Violation of 4th Amendment With Perjury

By: Pascal Mahvi

On September 1, 2016, county prosecutor investigator Karen Sweet swore to an intentional, false Sworn Statement to Judge Terrie  Stupica in order to secure a Search Warrant.   Sweet proffered that I had converted food stamp benefits to gold and jewelry, that I had $4,038,000 in a Swiss Account, that I had multiple late model Luxury cars, including a 911, a Benz G500, and an Escalade and that millions of dollars had passed through my alleged bank accounts.   

Before the ink on the Judge’s Search Warrant was dry, Prosecutor James Flaiz pushed the draft of the Sworn Statement to his house neighbor, Tom Myers of WKYC-TV and invited him to broadcast the gun-point raid of our home on September 2.

The raid was pre-staged, the WKYC cameras showing the police caravan driving toward it and then away from it.  Then, as the raid was in progress,  James Flaiz stood on our curbside, and Racially and Religiously profiled me, saying that I am an “Iranian Muslim Royalty*, who gamed the [SNAP] system” and that I live in a million-dollar house and have horses (my adult daughter’s) he was “sure I would see four years of prison time.   Meanwhile, inside our home, Karen Sweet found my U.S, Passport and Social Security card and Certificate of Birth. 

*Since its airing, WKYC has redacted the Racially and Religiously profiling.

After the pre-election PhotoOp, James Flaiz invited Tom Myers/WKYC on to our property to film it, including my daughter’s two geriatric horses, passing them off as mine.    

These folks, Prosecutor James Flaiz, his assistant, Nicholas Burling, his Investigator, Karen Sweet, Judge Forest Burt (now retired) who now freelances in other courts are liars and have zero regards for the law and much less for Due Process.  I was denied my Due Process by prohibiting me from bringing my 15 witnesses to verify that I had borrowed money.

14 thoughts on “Violation of 4th Amendment With Perjury

  1. Karen Sweet is a total pig, on a good day.

    This is shocking, disgusting. We need to do something about this. And shame on Tom Myers, what a hypocrite after all of these years pretending to be an investigative reporter.

  2. Do not get us started on that reprehensible loser Mr. Burt. He was the worst Judge in the history of courts, what a slime ball. His wife is actually a nice person.

  3. Wait until you hear the story where Forrest Burt fucked over a young family whose house was destroyed by oil that was errantly poured into their basement! The company was supposed to fill the oil tank, and dumped into the basement. Burt really fucked this family over.

  4. Your home is your castle and there is nothing worse than having your castle invaded by a crooked Deputy Sheriff armed with an illegal Search Warrant secured through perjury. Having your home broken into and having items taken looking for a crime, makes you feel unsafe and vulnerable in a way that is most unsettling.

    To this day, three years after the illegal raid of Sept 2, 2016, every time someone knocks on our door, we fear for our lives. Of late, I avoid windows at night, especially when alone, as I imagine Flaiz or Sweet may pay some goon to silence me. The thing about these assholes is that they are sophisticated criminals and enjoy total immunity and we are soft targets. This is not helped by my previous experience where between 1979-1992, I was hunted by real assassins of the Islamic Republic. They very nearly succeeded twice, both while we lived in California. I guess it is called latent PTSD.

    Should something happen to me, you will know for I am of sound mind and body and I have no intention to commit suicide, nor be silenced. The good news is that I am experienced.

  5. Wow! You certainly need some help! The worst part about your story is, when I first heard it, I genuinely felt bad for your circumstances. Then…. I read the case. Not only were you convicted on lesser charges by the local court, the appellate court upheld the lower courts decision! I find it interesting that you place the blame totally on these deviant government employees, but you conveniently leave out that you lost your appeal! Maybe try taking responsibility for you illegal actions and move on?

  6. Dear Seriously

    “you conveniently leave out that you lost your appeal! Maybe try taking responsibility for you illegal actions and move on?”

    I guess you have not read my multiple posts. You can read the full story here

    I am certain that you understand Due Process. I was deprived of my Constitutional Right to Due Process. I wanted to present 15 witnesses over 4-5 days to prove that I had no income. Judge Burt refused and allowed me, 5 witnesses, over 3 days.

    My lawyer, who passed himself of as a criminal lawyer, was found out by Flaiz. I believe this is the reason my lawyer did not object FOR THE RECORD, the denial of my request. Consequently, as the Court of Appeals can only rule on what’s on the Record, they CORRECTLY upheld the Lower Court’s ruling. They said this is a counsel error, not a court error.

    So why the Counsel erred? I believe a deal was made to save Flaiz. As there was no Grand Theft, they need to nail me on something. That something was I should not be allowed to prove my case, that 100% of the between 2014 and 2016 were loans. Loans are Not Income by law. I borrowed money. I had no income.

    They needed to prove I lied, that I had income.

    To make it simple, assume 15 people each loaned me $10, a total of $150. I was allowed to present 5 witnesses only. So, with the five I proved $50 in loans and the court assumed the missing $100 was unreported income!

    The last I looked, Unreported Income, is tax-evasion and a felony. Flaiz bird-dogged me to the IRS. The IRS investigated me and dropped the case. So, if I committed a crime, why was I not prosecuted in the Federal Court? There is a reason! I had no income and was telling the truth!!

    Why did Flaiz needed me to accept a plea? Why did he offer 30 days three times? Why did I refuse? There is a reason. I was innocent and Flaiz knew it.

    The problem was he allowed his investigator, Karen Sweet to lie to Judge Stupica to secure a Search Warrant, and as Flaiz believed the lie told to him by Sweet (that I am an Iranian Muslim) and in his stupid mind, fair game (in an election year), Flaiz invited his buddy, Tom Myer to the raid.

    As they found my US Passport, NY Certificate of Birth and Certificate of Baptism, Flaiz went on TV standing on the Curb and proceeded to indict, Arraign, Prosecut, Convict and Sentence me to 4 years in Federal Prison. HE NOW HAD NO CHOICE, and NEEDED me to be GUILTY.

    As I would not take a plea, while in Chambers, Burt and Flaiz threatened my lawyer (who had lied to me (and to the court) about his qualifications) and got him to not object for the Record (objecting that 1-I was denied my 15 witnesses and 2- the refusal to present the Exculpatory evidence*) so they could convict me of a “Lessor” crime…

    That is why the Court of Appeals was stuck. They can only look at the Court Record. Things that are said in Chambers are secret.

    BTW, the IRS used the same Exculpatory evidence and dropped the case.

    Oppps, … no worries.. you are forgiven.

  7. Ok. You can make all the claims you want. Have you filed a civil rights claim in federal court? Have you taken your appeal to the next level? Reading the facts presented in the court of appeals, sure sounds like you were cheating the system, and got caught. Typing on a blog and creating a website will never prove your innocence. If you want vindication, file the appeal, file a federal claim, and win. Until you do, it just sounds like you’re just trying to justify your illegal activities. I look forward to reading the decisions of your federal appeal and you civil rights claim!

    They took no action because you can say, basically, whatever you want. No one cares. But people can look into your claims and find the real “feckless asshole” is…..

  8. I am blocked from Appeal to the OSC…. they pick cases. I cannot go any further unless I elect to sue the State in Fed Court. I don’t want to sue my State… instead, I want our Gov to do the right thing – that is why I wrote to him and the AG and the letters are on the Blog.

    I did file criminal complaints with the Ohio Supreme Court Disciplinary Counsel. While they cannot deal with Sweet (she is not a lawyer), they are reviewing the file.

    I was not cheating the system. J&FS thought that Loans are Income and used the words interchangeably. to them Loans are In-Come. Ashly Hiscox is the “Fraud Director”. She testified that she had ONE semester of accounting at Lakeland Junior college. Worse still, my accuser, Ashley’s mother figure, Karen Sweet, had TWO semesters of accounting and could not define the difference between loans and Income.

    As to your last sentence, that no one cares, and that they look into the case and find the real feckless asshole, I agree with you… IF they really look, they will see that the feckless asshole is Karen Sweet (whom three lawyers told me she has a habit of modifying documents to nail her victims) who lied to her boss, Flaiz. As she enjoys 100% immunity through “Henderson v City of Euclid”, she risks nothing by lying. She lied to Flaiz, saying I am an “Iranian Muslim” and he, for ratings, went to town, stepping in his own shit. He never thought I would fight him. Being a lawyer, he is aware of the US Supreme Court’s advice to NOT ADVERTISE A CASE UNTIL ALL THE FACTS ARE IN BECAUSE THE ACCUSED MIGHT BE INNOCENT.

    As to vindication, should the Governor not deal with this and exonerate me, I will file my Federal Claim and I will win because Documents NEVER LIE.

    People do!

  9. Seriously, in my humble opinion, having trust in the Judiciary is crucial to our nations, especially when the other two branches of our gov’t is embattled. What occurred in my case, is simply unacceptable for we Americans deserve better than kangaroo courts.

    Firstly, I have never knowingly broken laws and I am 69.

    Second, race and ethnicity should have nothing to do with my case; why did lying Sweet file a FALSE FinCEN on August 12, 2016 The first question asked at Jobs and Family is “Are you an American Citizen?” The second question “Do you have a Social Security Number? Third, “Do you get Social Security Benefits?” Forth, “Do you have any income?”

    Sweet knew I am an American with a SS Card and knew I am caucasian! This was a political hit job for the benefit of James Flaiz in an election year. When it went bad, he corrupt judge Forrest Burt strong-armed my fake lawyer, who was (unbeknownst to me until last week!), sanctioned by the Disciplinary Counsel of the Ohio Supreme Court and suspended PRIOR TO MY TRIAL. Flaiz found out and while in Chambers with Burt, twisted his arm to not protest the lack of Due Process for the Record – the effect was to ensure the Appeal failed. When the verdict was read, my lawyer said, “No worries, its only 30 days and next year we will have it expunged”! I had to force him to file an appeal and he remained silent about what had occurred so that the specific amount of time to file my 26(B) Appeal Pro Se would lapse.

    Seriously, while I am a well-educated person, I didn’t know shit about criminal law. Never had the need. But I am a fast learner.

  10. Well, it certainly isn’t you there Prince! Do you seriously not know that “Noelle” is a robo-post? Click on the name, see what add or other BS site you end up on.

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