was a huge turnout last night for supporters of Jimmy Lee Holden for Sheriff.

The placed was filled with great food and enthusiastic supporters, who grabbed his lawn signs as they donated money and headed out the door.

The Sheriff’s Department is a mess right now. Hildebrand has added thirty nepotism hires and the salaries for the 170 employees is $11 million. Reports are not written to intentionally make it look like crime is going down and in places like Middlefield, there is a serious opioid problem that is being ignored. One plank of Holden’s platform is to clean up that mess.

Instead of throwing FOJ money away on gimmicks, he is going to use it to increase training for the deputies and the many deputies who are not commissioned will either take the necessary schooling or be updating there resume.

It’s time for a BIG change in the Sheriff’s Department and Holden is the guy. As President Trump said before he was elected: “Vote for me – what do you have to lose?”

8 thoughts on “Jimmy Lee Holden for Sheriff Supporters Rock Rookery

  1. Good to hear, it’s nice to finally have a real choice. Geauga County residents deserve a choice.

  2. Yes! Geauga County residents DO deserve a choice to have a FULL TIME SHERIFF and not a lazy slug Like Hildenbrand who does the bare minimum to get by while collecting 3 paychecks…..a pension check he receives from retiring then is rehired by Dan McCelland the very next day……a check he receives as Hambden Twp. Fire Chief……a check he receives as Geauga Sheriff. Nice huh?

    He is basically an absentee Sheriff, not there that often. It’s amazing how people who have been in our government for any length of time learn how to rape our system and become quite adept at it. They bank on you not paying attention.


  3. I attended the get together at the Rookery last night. As soon as I walked in, Jimmy Lee Holden came over to say hello. I spent a good 30 min with him and I am pleased to report he is the real deal and sincere. I wholeheartedly endorse him for Sheriff. Get out and vote on March 17, or at least get your Absentee Ballot Application ASAP.

    Previously I wrote that I am against Home Rule, reasoning that we need oversight of the Sheriff’s Dept. With Holden as Sheriff, I believe we will see huge positive changes in so far as corruption in our county. We already know Prosecutor Flaiz is corrupt, as is his Investigator Karen Sweet and the retired Judge Forrest Burt. I am going after them and I will not rest until there is retribution. The only way they can silence me is to murder me and so should I die, you will know it was foul play.

    Karen Sweet, while in court with your fake FBI windbreaker you asked Paul W Bucha, the former President of the Medal of Honor Society https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Bucha, if he was threatening you. He said he wanted to know if you were with the FBI and that he wanted to know how my case got to that point!

    Now we know there was collusion between Flaiz, Burling, Burt, and Delay because of your perjury before Judge Terrie Stupica and your filing of an illegal FinCen on August 12, 2016 (Racial Profiling), and I will be filing criminal charges against your lot.

    You can take that to the bank.

  4. I was there, you will see my yard sign on Mayfield Rd., soon.

  5. I’m trying to fix everything I’ve been saying that’s not true. It wasn’t that big of a turn out 40 people tops most friends, tea party, people that have been arrested that didn’t like the jail, and past employees. The department doesn’t need a big change a lot of people believe it’s running pretty smooth. So sorry guys. Jimmy

  6. The above comment was made by Chardon Maple Leaf editor John Karlovec. This is one of his noms de plume.

  7. TO: Admin (John Karlovec)

    Sleazy John Karlovec, editor of the politically biased, rag paper Maple Leaf has been littering this blog with made up, untrue, undocumented lies, trying to denigrate this blog. He has been exposed! I don’t think his elevator goes to the top.

    I was at the Rookery that night and there were approximately 120 people, maybe more, none of whom had been arrested and didn’t like the jail. Have any of you ever met a person who liked being in ANY jail? YOU ARE SUCH A BIG ASS KARLOVEC!!

    It was a big success!

    If you want to fix something Karlovec, fix that rag paper you run (Maple Leaf) that is going down hill.

  8. Well it wasn’t a convention sized crowd, but it was a nice social gathering and an intimate get together. Jimmie Lee did have time to spend with all attendees. I don’t know of any convicts or miscreants that where present. Some people sought him out and wanted to attend and support him. Some stories I have heard from residents of Geauga lead me to believe that some changes are needed especially when they have had bad experiences in the passed, and that has to be remedied. So what are you trying to fix Admin?
    I am interested in what you are doing to help Geauga County S.O.

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