Jimmy Lee Holden Endorsed By Sheriff Richard Mack


The following is the endorsement from Sheriff Richard Mack:

It gives me great pleasure to endorse the candidacy of Jimmy Lee Holden for Geauga County Sheriff. I work with sheriffs all across America and I am a former Sheriff of Arizona. I know what it takes to be a County Sheriff and how vital this office is for the safety and protection of our families. In view of recent events in Virginia and a few other states, electing a Sheriff who is dedicated to keep his sworn oath to defend Liberty is absolutely essential. Jimmy Lee is the man for the job. He has the experience necessary as a lawman and the courage to stand for what’s right. Protect your rights and liberties and vote for Jimmy Lee Holden Geauga County Sheriff.

Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret)
Founder and President
Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Assoc.


For those of you who don’t know Sheriff Richard Mack, he was the Arizona Sheriff who became nationally famous for having the backbone to tell the Clinton administration that he was NOT going to enforce the Brady Bill (unconstitutional bill attacking our 2nd Amendment rights) and that they couldn’t make him, as they had no power over the county Sheriff. This went to the Supreme Court and Sheriff Mack won! What a courageous man he is! I can’t think of a better endorsement for Jimmy Lee Holden!

30 thoughts on “Jimmy Lee Holden Endorsed By Sheriff Richard Mack

  1. Why would I, a Geauga resident, care when some sheriff I’ve never heard of endorses a person he certainly doesn’t know for a place he’s never been?


    1) Sheriff Mack is nationally famous. Just because YOU never heard of him means nothing. You are uninformed.

    2) When you say “endorses a person he certainly doesn’t know”……how the hell do you know what their relationship is with each other, YOU DON’T! It so happens that they do know each other and Holden has been a member of Sheriff Mack’s national organization for some time. You’re just another idiot making FALSE statements you know nothing about.

    3) When you say “a place he’s never been”…..you are again making false statements. Sheriff Richard Mack has been in Geauga County several times, at public forums, drawing hundreds of people each time.

    You are lying to make light of this valuable endorsement. As the lying, idiotic bumpkin you are, YOU should move to Ashtabula and stay there.

  3. 😳😳😳🤯🤯🤡 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    First, yes I am fully aware who Richard Mack is, and more importantly, who he isn’t. Second, I greatly like to see evidence of their “friendship” that they hold, one that matters to the people of geauga county in any way, shape, or form.

    My point was very much tongue in cheek, stating that Mack has never lived here, he’s never invested here, nor does he care even the slightest about our beautiful county. A campaign stop for a political run that needed financed is of zero interest to me and my fellow county residents.

    I asked for simple evidence, data backing why I should care even the slightest about an endorsement of someone with no investment here. Any reputable “supporter” would provide me with such that so I can further invest my time into research of both appearing qualified candidates.

  4. TO: Atleast we aren’t Ashtabula

    I see, so you speak for all your “fellow county residents”, tens of thousands? That’s very impressive!

    If your attitude that “Mack has never lived here, he’s never invested here, nor does he care even the slightest about our beautiful county. A campaign stop for a political run that needed financed is of zero interest to me and my fellow county residents”, then you should not vote for a President, Governor, etc., as they also never lived here, nor invested here, nor cares about our county.

    I’m so very impressed with your gift as a fortune teller, knowing what Sheriff Richard Mack is thinking and speaking for him, knowing how he feels about our county. YOU ARE THE BOMB!!

    No….I take that back….YOU ARE A NUT CASE!

  5. Sorry all the people blogging are not as eloquent, intelligent and factual as all you Hildenbrand supporters, but when people make really dumb remarks or statements that are not true or factual, they have to be called out for what they are or sound like. Do you have a problem with that?

  6. You paid $200 to join his club, in turn he gives you an endorsement. People should probably research this guy. Not something to write. Kinda like the life saving award.

  7. RESPONCE TO: Sgt from University PD

    I don’t think you’re from University PD at all. You are a Hildenbrand crony. You all sound the same in your narratives. IGNORANT!

    You think “people should research this guy”? You’re joking! It won’t take much research. There’s a lot of easy to find info out there on Sheriff Richard Mack. This man had the guts to stand up against the horrible Clinton administration all by himself to protect our 2nd Amendment. The Supreme Court decision he won was one of THE most important decisions in this country.

    You called his organization “a club”. More ignorance! Sheriff Mack’s national organization is comprised of hundreds of dedicated Sheriffs across this country who love this country and are willing to stick their necks out to protect their people from unconstitutional federal, state, and local overreach. These men are NOT part of the swamp.

    If you think so little of this, maybe you should go live in a communist country. I don’t think you deserve to live in a FREE COUNTRY!

  8. Just so I understand, you want me to vote for a man who is “endorsed” by Sheriff Richard Mack? The same coward who admitted to being willing to use women and children as a human shield wall while supporting the alt right, anarchist nut job Cliven Bundy? That Richard Mack? I’d bet our Founding Fathers would be awful proud. I’m sure that was Washington’s plan B, toss the women out front and hope for the best…..let the name calling and infantile insults commence

  9. Hahaha, yes I shouldn’t vote for the president, that’s a wonderful analogy to the alt right Mack. Apples to apples indeed.

    Please do your research when you speak of him “standing” up all alone against the clinton regime and the Brady Bill. He was supported by an overt push and financial abundance by the NRA. I am an avid firearms supporter, proud owner, and advocate for smart gun ownership.

    I am not a decided voter, but whoever is responding and pushing this blog, please leave the grown up decisions and the grown up jobs to the grown ups. 🙏

  10. I love Sheriff Mack, he blazed trails for our country. I would like to see him.

  11. What trails did he “blaze”? As stated above his “one man against the mighty Clinton’s” shtick was funded by the nra. And that is not a bad thing! I’m glad he was one of several involved in that law suit! Then what? Created his little club? Supported an alt right criminal? Was willing to allow women to be killed to make a political statement? Oh yeah, major trail blazer! Saddle up and follow those routes!

  12. Don’t forget Sheriff Mack called the Parkland kids Nazis
    I’d want him to back me……..not

  13. I just had a chance to look into this! “Sheriff” Mack did NOT call those kids Nazis!

    No, instead he tripled down on the lunatic rhetoric and compared them to Lennon, Stalin,AND Hitler! Attacking traumatized KIDS to forward his political agenda…. Yep, resounding endorsement indeed!

  14. Let’s just look at who has done what in Geauga. Holden, nothing never heard of the dude until last month. Hildenbrand, guy has devoted his life to public service. Pretty easy decision to make.

  15. I guess its the signs of the times – to be testy and nasty to one another. People, stop the shit! We live in one community.

    It is ALWAYS good to have change and fresh blood and fresh approaches to problems.
    I took the time to go and meet Jimmy Lee Holden. I spoke to him for 30 min.
    I do not know the other, Sheriff Hildenbrand. I never dealt with him and so I cannot say anything good or bad about him — and you know I am very vocal about the Asshole, crooked Jimmy Flaiz and his sidekicks, Nicholas Burling, Karen Sweet, and the Crooked Judge Forrest Burt.

    HOLDEN has my vote and I do NOT want anything from him. I endorse him.

  16. To Pascal Mahvi: AMEN!

    To Mary G.: As you must already know, just because YOU never heard of “the dude” (also a highly-qualified, dedicated individual) doesn’t really mean anything. Since I met Jimmy Lee Holden almost a year ago, I have seen him at and SUPPORTING all kinds of events in Geauga County.

    Let’s “look at who has done what in…” counties right next to Geauga and would now like to serve Geauga County with his expertise, motivation and loyalty.

    He ALSO has “devoted his life to public service” which you could easily find out – if you wanted to – before making your “easy decision.”

  17. Karlovec sure has a LOT of pseudonames! Doesn’t know where he stands or what he believes? Or just wants to stir the pot and confuse people?

  18. Regardless of the dispute that has erupted on this site, I write to report that I attended the Holden event and that happily my time tonight was not wasted.

    We shall support Jimmy Lee Holden as well as the CSPOA with our resources.

    Lastly, I think, as evinced by the decision of the USSC, Sheriff Richard Mack’s heart is in the right place.

  19. I also attended and met a lot of nice people! Enjoyed his great presentation and the entertaining stories and really appreciated all the thought-provoking, incredible points he made! Yes, time well spent and I think he was well-received (based on all the people talking with him afterward and that the materials on his table were GONE)!

  20. Kathy H. — I have known Jimmy Lee for quite a while and his wife. Someone (probably pervert Karlovec) is using my name.

  21. He’s Hildebrant all the way. He even uses my name. He must be confused about his gender.

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