Corruption of Justice In Geauga County

By: Pascal Malvi

Telling the truth is easy.   When you start to lie, you need to keep track of each thread so you can defend it.   

The Prosecutorial Team members of Geauga County are liars, starting at the head, James R Flaiz, his assistant, Nicholas A Burling, and their “Senior Investigator, Karen Sweet.  My  Blog’s aim is to expose them.

My name is Ali Pascal Mahvi.   As my mother was French, my parents called me by my middle name and it stuck.

My parents immigrated to the US in 1949 onboard the U.S.S. United States.  I was born in Flushing, NY.   We moved to the middle east when dad joined the Anglo-Persian Oil Company in 1955.

Contrary to the intentionally false and fraudulent filing of  Sweet, I am a natural American citizen.  My U.S. Passport and NY Certificate of Birth proves it. She also fraudulently filed a false FinCEN report, declaring my race to be “Iranian”;  “Iranians” is not a race, for they are Caucasian and she knows the difference between the words ‘Race’ and ‘Ethnicity’.  She purposely labeled me.  She should have noticed that my skin color matches that of my wife’s, who is a mix of Irish and Slovenian. As to my ethnicity, since my dad was Persian of Turkish origins and my mother French, I believe my ethnicity is of Franco-Persian-Turk origins.  

Not that it matters, but contrary to the inflammatory false allegations of Flaiz, I am not a Muslin, but a Christian.  I was first baptized at the age of 12 and then again when I was 50.  On September 2, 2016, young Flaiz stood on my curbside, declaring that “Ali Mahvi is an Iranian, Mulsim Royal and he gamed the SNAP system” (the WKYC clip was later edited). 

Flaiz’s house neighbor, the then WKYC-TV “Investigative” Reporter, Tom Myers, helped his friend, Flaiz by reporting a story prior to having all the facts.   Its called the Food Stamp Millionaire. 

I was falsely accused by the Prosecutor and as I would not accept his plea offer of December 12, 2016, I was railroaded by the prosecutorial team with some assistance of the judge, now retired and my lawyer, who passed himself of as a Criminal Counsel.

Of course, as there never was any Grand Theft committed, those charges were thrown out.  Instead, I was charged for allegedly lying to Jobs and Family Services.

My website tells my side of the story and I charge the Geauga County Prosecutorial Team of Fraud, Perjury in a  Court of Law, withholding of exculpatory evidence, unjust defamation, character assassination, and the ensuing emotional distress caused to my family.   And I do have the documents to prove it all.

5 thoughts on “Corruption of Justice In Geauga County

  1. This comes as no surprise. Flaiz, Stupica, Burt, Burling and Sweet need to be investigated.

    I hope all of this will be handled in Federal Court. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO GET AWAY WITH THIS. They should be held responsible for this.

    I remember this story, WKYC Cleveland news. Criminals!

  2. Tom Myer has a big problem if he reported something on WKYC and then it was redacted from the story.

  3. Westlake attorney Brendan E. Delay suspended
    Staff report @MorningJournal on Twitter Jul 23, 2019

    A Westlake attorney was suspended indefinitely from practicing law July 23 for ignoring his clients’ issues.

    As part of a ruling by the Ohio Supreme Court, Brendan E. Delay also is required to pay $9,199 in restitution and must complete the Ohio Lawyers Assistance Program before he is allowed to practice again, according to court documents.

    The suspension comes as a result of Delay’s actions in four separate cases in which he did not complete actions required by the court, lied to his clients about the state of the cases, kept payment for work he did not complete and ignored clients’ attempts to contact him, the documents said.

    To make matters worse, during a hearing before the Disciplinary Counsel, Delay was found to give “blatantly false” testimony, produced “fraudulent” documents and was “unrepentant and unremorseful about his misconduct and the harm he caused to his clients,” the documents said.

  4. Thanks for your positive comments. I don’t know Sheriff Hildenbrand and never met him.
    On the advice of AG Yost, I spoke to Lieut Gribbons regarding Karen Sweet and her intentional perjury to secure a Search Warrant. I found him very helpful and courteous.

    You don’t need to believe me; review the evidentiary documents drawing your own conclusions. The documents are on my Blog These are stamped by the Clerk of Court! To secure a Search Warrant, Flaiz, Sweet & Nicholas Burling lied to Judge Stupica on Sept 1, ‘16, & did file a False FinCEN report on Aug 12, ‘16, claiming that my Race/Ethnicity is Iranian, while my wife is White

    Iranians are Caucasians & my wife is of Irish descent; as my wife’s Ethnicity is Irish, Sweet must have intended to zero in on my father’s Iranian background. Using this, Flaiz invited his next-door neighbor, Tom Myer of WKYC-TV to broadcast the raid. During the Raid, Flaiz announced that “he is an Iranian Muslim Royalty who gamed the system & I’m certain he will see four years of prison” (news clip was later edited). During the search, Sweet found my US passport & that I am a Christian

    Flaiz wanted me to accept a 30day plea. I rejected x4 times. He, Judge Burt pressured my lawyer, B Delay, denying my right to Due Process in order to convict me of a lesser crime. As Delay did not protest for the record, my ‘18 appeal failed on Jan 23, ‘19, and on Dec 18, ‘18 Forrest Burt ordered that I be arrested for “Contempt of Court” & be remanded to the Safety Center.

    I was arrested on Dec 18, ‘18. During booking, Sheriff Hildenbrand’s deputy said “if you think in our country you are innocent until proven guilty, you are smoking pot! You are guilty until proven innocent! If I were you, I would fight this to the very end”! There were witnesses that I can identify.

    I was placed in a 55-deg cell, in solitary for 30days with one issued blanket. I bought a 2nd ten days later. Being a Cardiac Patient at 3 am on Dec 20, ‘18, I experienced heart seizures. The staff refused to care for me for 14 hours. Finally, around 5 pm that day, I was transported to the ER next door.

    While waiting, the Deputy who guarded me, told me “when you get released tonight, I want you to walk to the Safety Center”! I said, “let me get this right. You want me to walk out in my prison uniform, wearing sandals in the snow, in the middle of the night, so that one of your officers thinks I am an escapee?” He said “right, we will figure something out”.

    The ER admitted me, and I was kept there for 4 nights. I was transported back in shackles by 4 deputies and placed in the same 55-degree cell for the balance of my time and released on Jan 19, ‘19. (A deputy secretly allowed me to buy a 2nd blanket which I had to keep hidden).

    Here is the kicker: I filed my Appeal of the Conviction before the 11th District Appellate Court on or about Oct 2017. The 11th District Appellate Judgment was issued on January 23, 2019. These two dates are cast in stone and part of the record.

    QUESTION: How did Judge Burt / Flaiz manage to issue a Contempt of Court Arrest Warrant on Dec 18, ‘18, while the Appeal was still in progress?

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