Newbury Marching Band! Big Thank you from Grandma Judy!

By: Newbury Mom

I’m so proud to see this letter about our students. Grandma Judy, Thank you so much!!!! (Taken from News Herald)

The Newbury Black Knights Marching Band recently came to Chester Township to support “Ride with Valor” a Veteran organization whose primary mission is to assist aging and disabled Veterans and widows with home upgrades that allow them to continue living independently.  

Not only did the Newbury Black Knights Marching Band perform exceptionally well, they initiated and coordinated a hugely successful food drive for the Geauga County Veterans Food Pantry.  

I want to send a very special thank you to the Newbury Black Knights Marching Band, and Band Director, Caleb Baldwin. 

You made a profound difference in the lives of our Veterans.   

Judy K. Zamlen-Spotts
11113 Chillicothe Road
Chesterland, OH. 44026

3 thoughts on “Newbury Marching Band! Big Thank you from Grandma Judy!

  1. The Band Director, Caleb has made such a difference for our children. Thank you to the staff at Newbury. We are so sad about the merge.

  2. I’m so sad about the merge. West G pulled the grade leveling fiasco on everyone and told us to like it or hike it. I won’t vote for any West G levies, regardless.

  3. Newbury School is small but mighty. However, thank GOD we are consolidating with WG. We only have 269 kids left in our district and its a deeply mediocre school system. It cost more to educate a child at Newbury than all of the other 610 public schools in Ohio except for Orange. My new tax bill went down 22% already and will go down again a year from now once the consolidation is complete.

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