Criminality of the Geauga County Prosecutorial Team

By: Pascal Malvi

The Prosecutorial Team members of Geauga County, Ohio are liars, starting at the head, James Royal Flaiz, his assistant, Nicholas Andrew Burling, and their “Senior Investigator, Karen Sweet. This Blog’s aim is to expose them.

My name is Ali Pascal Mahvi.

As my mother was French, my parents called me by my middle name, Pascal, and it stuck.

My parents immigrated to the United States in 1949 onboard the U.S.S. United States.  I was born in Flushing, New York.   We moved to the middle east when dad joined the Anglo-Persian Oil Company in 1955.

Contrary to the intentionally false and fraudulent filing of county prosecutor’s investigator Karen Sweet, I am a natural American citizen.  My U.S. Passport and NY Certificate of Birth proves it.   She also fraudulently filed a false FinCEN report, declaring my race to be “Iranian”;  Iranian is not a race, for they are Caucasian and Sweet, unless a moron, knows the difference between the words ‘Race’ and ‘Ethnicity’.  She purposely labeled me.  She should have noticed that my skin color matches that of my wife’s, who is a mix of Irish and Slovenian.   As to my ethnicity, since my dad was Persian of Turkish origins and my mother French, I believe my ethnicity is of Franco-Persian-Turk origins.    The Fraudulent FinCEN report filed by Karen Sweet in on my website.

Not that it matters, but contrary to the inflammatory false allegations of James Flaiz, I am not a Muslin, but a Christian.  I was first baptized at the age of 12 and then again when I was 50.  

On September 2, 2016, young Flaiz stood on my curbside, declaring that “Ali Mahvi is an Iranian, Muslim Royal and he gamed the SNAP system” (the WKYC clip was later edited). 

James Flaiz’s house neighbor, the then WKYC-TV “Investigative” Reporter, Tom Myers, helped his friend, Flaiz by reporting a story prior to having all the facts.   Its called the “Food Stamp Millionaire.” 

I was falsely accused by the Prosecutor and as I would not accept his plea offer of December 12, 2016, I was railroaded by the prosecutorial team with some assistance of the judge Forest Burt, now retired and my fake “Criminal” Lawer, Brendan Delay.

Of course, as there never was any Grand Theft committed, those charges were thrown out.  Instead, I was charged for allegedly lying to Jobs and Family Services (“J&FS”), whose Fraud Dept is run by a young girl, named Ashely Hiscox who took one semester of Jr College accounting!  

(Does the name Hiscox ring a bell. Her father was the clerk at the Sheriff’s office who recently retired and was being paid $91,000/yr. No nepotism here, huh?)

Drain the local swamp!

5 thoughts on “Criminality of the Geauga County Prosecutorial Team

  1. This is so disgusting, it’s painful.

    But you should know, any time Terri Stupica is involved, someone is getting abused. She is one of the most vile politicians in this county. She is the biggest ass kisser on the planet, but always doing the dirty work. And then, when the people she screwed comes to court, she is on vacation and in comes the visiting judge.

    When she came on board, she kept the whole staff, didn’t fire any of us. But we are watching her dirty politics every single day.

  2. Now that I know that Ashely is a backdoor butt move, I will vote against the upcoming JFS levy.

  3. Who was sheriff at the time that this happened? We want to know. We know that Dan McClelland was a terrible person, he was awful to the deputies. But who was Sheriff when this happened to you? We need to hold that person accountable as well.

    Many residents are now talking about your post. They are horrified by what Sweet, Flaiz, Ashley Hiscox and others have done. How many other victims are there?

  4. Karen Sweet is a fraud as an investigator and Flaiz is inept as a prosecutor. It is a match made in heaven. Before Sweet was hired by David Joyce in 2005 as an investigator (they were “close” personal friends), she was handling consumer complaints for the attorney general. How does that qualify her as a criminal investigator?

    It is not beyond her to lie, cheat or sign false documents. She even had her range scores changed to show she passed the required shooting scores. She is as low as they go.

  5. I didn’t know that about Karen. I thought she was a good Catholic and did a lot for St. Mary’s.
    Do you have proof she changed the range scores?
    She did help bust the Silver Spa in Chesterland when Joyce was the County Prosecutor there.

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