Protect Geauga Parks Christina Knauer is pushing for Rambo

By: Take Back Geauga Parks

Christina was a former neighbor, she moved from Heath Rd. to Wilson Mills and 306th and were we all relieved!

She asked us to vote for Rambo and told everyone how much she hates Grendell.  But let me tell you, phony Christina is the first one up the communion aisle at the Notre Dame Chapel.  She is a lot like Pelosi: says she does not hate anyone, but she hates Grendell.

My grandson used to say a special prayer about Christina.  When he saw her get up on her horse, he prayed for the horse.

Christina, we are voting for Tim.

9 thoughts on “Protect Geauga Parks Christina Knauer is pushing for Rambo

  1. What a sad statement. Disappointing that you didn’t like your old neighbor, but to attack her after she moved away? What does this have to do with an election?

  2. Catholic Christina attacks conservative candidates, she has a big mouth. Guess she can dish it out but she can’t take it. We are glad she left and took her whacked out Protect Geauga Parks signs with her.

  3. Rambo has changed, over night from Democrat to Republican. That’s not a good sign. Ronald Reagan was a Democrat and switched as well, but he was a conservative Democrat.

    Rambo is now connected with Protect Geauga Parks, and they are a hate group. They promised to deliver the Democratic vote for him. If he wins, we have another liberal in office. Geauga County is swinging liberal.

  4. It has much to do with the election, thank you for asking. She tried to push us to vote the way she thinks is right, because of her hatred for another candidate. And when we would not put up her Take Back Geauga Parks signs, she was miffed.

  5. Good to know! Didn’t glean that from his forum speech or bio. So Grendell will have my vote.

  6. The key to Geauga County’s future lies in the Republican Central Committee. Get to know your Committee person and find out where they stand on important issues.
    Especially find out how they feel about the Republican Chairwoman recruiting Rambo to run against Judge Grendell. She is the leader in turning Geauga County Blue and she is ruthless. She cannot be replaced until We the People wise up and elect true Conservatives to these critical positions. Boot out the RINOs and fake Republicans at the root: the Central Committee. You can see who your Committee person is on the Board of Elections web site. Get educated and if you are a Conservative then RUN for CENTRAL COMMITTEE!!
    All it takes for evil people to succeed is for good people to do nothing! RUN. RUN. RUN CONSERVATIVES !!

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