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  1. Most people in Geauga have no idea who I am. I am a state-licensed private investigator of twenty-seven years and have lived in Chardon Township for twenty years. Before that, I lived in Kirtland for twenty-five years, where my seven children graduated from Kirtland High.

    Paul Falzone has been a close and dear friend of mine for as long as I can remember. I met him years ago at the Secret Service Christmas Party.

    Paul Falzone was a Cleveland patrolman and detective for twenty-eight years before he worked as police chief in Bratenahl for twelve years. He got in trouble when he ran for sheriff in Cuyahoga County. Dennis Sweet, the soon to be ex-husband of Karen Sweet, known liar and investigator for County Prosecutor Jim Flaiz, wanted to be hired by the FBI. In his pea brain, Dennis Sweet decided that if he could put a police chief in jail that the FBI would welcome him with open arms.

    Sweet got Falzone, one of the most decent men you will ever meet, indicted on four felony charges. (As everyone knows, a Grand Jury could indict a ham sandwich.) Sweet showed up in court with a new hairdo. He had a too tight perm and his hair was died brown. He looked like a dirty sheep.

    Before the trial started, the judge threw out two charges and it took the jury less than two hours to come back with a “not guilty” charge on the other two. Paul lost his job because of Sweet’s lust for a job he would never get.

    Sweet was working for the OH Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI). He got fired in February 2016 after he was caught with his girlfriend in a state of undress inside a truck and outside a bar in Macedonia, as was reported in the newspaper.

    Two attorney general employees resign over Macedonia incident
    Posted February 1, 2016 at 7:56 PM

    By Adam Ferrise, cleveland.com

    Two Ohio Attorney General Office employees resigned Monday after an incident last week involving Macedonia police.

    MACEDONIA, Ohio — Two employees of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office resigned Monday over an incident that happened here Thursday. 

    No information was immediately available about the nature of that incident.

    Jessica Didion, a training officer with the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy, and Dennis Sweet, a Bureau of Criminal Investigation special agent, both resigned Monday.

    The two worked out of the Richfield offices of the agencies, which are run by the attorney general.

    Didion was hired in 2010 and resigned via letter. Sweet was hired in 1998 and called in his resignation to the human resources department, attorney general spokesman Dan Tierney said.

    Both were involved in two incidents: one in July and one Thursday in Macedonia.

    Both were supervisors until the July incident. Tierney said in a statement that the two “were confronted by the Attorney General’s Office with allegations that their personal conduct affected their management abilities.”
    Both requested and received voluntary demotions in July. 

    No formal complaint was filed with human resources in the July incident, Tierney’s statement said. The incident didn’t happen at their offices or while they were working, Tierney said.

    Tierney directed inquiries about the Macedonia incident to Macedonia police.

    A dispatcher at the Macedonia police department sent calls to a police supervisor who did not return a message seeking information Monday evening.  

    No criminal charges have been filed in the Macedonia case, according to a search of court records. 

    So who is the the slime ball here? My honorable friend who was wrongfully charged and quickly acquitted, or the husband of investigator Karen Sweet who tried to cheat his way up the ladder?

  2. For a blog that claims that they will not censor and will allow ALL comments….why was a comment from this very thread, that was published this morning, deleted? Someone wrote about how they sit down in the mornings and read the articles, seemed as if it was a fair post, but someone felt the need to delete it???

    I have posted a few times, only to have my posts blocked. I’ve never resorted to name calling and had only posted re-searchable FACTS. I hope many people see this and also see the people that seem to despise everything and everyone in this county, for who they really are… they are pot stirrers, that cannot and will not accept the facts and attempt to abolish the truths that are presented to them. You don’t like this county and the people that represent it, make positive changes…or simply move out!

    We all don’t have to have the same views or support the same candidate; however, posting the way that some people do on this blog has hurt the candidate that they support. Talk facts, present facts, accept when you’re wrong…that’s honorable, this name calling and making crap up about people is simply juvenile…I don’t tolerate any such behavior from my children….I’m sad to see that’s how ADULTS are behaving (the same people who are constantly calling out the millennial’s). So disappointing.

  3. The above post – Keeping track…THIS BLOG IS LITTERED WITH LIES – was written by Maple Leaf editor John Karlovec. He was identified yesterday by his IP address nasty posts that were undeniably written by him. I suggest he stop posting lies like this because he is only embarrassing himself and making himself look smaller that he actually is. Everyone is now onto his game and his unusually close relationship with inept Prosecutor James Royal Flaiz. Give it up, John, before we start pushing and reveal how Forrest Burt and Flaiz let you listen to private hearings in the courtroom from Burt’s office. Since that is illegal, it will not bode well for any of you. I suggest you read ” State seeks to remove Sandusky Prosecutor.” It”s not that hard to get rid of someone as dishonest as Flaiz and then your source of information would dry up.

  4. So the “Keeping track” poster is doing exactly what he’s preaching against! Under MANY different names – he’s pot stirring, “making crap up,” putting extraordinary effort into trying to plant doubt and degrade a candidate.

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